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Facilities Plan Lindblad


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Facilities Plan Lindblad

  1. 1. OGLETHORPE CHARTER SCHOOL: Library-Media Center Facilities PlanDeborah B. LindbladFRIT 7132 -Section Y01Administration of the Instructional Media Program - Georgia OnMyLine, Fall, 2009Instructor, Dr. Judith Repman
  2. 2. OGLETHORPE CHARTER SCHOOL: MISSION STATEMENT Partnering with parents to inspire students to pursue educational excellence. VISION STATEMENT An innovative learning community achieving maximum potential through best practices. VALUES/BELIEFS STATEMENT At Oglethorpe Charter School, we value innovation, respect, determination, positive character development, caring for others, the Core Knowledge curriculum and accountability in public education.
  3. 3. OGLETHORPE CHARTER SCHOOL: MEDIA MISSION STATEMENT Partnering with parents, teachers and administration to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.**Oglethorpe Charter School Library Media Center does not presently have a media mission statement. The above statement is a proposal to be presented at the next Media Committee meeting.
  4. 4. SCCPSS SCHOOL MEDIA PROGRAM PHILOSOPHYStudents will be provided with access to information, ideas, and resources that promote intellectual freedom, literacy, and life-long learning. MISSION STATEMENTAs stated in Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, by the American Association of School Librarians and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, the mission of the media specialist is “To ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.” (1998) Media specialists provide intellectual and physical access to materials in all kinds of formats. They offer whole group and individual instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas. They work with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students. Oglethorpe Charter School is one of 49 schools in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS).
  5. 5. SCHOOL SETTINGOglethorpe Charter School is a start-up charter middle school which began operations in 1999. It is the first start-up charter school in Georgia. With a 2009-10 student population of 420 sixth, seventh and eighth graders, the school is located in an urban district. The school employs a total staff of 42, including 29 classroom teachers and one Library Media Specialist.
  6. 6. SCHOOL SETTINGThe building is very old and space is extremely limited. One portion of the school is considered historic, having originally opened in 1926 as Pearl Lee Smith School.The picture below-left shows the entrance to the wing where the library media center (LMC) is located, built in the 1970s. It is about one-third of the way down the hall from this entrance. The picture on the right is of the entrance to the historic section, now the 8th grade wing. Smith, L. (2004). Savannahs historic public schools. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishin
  7. 7. LOCATION OF LMCThe LMC is located in what used to be a kindergarten classroom, about two-thirdsdown the 6th grade wing away from the 7th and 8th grade wings which all run ina straight line. In the picture below, the LMC is the third door on the left. Therough map on the right shows its location in regards to the rest of the school.
  8. 8. MEDIA CENTER STATS The Oglethorpe LMC is approximately 900 square feet. The LMC contains 6,637 books. The average publication year of the collection is 1999. There are an average of 15.8 books per student in the LMC. Book circulation averaged 1,669 books per month in SY2008- 09. The average number of student visits per day for SY2009-10 thus far is 127. The student population comes from all over the Savannah- Chatham School District, not from one particular neighborhood or zone, due to the admissions lottery. Students come from a range of low- to high-income families.
  10. 10. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…The Existing Floor Plan of the LMC is very small and cramped. However, this does contribute to one of the LMC‟s positive aspects in that students can be seen from the circulation desk almost anywhere they are situated in the LMC. The exception being that some of the student computers are blocked by the storage location of the Promethean board, but there is no other place in the LMC it can be stored. Even so, small is good when it comes to visual coverage.Another positive aspect of this LMC is the technology. First, there are eight student computers plus one for use only as the Patrons Catalog Station. The recommendation for middle school libraries is 15 computers, but some schools in the district have less than we do. Additionally, all computers in the school are less than five years old. Also in the LMC are a Promethean board, ActivSlate, laptop and multimedia cart that houses an LCD projector, DVD/VCR and speakers. All of these are used frequently for class visits.
  11. 11. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… continued Just as being small is an attribute in being able to see students, it is also one of the biggest problems with this facility. There is room for only four sets of tables and chairs. Thus, only one class at a time can be seated in the LMC. Fortunately, the class sizes are limited by the charter to only 24 students. In rare instances, students have been able to research at the tables and computers while another class checks out books. When book fair is held, there is simply no allowance for class visits, but students are still able to check out books. Another drawback to this LMC is that the Media Specialist is the only one working in the LMC. There is no media clerk. If the media specialist is delivering instruction or has to leave the LMC to go to a classroom, no students can come in to check out or return books. If the media specialist is absent, the LMC is closed for the day.
