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BSHS LMC 2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. BSHS Library Media Center 2011Annual Report<br />BSHS Library Media Center <br />2011 Annual Report<br />Mission Statement<br />Our mission is to support teaching and learning, foster a love of reading, and enable students and teachers to become effective and ethical users of information.<br />Media Specialists: Fran Bullington and Jay Campbell<br />Purpose of this Report<br />The purpose of this report is to share information about the library media center’s programs and resources with the BSHS and Spartanburg District Two Administration.<br />I. Serving the BSHS School Community<br />A. Individual Student Visits<br />The media center is open from 7:30 to 3:45, providing time before and after the school day for teachers and students to visit and use our resources. There were 21,048 individual student visits during the 2010 – 2011 school year.<br />During these individual student visits, we are often asked to provide assistance with locating resources and using computer programs. We use every opportunity possible to enable students and teachers to increase their information literacy skills.<br />This was our first full year in our new facility. During the design phase of the library, we met with the architects and requested not only two computer labs, but also 30 computers around the Circulation Desk for student use. Students who visited the library without a class checked out the computers around the Circulation Desk 4560 times.<br />B. Class Visits<br />The media center was open for class visits 162.5 of 177.5 calendar days this year. (The library was closed 15 school days due to opening preparation, standardized testing, and end-of-the-year inventory.) During that time, 1,436 classes visited the media center to use its resources. <br />Teachers brought 978 classes to the computer rooms during the year. These visits include both class instruction and testing.<br />C. Collaboration<br />Many teachers use the library’s resources to facilitate learning as students research and complete projects. Although very little formal collaboration occurs, some teachers request our help in planning portions of projects or in helping students begin their research. <br />We continue to teach information literacy skills to classes as requested. These skills include locating and using resources on SC DISCUS, Internet searching strategies, web page evaluation, and citing sources using the MLA format.<br />Both media specialists continued efforts to encourage more in-depth collaboration between teachers and the library. This is an area that needs improvement and will be addressed in our goals again next year.<br />D. Departmental Usage<br />This year, our English department continued to use the media center and its resources more than other departments. <br /> <br />E. Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of SC School Libraries: April 19th<br />To focus on the role school libraries play in our students’ education, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians sponsored Snapshot Day. Each library was to choose one day in the month of April to gather statistics and testimonials to share. BSHS Library Media Center held our Snapshot Day on April 19th. On that day, 192 students visited the library (without a class), 6 classes (147 students) used the library’s resources, the media specialists taught 2 classes, our computers were used by 190 students, 125 items circulated, and 21 teachers visited our library. As usual, the library was abuzz with activity. <br />F. BSHS LMC Media Matters<br />In January, Fran Bullington began regularly creating a monthly newsletter for the Bulldog Nation’s staff. Although we are a vital part of the school program, we found that some faculty members were unaware of our resources, instructional services, and literacy efforts. The BSHS LMC Media Matters is a solution to keeping the staff informed of many of the services and programs we provide. <br />A print copy of the newsletter is placed in each staff member’s box and is also posted on a newsletter-dedicated page on our library website. <br />G. BSHS LMC Monthly Reports<br />The media specialists collect monthly statistics on the use of the library’s facility, resources, and services to determine our program’s effectiveness. A monthly report has been created and shared with the principal for years, but after studying example monthly reports of other libraries, Fran Bullington decided to not only expand our monthly report, but also post it on a reports-dedicated page on our library’s website so that all of Bulldog Nation could view it.<br />H. Media Center Staff Involvement on School Instruction and Leadership Teams<br /><ul><li>Principal’s Leadership Team – Fran Bullington
  2. 2. School Literacy Team – Fran Bullington
  3. 3. HSTW Guidance Team – Jay Campbell
