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Awesome Tools Every Student Could Use


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Students, especially those in high school or college level courses, have many things to keep track of. By using a beaded lanyard, a student can show off their own personal style – something they love to do – while also securing necessary items safely.

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Awesome Tools Every Student Could Use

  1. 1. Awesome Tools Every Student Could Use CollegeBadge Reel Classes Beaded Lanyards Lanyards Exams Badge Holder Student
  2. 2. Awesome Tools Every Student Could Use
  3. 3. Students, especially those in highschool or college level courses, havemany things to keep track of. Therefore,this group of individuals is one that canalways benefit from handy tools to helpwith organization. Some tools createconvenience, while others actually aid thestudent in a successful school career.Here are a few tools no student should bewithout. Lanyards and badge holders aresmall items that may seem completelyirrelevant in the life of a student.
  4. 4. However, these are tools thatbring plenty of benefit to those usingthem. Lanyards and badge holders aregreat for giving a student an extra hand –or two. Through the use of lanyards andbadge holders, students can secure smallitems such as keys or student identifica-tion. By using a beaded lanyard, astudent can show off their own personalstyle – something they love to do – whilealso securing necessary items safely.More than just a way to carry items, the
  5. 5. beaded lanyard allows a student theability to stand out from the crowd.Students who wear uniforms to school areespecially fond of the beaded lanyard, asthey are limited in their options to dressjust how they would like. In this way, thestudents get the benefit of style andfunction through their useful tools oflanyards and badge holders. Technology is a large part of mostpeople’s lives these days. Students,especially, tend to be well versed in socialmedia sites and useful technologies that
  6. 6. allow them to gather and store importantinformation. For the student who hasmany notes and data to handle at onetime, technology can be extremely useful.One great application getting a lot ofattention is Evernote. Evernote is a freewebsite that allows students to “remembereverything”. With Evernote, students can Typea text note, clip a web page, snap apicture, grab a screenshot or make a voicenote. Evernote will keep it all safe in oneeasy location. Oh, and everything stored
  7. 7. on this easy to use application is alsosearchable. Everything captured andplaced into the application is automati-cally processed, indexed, and madesearchable. To assist with organization,students can add tags or organize notesinto different notebooks. Once information is stored intothe Evernote application, students cansearch for notes using keywords, titles,and/or tags. The application even makesprinted and handwritten text insideimages searchable, too; so if the content
  8. 8. needed is from a picture taken from thestudent’s phone, it too is easily located. Students may not be the onlypeople making use of this smart applica-tion. Evernote keeps track of any and allimportant data. Individuals who have alarge collection of business cards couldmake great use of this application bysimply taking pictures of the cards thathave been taking up room in their deskand loading them online. A great way tostore important contacts and save space atthe same time!
  9. 9. With life as busy at is if for mostpeople, making use of tools such as thosementioned here is a great way to set your-self up for ongoing success at school, atwork and at home.
  10. 10. An Introduction to Lanyards - How to Choose the Right One for Employees and Students
  11. 11. In years past, employees for com-panies both large and small were knownby their faces alone. Today, as securitymeasures in most places of business haveincreased; most professionals are requiredto wear an employee identification badgein a prominent way. Some people choose to wear theirID badge on the clip provided to them bytheir HR department. While this is afunctional method, it certainly lacks instyle and does nothing for professionalimage. To combat the utilitarian style ofthe ID badge, the development of decora-
  12. 12. tive lanyards and ID clips has becomequite popular. Some of the most widelyused items today are BooJee Beads deco-rative pieces such as beaded lanyards ordecorative ribbons. Displaying identification onlanyards is more about convenience thanstyle; but since BooJee Beads stylishclips and ribbons are so appealing, itmakes perfect sense to use such items toenhance appearance at work. What’s bestabout lanyards, however, is the fact thatthey provide a way to display identifica-tion in a way that does not damage
  13. 13. clothing. Gone is the necessity to pin on abadge and make tiny holes in that nicenew suit. With a lanyard, identificationis secured around the neck. With a deco-rative lanyard, it looks more like jewelrythan a functional tool. For those whocarry electronic keys to access securedareas, the lanyard featuring a retractablereel is ideal. The lanyard is typically associ-ated with professionals who are requiredto wear a name badge or other form ofidentification; but this handy tool is notonly for the workplace. Today, you can
  14. 14. see wide usage of the lanyard in schools,hotels and even at the gym. Students andteachers alike can wear lanyards aroundtheir necks to hold small items such askeys; when in years past, the only personon campus wearing anything around theirneck was the physical education teacher. Due to the popularity of thelanyard, a whole new market for this itemhas emerged. Seen now as a fashionableaccessory for any situation, the lanyardcomes in decorative ribbons featuringcolorful designs or wire ropes strung withelegant beads.
  15. 15. Ribbon lanyards are fun andsturdy. They are suitable for men, womenand children and work wonders at holdingeverything from keys to ID to an iPod(with proper attachment). Designs rangefrom colorful screen-printed ribbonsfeaturing flowers or tribal tattoo print toleather. Beaded lanyards can be end toend beads, or can feature beads situated inclusters. Choosing a lanyard is easy. Allyou have to do is determine who will bewearing it. For instance, an elementarystudent using a lanyard to secure their
  16. 16. house key may not use a neck lanyard;but a wrist lanyard instead. This can besecured to a backpack so it does not getlost. The professional may go for a moresophisticated way to display their identifi-cation. Any way you add it up, adecorative lanyard is a useful tool forany individual.
  17. 17. For more information about lanyard and beaded lanyards, please check