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Five minutes of fame - Berlin - bookatonce


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Manfred Osthues
ITB Berlin
5 minutes of fame

Published in: Business, Travel
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Five minutes of fame - Berlin - bookatonce

  1. 1. 5 Minutes of Fame HOSPITALITY WITH ITB Berlin, 12 March 2009 A SYSTEM Speaker: Manfred Osthues Managing Director, protel hotelsoftware GmbH
  2. 2. HOSPITALITY WITH A SYSTEM Name: Horst Type of business: Wineyard with rooms Location: Landau in der Pfalz Country: Germany
  3. 3. HOSPITALITY WITH A SYSTEM Name: Senthil Type of business : Hotel with 10 rooms Location: Bangalore Country: India
  4. 4. HOSPITALITY WITH A SYSTEM Name: Paco Type of business : Guesthouse with 5 rooms Location: Island Taquile (Lake Titicaca) Country: Peru
  5. 5. HOSPITALITY Market segment (e.g. Germany) WITH A SYSTEM Total: ~ 34 000 businesses 34.000 ~ 45.000 businesses ~ 11 000 b i 11.000 businesses Hotels Hotel garnis Hotel garnis Inns Guesthouses Accommodation establishments  Accommodation establishments
  6. 6. HOSPITALITY WITH A SYSTEM Online booking Web presence Hotel management
  7. 7. HOSPITALITY Visit us at ITB, Berlin Hall 6.1, booth 140 or WITH A SYSTEM Thank you for your attention!