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Ivors Fighting Phytophthora 08


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APS meeting, Phytophthora

Published in: Technology, Education
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Ivors Fighting Phytophthora 08

  1. 1. Methods for Isolating Phytophthora from Different Substrates Kelly Ivors Dept. of Plant Pathology North Carolina State University Fletcher, NC
  2. 2. Asst. Professor Extension Specialist MOUNTAIN HORT. CROPS RESEARCH EXT. CENTER (WESTERN) Fletcher, NC vegetables, Christmas trees, burley tobacco, ornamentals
  3. 3. Major crops in Western NC Phytophthora spp. P. nicotianae P. capsici P. infestans,
  4. 4. Isolating from foliage, stems and fruit using the ‘swipe’ method
  5. 5. Close up of underside of infected leaf (P. infestans)