  4. 4. HSTW Professional Development Team – Fran Bullington</li></ul>I. Staff Development<br /> 1. Formal Presentation<br />This school year, our HSTW Professional Development Team encouraged teachers from every department to offer staff development sessions. The BSHS LMC staff sponsored Tech ‘n Treat on Nov. 1st to not only share technology tools with teachers during their planning periods, but also to provide some much needed pampering after a busy first nine weeks. Snacks were set up in the office/workroom and the following technology stations were set up in the media center itself:<br /><ul><li>SC Streamline
  5. 5. Digital Cameras
  6. 6. Flip Video Cameras
  7. 7. Destiny Catalog
  8. 8. Web 2.0 tools</li></ul> 2. Informal Sharing<br />Several teachers requested assistance this year on various topics. Both media specialists assisted teachers.<br /> Fran Bullington worked with teachers on a one-on-one basis as needed. Some topics and tools covered:<br /><ul><li>• Using Animoto to create student projects
  9. 9. • Using Edublogs to set up a class blog
  10. 10. • Finding resources on SC DISCUS
  11. 11. • Converting educational videos from YouTube to another file format using Zamzar
  12. 12. • Using SafeShare to show YouTube videos</li></ul>Other teachers requested assistance in using Microsoft PhotoStory and Windows Movie Maker with their classes and were assisted by Jay Campbell. Jay Campbell also assisted teachers with<br /><ul><li>• Setting up Streamline SC accounts
  13. 13. • Using Weebly to set up a class website
  14. 14. • Using Flip video cameras and importing video from them to a computer
  15. 15. • Helping teachers with using videos found on Streamline</li></ul>II. Managing the Collection<br />A. Circulation Statistics<br />This year, 13, 994 books were checked out from the media center. This number is down from approximately 14,500 titles checked out the previous year. We feel that our facility’s location is the main reason that print circulation was down.<br />Sophomores lead the other classes in the number of items checked out. <br />B. “Best Sellers”: Top Twenty Circulated Books<br />Although nonfiction makes up 67% of our collection, fiction circulates more often. This year’s top twenty checkouts reflect the popularity of young adult fiction series. Only six of the twenty titles are stand-alone books.<br /><ul><li>The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  16. 16. Unwind by Neal Shusterman
  17. 17. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  18. 18. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  19. 19. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
  20. 20. What Happened to Cass McBride? by Gail Giles
  21. 21. Something Wicked: A Horatio Wilkes Mystery by Alan Gratz
  22. 22. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  23. 23. Evermore by Alyson Noel
  24. 24. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
  25. 25. Acceleration by Graham McNamee
  26. 26. Gym Candy by Carl Deuker
  27. 27. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
  28. 28. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
  29. 29. Everlost by Neal Shusterman
  30. 30. The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
  31. 31. Kiss Me, Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
  32. 32. Lockdown: Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith
  33. 33. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  34. 34. Sold by Patricia McCormick</li></ul>Each of these titles is among the ones we often recommend to readers. Our top circulating titles prove that our marketing strategies (booktalking and Book of the Week) are successful.<br />C. Collection Status<br />We continue to improve our collection by adding new titles and weeding old ones and damaged books. We use the South Carolina Standards for School Library Resource Collections as a basis to rate our collection. The state department recognizes three levels of resource collections: At Risk, Basic, and Exemplary. The following chart compares BSHS LMC’s collection (as of June 15, 2011) to these three levels.<br />BSHS CollectionAt RiskBasicExemplaryTotal number of items 16,80418,04021,32024,600# items per student10111315Fiction – age of collection 1996199119941996Nonfiction – age of collection1991200120042006Age of total collection1992199720002002<br />By weeding, we lowered the number of items per student, but we brought up the age of the collection another year. We again focused on adding more fiction titles this year due to student usage of our collection. The age of our fiction collection places that portion of our collection in the Exemplary category by state standards.<br />D. Changes to the collection during the 2010 – 2011 school year:<br />Purchased:<br /><ul><li>• 692 print books, DVDs, and CDs
  35. 35. • 9 ebooks (literary criticism)
  36. 36. • 4 LCD projectors
  37. 37. • 5 DVD/VCR Players
  38. 38. • 1 Canon digital camera
  39. 39. • 1 Sony Handycam SR88 Camcorder
  40. 40. • 4 Flip Digital Video Cameras</li></ul>Weeded:<br /><ul><li>• 755 items (books, VHS tapes, old equipment)
  41. 41. • Updated catalog records by removing any titles that had been marked as “lost” before 2008
