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Who Are We When We're Online? Self in a Digital Medium

  1. Who are We when We're Online? How Self Works in a Digital Medium
  2. Ourselves
  3. Always Multiple
  4. Always Facets
  5. The Infinite Selves of the Blank Screen
  6. ...So I turned myself to face me
  7. The digital medium amplifies & quantifies & networks us like never before
  8. Why does this matter?
  9. 1. We have possibilities like never before.
  10. 2. We are vulnerable like never before.
  11. The Digital = a Reputational Space
  12. Digital Selves = Public  Aware of being watched  Aware of scale of attention  Builds identity by repetition  Build ties by visible communications
  13. The Digital = a Social Space
  14. Digital Selves = Networked  We Connect  We Cultivate  We Curate  We Control?
  15. The Digital = an Economic Space?
  16. Digital Selves = By the Numbers
  17. There are many currencies in social media
  18. Monetization is NOT the divide
  19. What is?
  20. The kind of citizen we choose to be.
  21. The Digital = Just us, Extended
  22. Online, we are ourselves, wired together.
  23. Be the self you want to encounter online.
  24. Thank you. @bonstewart