ACH Federal Referral Letter 7.10 (.pdf)


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ACH Federal a third party automated clearing house payment processor serving the banking, corporate and non-profit sectors recommends Thomas Bookhamer, CSP as an expert Agile Certified Scrum Practitioner and Coach.

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ACH Federal Referral Letter 7.10 (.pdf)

  1. 1. il,t: _Federal July 6,2010 Dear Sir or Madam: I would like to offer my formal recommendation of Thomas Bookhamer to your service. As President of ACH Federal, a third party automated clearing house payment processor serving the banking, corporate and non-profit sectors, I have worked directly with Thomas during his tenure at Terenine, an affiliate company, and experienced firsthand the successful impact his project management leadership had on our program and feel he deserves your thoughtful consideration. Thomas has a superb knowledge of Scrum methodology and he possesses the ability to make it work in practice. Thomas jOined Terenine specifically to mature its Agile project management process and build development teams. Immediately after joining he began improving processes and increasing efficiency, thereby delivering added value to his projects, including my own project. After one year his team productivity had improved 4X, the application performance nearly 100X, and we realized a cost savings from his offshore resourcing expertise of some $780,000. Thomas also provided scrum training to four (4) other affiliate company teams using the same success metrics he employed on my project. In addition to being an expert on the process of Agile Scrum, Thomas has the heart of a teacher. He truly enjoys explaining the concepts behind the actions so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the process they are using. Thomas is a relationship builder and he understands that the most successful business transactions take place between people who know and trust one another. I am confident Thomas will genuinely seek to know and understand you, your business, and your business needs. I am equally confident that he will do everything in his power to meet those needs. I believe Thomas is an expert in the Agile Process, leading change, developing people, and collaborating with onshore and offshore teams to maximize value. I highly recommend Thomas to any company that needs to engage Agile, mature its process, build teams, and develop offshore resources. Should you have any questions or desire additional information from me, please feel free to contact me. r;~~ Russell C. Scudder President 1516 Riverside Drive . Chattanooga, Tennessee 37406 . (866) 859-0555 .