  42. 42. (1,154 titles)</li></ul>E. Online Resources<br /> 1. BSHS LMC Web Site<br />The library’s website, hosted on Google Sites, is maintained by Fran Bullington and underwent a transformation over the Christmas holidays to make our resources more accessible to students and staff. It is the home page for all LMC computers and contains a wide array of information. <br />There are links to the library’s online catalog, our pathfinders, copyright information, lists of tools students can use for multimedia projects, <br /> 2. Destiny Online Catalog<br />Beginning this school year, the library began using Destiny as its circulation software. One of the big advantages of Destiny is the library’s catalog is hosted online, making it accessible from every computer in the building. Teachers can now check the status of library resources from their classroom. <br />All teachers can create their own account in Destiny and from that account can create Resource Lists – bibliographies of resources on any topic of their choice.<br />By using the Destiny Quest feature of the catalog, users can see the current top ten checkouts, the newest library acquisitions, and all public resource lists. We now have several resource lists that students can use to help them find new books in various categories such as Mysteries and Paranormal Romances.<br /> 3. SC DISCUS<br />The South Carolina State Library provides schools with access to many excellent databases through SC DISCUS. We continue to promote these databases as authoritative and reliable resources that can be accessed both at school and at home with the username and password we provide.<br /> 4. Ebooks<br />The nine ebooks added to the collection this year updated our literary criticism ebook collection. Poetry for Students and Short Stories for Students are valuable resources that provide students a clearer understanding of the literature they are studying. Hosted by Gale, they are accessible from both school and home through our library home page.<br />5. Facebook Fan Page<br />The BSHS LMC Facebook Fan page is used to post notices about upcoming book club meetings, author contests, new books that have arrived in the media center, and reminders about completing and turning in READissance forms. With over 100 fans now, the page has been successful in getting library news to students quickly and efficiently. Students appreciate that the library is represented and comment to us in person about notices posted there.<br /> 6. Bulldog Den Wikispace<br />Teachers and students can easily access the Bulldog Den Wiki at school or home through links on our library’s web pages. Its most accessed resources are our Pathfinders.<br /> Pathfinders Created for Classes<br />Pathfinders are resource guides that list both print and nonprint resources that have been carefully selected to meet the research needs of a unit. Fran Bullington created or updated these Pathfinders during the 2010 – 2011 school year:<br /><ul><li>• Contemporary Authors
  43. 43. • A Divided America
  44. 44. • American Life in the 1920’s
  45. 45. • Elizabethan Age Resources
  46. 46. • Hispanic Heritage</li></ul>F. Collection Analysis<br /> The following chart represents the percentage of each main classification of our collection based on the analysis performed on June 15, 2011: <br />Because the age of a collection is one of the criteria used by the state to determine a school library’s level, it is also important to note the age of each of the main classifications:<br />III. Remaining Current in our Profession<br />A. Staff<br /> Fran Bullington has served as lead librarian for five years at BSHS. Jay Campbell has served as AV librarian for ten years here at Bulldog Nation.<br />Information and technology specialists (i.e., your school librarians!) must ensure they stay up-to-date on current trends and tools in their field.<br />B. Training and Conferences <br /><ul><li>• Upstate Technology Conference June 2010 – Fran Bullington
  47. 47. • “Making You and Your Library Indispensable” Sept. 8, 2010 Webinar with Gwyneth Jones
  48. 48. (through the Teacher Librarian Virtual Café) – Fran Bullington
  49. 49. • South Carolina Association of School Librarian’s Annual Conference March 2011 – Fran
  50. 50. Bullington
  51. 51. • Discovery Education STAR Educator Workshop March 30, 2011 – Fran Bullington
  52. 52. • “Screenagers and the Digital Window” Apr. 4, 2011 Webinar with Joquetta Johnson (through
  53. 53. the Teacher Librarian Virtual Café) – Fran Bullington
  54. 54. • “Diving into Digital Books” May 2, 2011 Webinar with Buffy Hamilton and Jennifer LaGarde
  55. 55. (through the Teacher Librarian Café) – Fran Bullington
  56. 56. • Follett’s “The ABC’s of Inventory” Webinar May 2011 – Fran Bullington and Jay Campbell
  57. 57. • Upstate Technology Conference June 14-15, 2011- Fran Bulington
  58. 58. • SCASL Summer Institute June 21, 2011 – Fran Bullington
