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Fiction Genres for Primary Students


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A slideshow that looks at some fiction genres and their features.

Published in: Education
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Fiction Genres for Primary Students

  2. 2. Adventure The main character often goes on a quest or journey. There is lots of action.
  3. 3. Classic Generally agreed to be an outstanding example of literary style. Classics can be older books or more modern.
  4. 4. Detective A story where a detective, or someone acting like a detective, needs to solve a crime.
  5. 5. Fairytale Often about fairies or other magical creatures, these are make-believe stories.
  6. 6. Fantasy Often set in imaginary lands, these books usually have make- believe characters and creatures like talking animals.
  7. 7. Graphic Pictures and text in a book format that look like comics.
  8. 8. Scary Lots of things to scare you like zombies, vampires, blood, spooky noises.
  9. 9. Funny Stories that tickle your sense of humour or make you laugh. Often have quirky characters and amazing situations.
  10. 10. Mystery There are often puzzles or even a crime to solve. Readers need to look for patterns and clues.
  11. 11. Myths and Legends Traditional tales, often wanting to teach an important lesson. Sometimes they are about heroes and gods.
  12. 12. Science Fiction Not something that really happened, but based on some kind of science. Often have space ships or time travel.
  13. 13. Suspense This kind of story grabs a reader’s attention and doesn’t let it go. There is usually danger to a character you care about.
  14. 14. What is your favourite fiction genre?