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Audience Pitch for A2 media studies


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This is my groups audience pitch for A2 Media Studies Music video coursework.

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Audience Pitch for A2 media studies

  1. 1. Audience Pitch Katie, Grace and Bonnie
  2. 2. 'New York City' features on The Chainsmoker's 5-song EP 'Bouquet'. We chose this song because it does not yet have a music video and it will fit perfectly into the genre we wanted. As a group, we each have different music tastes; however, when we heard this song we came to a mutual agreement that this was the song we wanted to use. The song was unusual and the opportunities to create a music video from a variety of styles was seemingly endless as there wasn't a previously dictated path for the video to follow.
  3. 3. Our favourite idea was that the style of the music to be a day in the life of our character. Our main character is to be a girl, around the age of 18+. We want her outfits to reflect her mood and by this I mean because the song is quite sad we do not want her to be in bright colours because it would be incongruous to the theme of the song. We want to show a journey, such as the main character getting ready for the night, we will show her make-up as well as her in different locations such as the woods and the top of a building. We want to show the town we are filming in because it goes with the theme of the song. We plan on making links with the lyrics and the visuals on certain lines such as "Losing my lover to the arms of another" and "New York City please go easy".
  4. 4. Our main plan for the costumes for our main character are for them to be quite simple but able to reflect what our main character is feeling. The song is quite dark and sad and therefore we want the costumes to reflect this. We intend to dress our main character in dark coloured casual clothes. We also intend to have our actress wearing a long necklace in which she will hold in the shot to do with 'bad habits'. It is significant because it is a gift from her ex-boyfriends and she is missing him.
  5. 5. Each location serves a different purpose in the music video. A Bedroom: A Car: Woods: Town Centre: Guards Island: Top of a Building: The filming the bedroom will be quite darkly lit and the laptop will be a main light source. We also need a mirror to be in the room because that will be where our actress will be doing the lip-syncing part of our music video. We are using a car as one of our locations because it will create a visual link to the lyrics. The woods is a secondary location of in which the lip- syncing will take place. The woods have an atmosphere which is quite mysterious and have a certain level of romance to them depending on the weather. The town center we live close to will be the location for one of our time lapses. The bridges on Guards Island will be another one of our locations towards the end of the video. It is also very isolated which will represent our characters feelings. The top of the building will be the location for the end of our music video and also the location for our digipak and promotional poster.
  6. 6. jG18 Here is our animatic version of our storyboard. We have set the images to the song and have made them last the duration they will be in our final version of our music video.