  12. 12. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… continued Being small leads to the another big problem: there is very little storage space in the LMC. There is one small room at the back of the library with a small closet connected to it. In this small room is a desk which holds the multimedia workstation, 3-foot tall shelving that fits under a window, a filing cabinet, a floor to ceiling storage cabinet and the server/distribution system. There is also a small cart holding various equipment that can be moved around as needed. The small closet area off the back was originally a restroom for a kindergarten classroom. It measures approximately 39 inches across by 6 feet deep. There are floor-to-ceiling shelves in the back of the closet which hold extra electronic equipment when it is not checked out; bins for extra mice, assorted cables, etc.; keyboards; and boxes of seasonal decorations.
  13. 13. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… continued Another issue with size is that there is very little wall space for posters in the LMC. However, there is a huge bulletin board in the hall that is used to display pictures of book covers (printed from the web or cut from posters), the Coretta S. King and Newbery award posters, and the AR Wall of Fame Point Club members. Another smaller bulletin board is in the hall adjacent to the LMC entrance.
  14. 14. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… continuedProbably the most disturbing drawback to the small size of this LMC is that it is NOT disability-friendly. The clearance allowance between tables, shelves and carts is not large enough to allow wheelchair access. We did have one student last year that was temporarily in a wheelchair and he was able to wheel to the circulation desk and to a computer. He was not able to wheel around the tables to the book shelves.Additionally, a physically handicapped LMS would not be able to work in this facility as the clearances behind the desks and work areas are also not large enough for a wheelchair or walker.
  15. 15. WELCOME TO THE OCS LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER This is the door to the LMC. The small poster above the welcome sign is an invitation to the annual Savannah Children‟s Book Festival .
  16. 16. VIEW FROM THE DOOR TO THE LMCThis is the view as you walk in the door of the LMC. Visible are the four sets oftables and six chairs each. The island of shelves in the center contain (from leftto right) the 970-999 of the nonfiction section and the Reference section withencyclopedias on the closest end. The shelves on the wall (in front of thewindow) contain the majority of the nonfiction books. A Dewey Decimal poster isseen at the end of the nonfiction section.
  17. 17. CIRCULATION DESKThis is the CirculationDesk where studentscheck books in andout. Due to thecramped space, acopy machine hasbeen placedimmediately to the leftof the desk as well asthe Promethean Boardon a wheeled standand the AV cart whichholds a TV, DVD/VCRand copier supplies.Due to the lack of wallplaced on almost every available space throughout the, posters havebeen
  18. 18. VIEW OF STUDENT COMPUTERSFROM THE CIRCULATION DESK This is the view of some of the student computers from the circulation desk. To the left is a clock to help students keep track of time and also the current Galileo password is posted here for their use at home. (It is blurred out in the picture.) The poster between the windows contains the login information for our World Book Online subscription.
  19. 19. STUDENT COMPUTER STATIONSThis is another view ofthe 8 student computersavailable to students forresearch and printing onthe laser jet printer.Located at the end ofthese tables is theMultimedia Cart thatholds the LCD projector,DVD/VCR and highfidelity speakers used inconjunction with thePromethean Board andActiveSlate. The door atthe end of the tables isto the restroom/ storage room where recyclable ink cartridges are storeduntil shipped by the LMS.
  20. 20. VIEW FROM THE CIRCULATION DESKIn these pictures, the entrance to the LMC is to the left, with tables aroundand on either side of the island of shelves. On these shelves are the audiobooks in the first two sections to the left and the Professional books andaudio in the right two sections. On top of the shelves are the dictionary,stacks of books that were used for science fair research and books fordisplay. To the right are the Patrons‟ Catalog computer and a large-formatposter printer. Behind the door and along the far wall are some of thefiction section (Historical to Young Adult) with Biographies in the last section
  21. 21. VIEW FROM THE CIRCULATION DESK This view from the circulation desks shows the multimedia shelving which contains the videos, software, teaching kits, and music recordings which are located at the end of the Media Specialist‟s desk on the right. These shelves are also very congested with no room for expansion. Only teachers and parents may check out these items.
