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logo final

  2. 2. "My name is James Channer, and I’ve been operating a Management Consulting company within the Franchising field for the past 4 years. In the fall of 2007, I was finally ready to develop a business plan and source investors, partners and associates to assist in the development of an idea - Canfran - I’ve carried for many years. The first steps in establishing Canfran's unique identity were to develop a tagline, logo, business card, stationery, set up a dedicated business phone number and secure the domain for a future website. I was referred to Ruby Bloom from a colleague and from the onset I recognized that the quality level of the engagement was higher then I’ve experienced in working with consultants in the past. The quality of consultation included in Ruby Bloom's Executive Startup Package allowed for the engagement and collaboration to be very creative; resulting in a unique experience as a business owner. The level of knowledge and expertise of Ruby Bloom's Director - Sheryl Mitchell - in the areas of business start up, creative marketing and communications development helped me think about my brand and business goals from angles I had not examined on my own. The passion of helping people act on their potential to realize their dreams is a wonderful gift . . . . Sheryl has the gift!
  3. 3. The designs process was more thorough than I was prepared to work through, as I’ve never been known to have patience. However, Sheryl demonstrated her expertise and sound judgment to see the creative process resulting in a creative design that we’re very pleased with. I am seeking further opportunities to engage Ruby Bloom as Sheryl and her team have executed this project flawlessly. I have the outmost confidence in her capabilities, and her professional and relationship style is a breath of fresh air! Here’s to more collective success for Ruby Bloom!" James Channer, President CANFRAN Canadian Franchising Systems
  4. 4. CASE STUDY – LOGO & DESIGN SERVICES SUZYMARI BEAUTYCARE Suzette Dallas started her career in the beauty and fashion industry originally as a model, followed by running an upscale boutique for many years to eventually launching her own business - professional onsite hair care service within the Greater Toronto Area. Over the last 2 years she built her clientele through referrals, networking and word of mouth, but needed a website to promote her services, reach a greater range of potential clients, and better communicate with some of her web-savvy clients. She contacted Ruby Bloom to direct the process. We started by customizing a design that conveyed the clean, fresh and elegant look she wanted for her website. We wrote the majority of her website copy from scratch and helped her source stock images that would appeal and reflect her target market. We created an extensive list of FAQ's and edited her bio to highlight elements that mattered to her customers. We also provided consultation on how to educate visitor on the booking process, her services and her prices, and encouraged her to list and pursue speaking opportunities for added clout. In the end she had a robust site that allowed potential customers to get to know her, receive education about her onsite hair and beauty care services, have the majority of their questions answered and a convenient price list and booking form to streamline the process. We followed up a few months later and designed a new logo and business card to complement her new image.
  5. 5. "Ruby Bloom made me think of my business from so many different angles. I learned a lot about branding myself, generating referrals and how my marketing materials needed to attract the type of clients I was looking for. The process was tedious at first, as I didn't want to invest the time analyzing my approach, my services and who they catered to, but as a result of Ruby Bloom's vision, commitment and enthusiasm the effort has been well worth it! I am a 1,000 times more confident and sure of myself with my new website, business cards, toll- free number and marketing strategy. They provide the foundation for promoting myself as an established business and a kickstart for future marketing opportunities. I can't thank you enough!" Suzette Dallas, Director SuzyMari BeautyCare