Citing Scources - NLM Style


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A brief presentation about NLM citation style.

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  • What are these numbers? It is hard to tell. There is no formatting, punctuation or spacing to help us determine if these are simply large numbers or some else.
  • But when we add formatting, it is much easier: The first is a US phone number, the second is an ISBN. If you know the rules of formatting, you know a lot about what is going on here. The formatting is a way of sharing information quickly and easily with other folks.
  • Citing Scources - NLM Style

    1. 1. Citing SourcesNational Library of Medicine Style.Very similar to CSE (formerly known as CBE)
    2. 2. First: Why do we use specificstyles?•5408180845•0471250317
    3. 3. Why do we use specificstyles?•540.818.0845•0-471-25031-7
    4. 4. Citing Webpages: NLMStyle• “Homepages” – the page has an identifiable author distinctfrom the authors of the whole site, or the main home page of asite• Example 1 (BBC News), Example 2 (NLM)• “Parts of web sites” – the page is part of a larger site and theauthor isn’t distinct from the site as a whole• Example 1 (CDC), Example 2 (FDA)
    5. 5. “Homepages”• General FormatAuthor. Web Page Title [Internet]. Place of Publication:Publisher; Date of copyright [Date of citation]. Available fromURL.• ExampleHogg, C. Chinas mystery HIV-like disease may be all in the mind[Internet]. London (GB): BBC News; 10 February, 2010 [17February, 2010]. Available from: may need to findthis on another pagewithin the siteThe organization incharge of the site.Check to make surethis link works!
    6. 6. “Parts of a website”• General FormatTitle of Homepage [Internet]. Place ofPublication: Publisher; Homepage publicationdates. Title of web page you are looking at; Dateof publication [Date cited]. Available from URL.• ExampleCenters for Disease Control and Prevention [Internet]. Atlanta(GA): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2010. Dengue– Epidemiology; 26 October, 2009 [17 February, 2010]. Availablefrom you can’t determine theplace of publication put[place unknown]
    7. 7. General Format: ArticlesAuthors. Article Title. Journal Title [Internet]. Date ofPublication [Date of Citation]; Volume Number(IssueNumber):Pages. Available from: http://journalurl
    8. 8. ExampleRubenstein DR, Lovette IJ. Reproductive skew and selection onfemale ornamentation in social species. Nature [Internet]. 2009[cited 11 February 2009];462(7274):786-9. Available from: initials donot have periods.Journal title isnot italicized orunderlinedInclude format.Include the dateyou last lookedat the articleonline
    9. 9. BooksAuthor AA, Author BB. Book Title.Edition. Place of Publication:Publisher; Year. # of pages p.
    10. 10. BooksMorand S, Krasnov BR, Poulin R.Micromammals and Macroparasites: FromEvolutionary Ecology to Management.Tokyo, Japan: Springer-Verlag; 2006. 647p.Colon separates title andsubtitle
    11. 11. A note about URLs• Be sure the URL you provide can be accessed by anotherperson.• Test this out –• Some databases and publisher websites have “permalinks”or “persistent links/urls”• It may be appropriate to create a short link using thearticle’s DOI…
    12. 12. Creating a link from a DOI• DOI – Digital Object Identifier. Like a social securitynumber for a journal article• Start with:• The DOI is added at the end (although you don’t include“DOI”, just the number.
    13. 13. Additional Tools• NLM “Citing Medicine” – The style guide for NLM style –available online• Scopus• Click “Output”, then “Bibliography”• You will need to replace the link and add a citation date• Mendeley• For managing articles and websites• Free plugin for Firefox• Export a bibliography in many citation styles