  59. 59. C. Offsite Presentations</li></ul>• Upstate Technology Conference June 2010 - Fran Bullington co-presented with Cathy Nelson (Dorman High School media specialist) and Heather Loy (Wagener-Salley High School media specialist): “There’s an App for That: Using Web Tools to Simplify, Organize, and Enhance Your Life”<br />• July 7, 2010 – Fran Bullington was filmed as guest speaker for Dr. Virginia Wallace’s SLIS 742 (Curricular Role of the School Library Media Specialist) graduate course at the University of South Carolina’s College of Library and Information Science<br />• January 16, 2011 – Fran Bullington took part in a panel presentation with Cathy Nelson and Heather Loy for Martha Taylor’s SLIS 761 (Information Technologies in the School Library Media Program) graduate course at the University of South Carolina’s College of Library and Information Science<br />• Feb. 3, 2011 – Fran Bullington was on a webinar panel presenting “Kindles, Nooks, iPads, Oh My!” for the South Carolina Association of School Librarians<br />• March 10, 2011 – Fran Bullington co-presented with Cathy Nelson and Heather Loy: “There’s an App for That: Using Web Tools to Simplify, Organize, and Enhance Your Life”<br />• Upstate Technology Conference June 14, 2011 – Fran Bullington co-presented with Alice London: “Revitalize Reviewing”<br />• Upstate Technology Conference June 15, 2011 – Fran Bullington presented “Ramp Up Reading with Technology”<br />D. Professional Blog: Informania<br />Fran Bullington began her professional blog about school library matters as a graduate student at the University of South Carolina. Now in its fourth year, the blog provides an opportunity to explore ideas that are relevant to our library. “Creating blog entries to post for others to read encourages me to research topics carefully before I post and has expanded my own PLN (Personal Learning Network).” (Fran Bullington)<br />Informania was once again recognized as a leading professional library blog. This year it was nominated for the 2010 Edublog Awards Best Library Blog.<br />IV. Promoting Reading<br />Our mission is to support teaching and learning, foster a love of reading, and enable students and teachers to become effective and ethical users of information.<br />Part of our mission statement addresses promoting reading for not only learning, but also for pleasure. The BSHS LMC has created many reading programs and events to encourage our students and staff to read as well as implementing new ideas to assist students in locating books.<br />A. READissance<br />We entered the ninth year of READissance, our voluntary reading program, this school year. Because participation in the program had declined, one of our program goals this year was to analyze and improve participation. We asked for both teacher and student volunteers to serve on a READissance Committee and met early in the fall semester to revamp the program.<br />The committee felt that we could encourage more participation by lowering our reading requirements. We instituted two tiers of reading achievement: 6 books OR 2000+ pages per semester. Students could still use all books read as part of class assignments. <br />Each semester a luncheon was held as the culminating activity to celebrate reading and reward those who had read the required number of books. The library provided Chic-Fil-A meals and the top readers from each grade were recognized and given their prizes. Everyone who attends can enter a drawing for a variety of door prizes. <br />Fall 2010Spring 2011Students Participating11183# READissance Members6360# Books Read315664# Pages Read104,295211,569<br />Even with the lowered requirements, fewer students participated in READissance. In an informal survey completed at the January READissance luncheon, participants stated their reason for participation was a love of reading and the lowered requirements did not lead them to participate. <br />B. South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Program<br />Each year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians presents prestigious book awards in four categories. BSHS students not only read titles from the list of twenty Young Adult Book Award nominees, but they also had the opportunity to help choose the winner of the award by casting their vote via ballot on Feb. 25th. <br />The BSHS LMC promotes this program by purchasing titles for our collection and providing students and teachers with brochures that include brief annotations of each title. Fran Bullington booktalks many of the titles to classes and creates an Animoto video of all twenty titles to promote interest in the program. <br />C. Bulldog Booklovers Club<br />The Bulldog Booklovers Club was formed in the fall of 2006 and meets once a month after school. We have seen steady growth since the book club’s inception and have worked to accommodate the growing number of members and their various interests in different genres. We new regularly discuss two different titles, allowing our members choice each month.<br />Book club members participate in Exclusive Book Previews. When new titles have been processed and are shelf-ready, Mrs. Bullington and her service learners set up a book display in one of the conference rooms. Then at 7:30 on the morning that books will be available for checkout, book club members are allowed to browse through the new titles and choose one for checking out. Book club members appreciate and look forward to these Exclusive Book Previews.