  22. 22. VIEW FROM THE CIRCULATION DESK To the left of the Multimedia section is the door to the distribution/ server room. Just inside the door you can see the black storage cabinet that holds software, old magazines, catalogs and other miscellaneous items. The two burgundy carts in front of the window are for returned books.
  23. 23. DISTRIBUTION-SERVER ROOMThis is the view to the left just inside thedistribution-server room. On the desk is themultimedia computer setup and the shelves holdthe boxes containing class sets of books. The cartcontains various books and magazines awaitingor storage.cataloging The door opening on the right edge of the picture leads to the storagecloset. The picture on the right is of the distribution system with a cart holding someof the equipment that wouldn‟t fit in the rack. There is a filing cabinet in theforeground. On the floor (sitting on a milk crate) is the Channel One distribution boxand a DVD/VCR. (Not a pretty sight!)
  24. 24. S C T L O O R S A E G T EThis storage closet off the server room was once abathroom, thus the tile on the wall and floor.Another cart is here that holds the book binder onthe bottom with books awaiting discard pickup inthe box on top. The door leads to a mathclassroom. On the right is a picture of the floor toceiling shelves in the rear of the closet. This iswhere extra electronics, cords, cables, mice,keyboards, etc. are stored. The wires/cables onthe left wall are part of the distribution wiring.
  25. 25. VIEW FROM THE CIRCULATION DESKThis is the view behind the circulation desk. The wall-cabinets containsupply items such as blank CDs, ink cartridges, genre labels, bookmarks,due date cards, tape, glue, etc. and the headphones for the computers.The table holds the school laminator and the student Eco Club providesthe recycling bin underneath, as well as pickupof recyclables. To the back-left,is a sink next to the paper cutterseen on the counter. Thecabinets here hold cleaningsupplies, bathroom supplies, etc.Seen on the end of thecirculation desk is the IDcomputer and printer. Thecabinets underneath hold IDsupplies, colored paper,batteries, overhead bulbs, etc.Here also is the book repairstation.
  26. 26. FICTION - GENREThe entire Fiction Section in this LMC is shelved by Genre and then alphabetically bythe author within each section. Each section is clearly marked with a shelf sign andthe books have corresponding genre labels on their spine. Audio Books and NewArrivals are also sorted by Genre.The Genre categories are: Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Historical, Horror, Humor, Juvenile, Multicultural, Mystery, Romance, Science, Sports, Story Collection, Westerns and Young Adult.
  27. 27. NEW ARRIVALS CART and PAPERBACK STAND As new books arrive in the LMC, they are shelved on the cart shown here in front of the MS‟s desk. The paperback stand in the left of the picture, helps students find popular paperbacks, as well as helping to relieve some of the congested book shelves.
  28. 28. THE LMC PROGRAMThe LMC Program at Oglethorpe includes a variety of offerings. The MS collaborates, coordinates and co-teaches with as many of the teachers and staff as possible. Sixth grade students come into the LMC for Orientation at the beginning of each year. Classes are taught for all grade levels throughout the year on research/library skills, plagiarism and computer skills as needed.The MS is responsible for assisting with the broadcast of morning announcements each day and for providing the daily Channel One broadcast. Because of the small size of the LMC, the morning announcements are held down the hall from the LMC in a conference room using portable broadcast equipment.Accelerated Reader is used extensively by all teachers and students through the Renaissance Place web-based AR Enterprise. Goals are set in the classrooms and the MS facilitates testing and the choosing of appropriate books. STAR Reading is administered through the LMC at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to monitor reading progress. The MS is responsible for maintaining the AR software, student incentives and rewards and for maintaining the AR Wall of Fame displaying Point Club members.A book fair is held in the media center once a year in December. Originally, there was an additional book fair held in the spring, but because book fairs totally disrupt the LMC daily activities, the spring book fair was discontinued.The MS assists with the district Reading Quiz Bowl held each spring. The books are chosen from the Georgia Book Award Nominees by MSs throughout the district.Special activities are generally held for Teen Read Week in October and for National Library Week in April.Students also participate in the district Student Media Festival program coordinated by the MS.
