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Health chapter 26


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health, injuries

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Health chapter 26

  1. 1. Preventing Injuries BY: Saydee Bennett
  2. 2. Caring for Young Children (Preventing Falls) To prevent babies from falling you should... Never leave a baby alone on a table or other raised surfaces. Use safty gates at the top and bottom of stairs. Do not allow children to sit on windowsills or lean against screens. Keep children away from decks or porches without railings.
  3. 3. Caring for Young Children To prevent poisonings you (Preventing Poisoning) should... Keep medications, household cleaners, cosmetics, and alcohol out of reach. Keep hazardous substances in a locked cabinet. Do not let children chew or swallow leaves from houseplants. Carefully follow the directions for giving a child medication. If you suspect a poisoning, call a poison control center immediately.
  4. 4. Caring for Young Children (Preventing Suffocation) To prevent suffocation you should... Cut food into small pieces. Keep plastic bags, cords, and scarves away from children. Make sure bedding and clothing do nt interfere with the child’s breathing. Do not let children put small toys or other objects in their mouths.
  5. 5. Avoidingshould do to avoid risky situations Somethings you Risky Situations are... Lock all doors and windows when you are home alone. Never allow a stranger inside. Never lat a caller know you are home alone. Do not keep keys in an obvious place, such as under a doormat. Avoid deserted places, such as dark streets, parks, and garages. If you cannot avoid them, make sure you walk with a friend. Stay away from dark doorways and hedges where attackers could hide. If someone follows you, step into the nearest building.
  6. 6. Avoiding Risky Situations (continuted) When driving, keep the cr doors locked. Always be sure to park in a well-lit place. Before getting back into your car, always check to make sure noone is hiding in the back seat or on the floor. Do not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers. If someone tries to rob you, give up your possestions. they are not as important as your life.
  7. 7. Avoiding Risky Situations (continuted) If you see crime in progress, call the police immediately. Do not try to intervene, especially if weapons could be involved. If your car breaks down, pull over, raise your hood, and turn on your emergancy flashers. If a stranger stops to help, do not unlock your car door. Just ask the person to kall the police.
  8. 8. Water safety To be safe in water be sure to... Never swim alone or in unsupervised areas. Never dive into water of unknown depth. Doing so could result in injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Never drink alcohol or use drugs when you’re going to be swimming.