<br />D. Banned Book Week<br />The BSHS LMC participates in sevral events sponsored by the American Library Association. Each September, “Banned Books Week highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted bannings of books across the United States” (“Banned Books Week”). Fran Bullington created a display of popular titles that have been challenged over the years and lead a discussion of the topic at the September Bulldog Booklover Club meeting.<br /> E. Teen Read Week<br />Teen Read Week is another American Library Association sponsored event that BSHS LMC celebrates. This year we sponsored two events:<br />1. Celebrating YA Lit Fiction Jeopardy <br />The library sponsored a Celebrating YA Fiction contest during all four lunches. Sign up was limited to six participants per lunch period. We served Chic-Fil-A meals as students teamed up to play compete in the Jeopardy game. <br /> <br />2. Book Trivia Contest<br />Each day, a trivia question was read during the announcements. Students and teachers who could identify the book wrote its title down and submitted it to the library. Those who identified the title correctly had their names entered in the prize drawing on Friday for a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.<br />F. Author Alan Gratz’s Visit<br />To encourage reading and writing for pleasure, Fran Bullington collaborated with Sally Hursey, media specialist at BSHS 9th Grade Campus to sponsor author Alan Gratz’s visit. To help defray costs, Fran applied for and received funding from The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg.<br />Alan Gratz was with us on Feb. 16th and held three sessions in the library: 1) “Stealing Shakespeare” for both current and former students of Mr. Pack’s Shakespeare class, 2) “From Brainstorm to Bookshelf” for Mr. Cannon’s and Mrs. DeLac’s Creative Writing classes , and 3)” Q & A with the Author” for students who had read at least one of Mr. Gratz’s books. Gratz captivated each audience and was a huge hit.<br />G. Teen Tech Week (March 7 – 11, 2011)<br />During the two weeks leading up to our Teen Tech Week this year, students were invited to enter a Book Trailer Contest. Both Mrs. Menzer and Ms. London brought their classes in for instructions on using Windows Movie Maker to create their trailers. Individual students were invited to drop in for instruction before school, at lunch, or after school on Feb. 24th and 25th.<br />Entries for the contest were due March 4th. Using a rubric, a panel of judges considered each entry. They awarded first place to Jessica Pathammavong’s book trailer on Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. Jessica won a gift certificate and had her book trailer posted on the library’s website.<br />H. South Carolina READ IN<br />On April 14th, Bulldog Booklovers Club members from both the 9th grade and main campuses traveled to Columbia to participate in the Read-In sponsored by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians. Hundreds of teachers and students from across the state gathered on the State House grounds for a program celebrating reading. We proudly represented the importance of reading in Bulldog Nation. Sen. Glenn Reese not only took us on a guided tour of the State House but also introduced us during sessions of both the house and senate. <br />I. School Library Month<br />April is not only National School Library Month, but it is also National Poetry Month. In honor of both, the BSHS LMC sponsored two events.<br />1. Book Spine Poetry Contest<br />This year we once again combined our celebration of poetry and school libraries by sponsoring a Spine Tales Poetry Contest. Student created poems were photographed and put on display in the media center. On April 29th, students and teachers read over the 80 entries and voted for their five favorite poems. The winning poem was created by Paul St. Cyr who received a Barnes and Noble $10 gift card for his excellent entry.<br />2. Poem in Your Pocket Day<br />The media center once again sponsored a Poem in Your Pocket Day this year. Students were encouraged to copy and carry their favorite poem in their pocket (or wallet, purse, etc.) on April 20th. Mrs. Bullington randomly asked students to share their poem with her, and if they had a poem in their pocket and shared it, they were rewarded with candy. Life is sweet!<br />J. New Spine Labeling<br />Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Mrs. Bullington analyzed our fiction collection to determine ways to make it more user-friendly. This analysis led to two different relabeling adventures:<br />1. Series Books<br />As our 2010 – 2011 Top Twenty Checkouts list illustrates, young adult series books are some of the most sought after titles in our collection. In the fall, Mrs. Bullington began what she termed “The Great Sequel Challenge.” She created numerical spine labels to be placed on all titles in each series to assist readers in ensuring they read the titles in chronological order.