  29. 29. SURVEY DATAA survey delivered through Survey Monkey was taken by five teachers and five students revealing the data below: 100% of the teachers and students find the LMC to be a welcoming and inviting place to visit 70% find the lighting to be adequate 60% find that there needs to be more seating in the MC 60% of the teachers said NO to a comfortable reading area while only 40% of the students said NO 80% said there are enough computers in the LMC 60% said there need to be a few more books; 30% said there needed to be a lot more books; only 10% said there are plenty of books 60% said that students should be allowed to check out more than 2 books sometimes 90% said that they NEVER have trouble finding what they need Only 10% said that eating and drinking SHOULD be allowed in the LMC
  30. 30. SURVEY COMMENTSBelow are the teacher and student responses to the question: “What is the one thing you would change about the OCS Media Center?”1. Ideally- make it bigger. However for the space that is available, it is sufficient.2. The size of the Media center is very cramped ,so I think it should be a little bit bigger.3. the size4. I think that it is to small.5. More books!6. We desperately need more room. We are in a very old building. With more room we could also have more computers. Mrs. Lindblad has done a wonderful job with the little space and limited resources that she has to work with.7. The media center is a wonderful place that the children enjoy visiting. It would be nice to have more room for more books and tables, but that is not possible in our current location. Circulation appears to be good, and I am always seeing students reading when they have a chance.8. When we have our new building, we will have more space and some of these issues will go away.9. I wish the LMC was in a larger space!
  31. 31. LMC REVISIONSThe problems in the Existing Facilities Plan for the Oglethorpe LMC can not be addressed within the present facility. The room is just too small to expand the collection, add seating or even to rearrange the equipment already there.There has been serious discussion by the school board in the last few years about building an entirely new school facility for Oglethorpe Charter School. Thus, a new LMC Facilities Plan has been created. This new facility would cover just over 3300 square feet and includes much-needed features that could be utilized by the entire school community. The LMC in the new facility would be centrally located so as to be accessible to all grade levels while still having an outside exit.One revision for this LMC program would be the addition of a part-time to full- time media clerk. This would allow the LMS more time to collaborate with teachers as well as deliver instruction throughout the school as needed. Also, with the addition of space and books, a media clerk would add to the smooth and timely administration of the LMC.
  33. 33. LMC REVISIONS The aspect of the LMC being too small must be addressed first and foremost. The new LMC will have at least one wide open space for traffic flow and events, such as annual book fairs, student performances, etc. An area with round tables that will seat four students or adults will allow for small group or large group meetings. To ensure the proper allowance of clearance spaces for wheelchair access, extra care was taken to allow 40-48 Table-and-Chair-Package-c_21709498/H27593/ inches between shelves and tables. Sound issues will be addressed through acoustical flooring and textured walls which will act as sound buffers to reduce excess echo-noise. An integrated sound system will help to eliminate hearing problems. av.16543 Q4g7tQ= sAi8BQ4g7tQ=
  34. 34. LMC REVISIONS Also addressing space and sound issues will be a sound-proof presentation room equipped with a Promethean Board and integrated sAi8BQ4g7tQ= sound system. An entire class of either students or faculty could w=nav.19656 hold a lesson or seminar without r.php?show=nav.16543 disturbing other classes that may be in the LMC. The tables in this room will also be equipped with -Worksurface-Portal-PDC.htm network and electrical outlets for laptops and other necessary equipment. A separate conference room would also provide a space for teachers to meet in small groups or with parents. The table here would also include network and electrical outlets. NOTE: Wireless Internet access will also be provided throughout the LMC, but due to the sometimes questionable reliability of wireless access, the network outlets are also being provided.
  35. 35. LMC REVISIONS The main entrance to the LMC will be located in one corner, hopefully away g from the noisiest part of the building, to reduce sound distractions. The LMS‟s office entrance will be to the left of the entrance and a door to a 30-unit computer lab to the right. This will allow the LMS easy access to all available facilities.  Additional entrance and exit doors would be on the west for access to a courtyard and on the south for easy access to the outside for after-school events or emergencies.  Each of the exits will be equipped with a radio frequency Checkpoint® Traditional Signature® Series Theft 592 Detection System.
  36. 36. LMC REVISIONS The circulation desk will be located near the main entrance so that students entering from the classrooms will have to pass by the desk and the LMS office. This will be an important aspect when the LMS in monitoring the LMC alone. Additionally, the LMS will be able to see each area of the LMC from the circulation desk. Holder-c_21705570/ To facilitate check-out a SelfCheck System will be integrated into the circulation desk. These will work in coordination with the security theft detection system located at the exits. System-Model-V1-c_21709222/
  37. 37. LMC REVISIONS A Media Production room will also be located off of the LMC where the morning announcements will be broadcast to the school. A separate control room within the Media Production room will house the present sound and video controls. A teleprompter will be purchased for use by the student news anchors. The school‟s existing Multimedia Computer Workstation will also be located here for video and media editing. A Storage Room will also be added to the LMC which will add direly needed space for equipment storage as well as storage for old magazines, seasonal decorations, posters, etc. Distribution controls would also be located here.
