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Brent's woodlot fieldtrip


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Youth on Bonnington Green team learn about interactions between logging, wildlife, watersheds, types of trees, fire interface, etc.

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Brent's woodlot fieldtrip

  1. 1. A trip to Brents woodlot
  2. 2. What was the day about?We learned about how Brents woodlot is part of the Smokey Creek Watershed.Its a pretty small watershed compared to Falls Creek, but important!People need to know that their water is clean and drinkable. Brent leaves a100m buffer zone where he doesnt cut down anything by the creek. We wentin there and saw a lot of wildlife trees, habitat for bears, really wet ground andlearned how to read a contour map.Brent told us about different ways to log - clear cut and selective harvesting.He tries to cut in the best way so that he wont affect the environment as muchas a big cut. He works with experts who help him decide what trees are safe tocut, without hurting animals. Its important for him to be ethical about thechoices he makes. He considers the wildlife, water, forest and native plants.It was very fun and WET! We learned a lot!