<br />Mrs. Bullington and service learners pulled hundreds of books from the shelves and began affixing the numerical labels. This process not only empowered our students to locate their next read, but it also indicated gaps in our collection that Mrs. Bullington was able to correct with this year’s book orders.<br />2. South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominee Titles<br />We have continued to place special focus on the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award nominees by shelving them in our recreational reading section. Having the books in one location enables us to point the students to one section where they can find highly recommended titles. <br />However, students using the online catalog to search for books often had trouble locating the SCYABA books in the library because their call numbers only indicated that they were Fiction books. If the catalog indicated a title was available, students would head to our General Fiction section to locate the book and often become frustrated then they couldn’t find it.<br />To remedy the situation, Mrs. Bullington created new spine labels with the call number “YABA FIC” for the current and last five years’ nominees. Now when students find an interesting title in the catalog that happens to be a SCYABA nominee, they know where that title will be shelved.<br />Goals for the 2011-2012 School Year<br />The results of our annual report have increased our awareness of both our strengths and weaknesses. Our goals for next year are based on the results of this report and on the South Carolina State Department of Education’s Achieving Exemplary School Libraries report.<br />1. Continue to work on increasing collaboration with classroom teachers.<br />“Collaborative planning—the joint working of two or more educators (e.g., teachers, library media specialist(s), reading teachers, itinerant teachers, resource teachers) to plan lesson and/or unit content, the delivery of instruction, and the assessment of student achievement—exists between the classroom teachers and the library media center professional staff. At least 50 percent of the classroom teachers actively participate in a collaborative partnership with the library media center professional staff to plan, deliver, and evaluate lessons that link information literacy, technology, and academic content and to assess student learning” (“Achieving Exemplary School Libraries,” 8).<br />2. Continue to improve both the content and currency of our collection.<br />“The library media center resource collection of print and electronic resources (including computers) is carefully selected and aligned with the school’s curriculum. The collection is systematically organized and is sufficient in quantity and quality to meet the information and recreational reading needs of the school community. The resource collection is continuously monitored for currency and relevancy to the curriculum and to students’ general interests” (“Achieving Exemplary School Libraries,” 12).<br />3. Restructure READissance to increase participation.<br />“The library media program supports the school-wide reading initiatives and emphasis by encouraging reading throughout the school, offering a variety of reading materials, and participating in various state and national reading programs (e.g., S.C. Book Award Program, Children’s Book Week, Teen Read Week, National Library Week). <br />At least 30 percent of secondary students participate in one or more reading initiatives, events, or activities throughout the school year…” (“Achieving Exemplary School Libraries,” 14).<br /> See Appendix Two<br />Report submitted by Fran Bullington<br />Bibliography<br />“Banned Books Week.” American Library Association, 29 July 2008. Web. 19 July 2011. <br /> <>.<br />“Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning.” ALA/Roles and Responsibilities of the School <br /> Library Media Specialist. American Library Association, 5 June 2010. Web. 19 July 2011. Path: <br /><br />South Carolina Department of Education. “Achieving Exemplary School Libraries: Standards for South <br /> Carolina School Library Media Programs.” N.p. Web. 27 June 2011. <br /> <>.<br />South Carolina Department of Education. “South Carolina Standards for School Library Resource <br /> Collections.” N.p., 2009. Web. 27 June 2011. <>.<br />Appendix One: By the Numbers<br />Number of books circulated throughout this school year<br />13,994<br />Number of items in the BSHS LMC collection as of June 15, 2011<br />16,804<br />Number of new books, CDs, and DVDs purchased for the collection<br />692<br />Equipment items purchased for the collection<br />24<br />Number of classes that visited the LMC for orientation, research, book check out, or to use computer rooms<br />1,436<br />Number of individual student visits to the LMC<br />21,048<br />Number of students participating in READissance<br />194<br />Number of students becoming READissance VIPs<br />123<br />Number of books read through READissance<br />979<br />Number of pages read through READissance<br />315,864<br />Appendix Two: READissance Statistics<br />