  38. 38. LMC REVISIONS  Another room located off the LMC will be a teacher workroom where a copier, laminating machine, book binder, Ellison dies, and other various equipment and tools will be housed. Plenty of counter and cabinet space will be provided storage. The Professional print materials may be located here. The entrance to a staff restroom will also be here.  In addition to the teacher workroom will also be a library workroom for book repair and processing. General LMC supplies will also be housed here, such as printer cartridges, labels, copy-paper, Mylar book covers, etc.
  39. 39. LMC REVISIONS The new LMC will contain the district recommended 15 student computers for a middle school LMC. These will be located along the east wall with limited distraction and easy access to other research materials. The LMS will have a computer station in her office with OnSight monitoring software installed for surveillance of these 15 computers, as well as the 30 located in the computer lab. This will help ensure that students are on task and following school computer protocol. index.php  A new library management system is also needed for the LMC. Presently, Winnebago-Spectrum is used but is very outdated and not user-friendly nor web-accessible. Follett‟s OPAC system, Destiny will become the new library management system. There will also be one dedicated OPAC station for student use, but student‟s will be able to access t he OPAC y_manager/ from any computer in the LMC.
  40. 40. LMC REVISIONS Additional technology that will be utilized in the new LMC will be a Promethean Board on the wall outside of the Presentation Room (in addition to the one located inside the Presentation Room). Ideally, two presentations could be conducted at the same time with two separate classes within the LMC. 6
  41. 41. LMC REVISIONS hp?r=school_library The lighting in the LMC will also be a serious consideration. Fixtures will be chosen that create uniform lighting throughout the LMC and will contain both direct and indirect lighting. A combination of daylighting (controlled skylights and windows) and lighting controls or photosensors will also be installed to facilitate flexibility and visibility. /electriclighting.php
  42. 42. LMC REVISIONS The addition of more shelving will allow for new materials to be purchased. Each section of the library collection will be expanded and enhanced with up-to-date books, audio books, videos and software. 48-inch mobile shelving in the main floor of the LMC will add flexibility to the floor plan while fixed shelving will go along the walls. Mobile-Shelving-48quotH-x-108quotW-x-24quotD-c_21707555/H80010/
  43. 43. LMC REVISIONS  An area for casual seating for students to enjoy pleasure- reading will be created in the new LMC. Students will have access to magazines and light reading materials here or they may bring a library book into the area to read. Seating furniture will be comfortable and in fun colors. Evans-Lounge-Chair-c_21707797/
  44. 44. DISTRICT MEDIA FACILITIES POLICIESThe Savannah-Chatham County Public School System utilizes the following Facilities Policies for LMCs:I. School Media Center ProgramA. The Superintendent will appoint a system-level media contact person to serve as liaison for the District.B. School library media center programs will operate under the established national, regional, state, and local standards.C. Each school will have a media center staffed by media personnel in accordance with State Rule 160-5-1-.22 and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).D. Media committees will be established and utilized at the system level and at each school.E. The media center program promotes intellectual freedom within the school community by providing access to a variety of information, ideas, and resources.F. Media centers will operate according to flexible schedules in accordance with State Rule 160-4-4-.01, and classes will not be assigned to media specialists or media centers in order to provide planning/free periods for teachers or for the purpose of regular class instruction.
  45. 45. DISTRICT MEDIA FACILITIES POLICIES continuedG. Media specialists and teachers will plan collaboratively to ensure the use of media center resources and services that support the curriculum.H. Materials and equipment for the media center will be selected by the media specialist with input from the media committee in accordance with the selection criteria set forth in Policy IF.I. The media specialist will conduct a formal media center inventory annually.J. The media specialist will implement a weeding program to examine and evaluate the media center collection.K. The entire school community will be accountable for the use of library media materials and equipment.L. All gifts to the media center must meet the criteria stated in Policy KH – Public Gifts.M. Non-school owned materials utilized in the instructional program by teachers, students, and guest presenters shall be supportive of the adopted curriculum for the course being taught and appropriate for the targeted audience. A more detailed version of these policies are available here: or here:
  46. 46. DISTRICT MEDIA FACILITIES POLICIESPROPOSED CHANGES Although the district media policies do not cover every aspect of a LMS‟s duties, they essentially address the main aspects of implementing state rules and standards in a local LMC. The only change in the district policy that I would recommend is changing the words “media center” to “library media center” to more accurately reflect the program. The only „problem‟ I see with the district policies is that they are not enforced, much the same as with the state policies. Too many LMSs are forced into a rigid or fixed schedule that forces the LMS to monitor students while teachers have their planning periods, blatantly prohibited in State Rule 160-4-4-.01. This costs the school in valuable time that the LMS could, and should, be collaborating, cooperating and co-teaching with teachers and offering quality instructional time to students.
  47. 47. OGLETHORPE FACILITIES POLICIESProposed changes are in parentheses and in red.INDIVIDUAL STUDENT VISITS:Students may visit the library media center from 7:50 (7:15) am to 3:15 pm daily.Students MUST HAVE an ID and a PASS from their teacher in order to use the library media center during class or lunch. The pass must state if the student is to use a computer, otherwise, he/she will only be allowed to use or check-in/out books.Students who come to the library media center to obtain a new ID must have a pass and money to purchase an ID.Each teacher may send up to five (5) students for 10 to 15 minutes periods to the library media center during a class block without prior arrangements. If the library media center is full, student(s) will be returned to class with instructions on when to return.Students misbehaving in the library media center will be returned to class with a note or e- mail to the teacher stating the reason.SMALL GROUPS:If teachers wish to send more than 4-5 students for class assignments, please confer with the library media center staff in advance.
  48. 48. OGLETHORPE FACILITIES POLICIES continued CLASS VISITS:The library media center will be available for class visits by reservation only. There is a reservation calendar at the circulation desk. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance if possible.Teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline and assisting their class while in the library media center.If special materials or assistance will be needed, please notify the library media center staff so that materials can be collected in advance. Teachers are encouraged to provide the library media center staff with a copy of the class assignment.CIRCULATION:Students may check out two (2) books for a period of two (2) weeks and renew them as needed.Students will not be allowed to check out books more than once a day without written permission from a teacher.Students are not be allowed to check out videos or equipment. Students are allowed to check out audio books.Students will be charged a fine of $.05 per school day per title with a maximum fine of $3.00. Students will not be allowed to check out books if they have an overdue book or if they owe a fine.
  49. 49. OGLETHORPE FACILITIES POLICIES continuedOVERDUE NOTICES:Notices of overdue materials will be sent to homeroom teachers for distribution once every two (2) weeks, more frequently as needed.Homeroom (All) teachers should encourage the prompt return of all library media center materials.USE AND LOST BOOK POLICYThe entire school community will be accountable for the use of library media materials and equipment.Each patron will use necessary care to avoid loss or damage to all forms of media.If damage or loss of materials occurs, all patrons (faculty, staff, students, and community) will be required to pay replacement or repair costs. The site administrator and/or the library media specialist retains the authority to waive payment under conditions deemed necessary.All textbooks, library books, and library media materials shall remain the property of the school.The school reserves the right to implement measures for the recovery or replacement cost of library media center materials per O.C.G.A. 20-2-1013, which include: a. Refusal to issue any additional textbooks, library books, or media materials until restitution is made; or b. Withholding of all report cards, diplomas, or certificates of progress until restitution is made.
  50. 50. OGLETHORPE FACILITIES POLICIESPROPOSED CHANGESThe following are changes that I would like to see in the preceding Oglethorpe Facilities Policies. The proposals will be discussed at the next Media Committee meeting to be held later this month. Presently, school hours are from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. I would like to see the opening time for the media center move to 7:15 am to accommodate students needing to purchase IDs, return/checkout books or print assignments before the start of the instructional day. In a new facility, these times will be more feasible with the morning announcements being broadcast from the LMC and the addition of a media clerk. The other change is a minor change in wording to reflect that “All” teachers, not just “Homeroom” teachers should encourage the prompt return of library materials. Additionally, I would like to change the wording “Media Center” to “Library Media Center” when possible. I believe this more accurately reflects the facility‟s use. NOTE: The Use and Lost Book Policy was formally changed last year to reflect the wording in the district policy.