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Online bill payment and electronic invoicing for QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite and Xero


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Over 175,000 businesses have unlocked the secrets to streamlining their bill paying and accounts receivable processes with

Will you join them soon? provides your one-stop solution to spend less time paying bills and collecting receivables, all the while giving you much more control over the processes.

You also have the ability to electronically route bills for approval and payment. Perfect for CPA and accounting firms as well as virtual assistants that pay bills for their clients.

Access your information from any device, 24/7. Pay bills from your phone or tablet, send invoices electronically and more with

Works seamlessly with QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct, Xero and Sage.

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Online bill payment and electronic invoicing for QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite and Xero

  1. 1. IntroducingIntroducing The smarter, faster and safer way to manage bills and get paid online
  2. 2. The Old Way:The Old Way: Manual, Paper-based processes cause painManual, Paper-based processes cause pain • Current payables and receivables process is time consuming • Worried about credit worthiness due to late payments • Don't have clear visibility into cash flow • Don't have time to grow revenue
  3. 3. The New, Paperless Way:The New, Paperless Way: IntroducingIntroducing 3 is a cloud-based service that automates the way we work with you to streamline your bill payments, online invoicing and cash flow management.
  4. 4. Hidden Cost of Paper-based ManagementHidden Cost of Paper-based Management of Accounts Payableof Accounts Payable Calculate the hidden costs of your current accounts payable process. Number of bills per month Time spent per bill per week (in minutes) Average hourly rate for staff processing invoice Monthly bank and check handling fees** Online document storage for bills, contracts, etc. per month 50 20 $35 $121 $30 Estimated Monthly Cost $675 Estimated Annual Cost $8,100 **Sum of bank's check fraud protection and imaging fees and check handling fees
  5. 5. is Your Paperless Officeis Your Paperless Office The Perfect Solution for You and Our FirmThe Perfect Solution for You and Our Firm Streamline your payables and receivables process end-to-end: Receive and pay bills online Invoice online and get paid faster Automate collections Store and share financial documents online Reconcile with bank accounts Sync with your accounting software Easily collaborate with us, your vendors, and your customers online Manage and control your cash flow … Paperless Office… anywhere, anytime access works the same no matter where you bank Easy access to pay smarter and get paid faster
  6. 6. The Difference is a Streamlined Workflow:The Difference is a Streamlined Workflow: Example: Accounts PayableExample: Accounts Payable The old workflow Our new efficient workflow New process requires 5 touches by 5+ people yet takes 1 day Required a minimum of 8 touches by 5+ people and took a week+ to complete
  7. 7. The Difference is a Streamlined WorkflowThe Difference is a Streamlined Workflow Example: Accounts ReceivableExample: Accounts Receivable The old workflow The new efficient workflow – gets you paid faster! New process requires 6 touches by 5+ people yet takes 3-5 days 11. Deposit at bank 10. Enter deposit slip 9. Post payment 8. Open mail to get check 7. Call or email to follow up 6. Assess late fees 5. Research files 4. Handle customer complaint s 3. Call or email to follow up 2. Print and mail 1. Create invoice Required a minimum of 11 touches by 5+ people and took weeks to complete
  8. 8. Why You’ll LoveWhy You’ll Love Save time & money Work Smarter Anytime, Anywhere
  9. 9. The integration reduces the time spent preparing monthly financial reports and annual audits. “We've been through two cycles, and the auditors are perfectly happy with the way the system works and how simple it is with,” Mike Horner, National Association of Water Companies Proven Success! “ has allowed our clients and our firm to save an incredible amount of time, improve internal controls, and almost instantly create the paperless work environment we have been working so hard to achieve. ” Jennifer L. Katrulya, CPA, CEO Business Management Resource Group, LLC "I have a better understanding of what's happening on a cash flow basis, takes care of the payment and syncs details with QuickBooks. Now I do it all with and it only takes me five minutes.“ Peter Gaspry, Owner, Miracle-Ear Franchise
  10. 10. HowHow Works:Works: Accounts PayableAccounts Payable Pay Smart with an efficient, paperless Accounts Payable workflow: 1)Receive bills online 2)Get bills approved quickly 3)Schedule online payments 4)Easily sync with your accounting software
  11. 11. HowHow Works:Works: Accounts ReceivableAccounts Receivable Get paid faster with a paperless Accounts Receivables process: 1)Create, send and track invoices online 2)Collaborate online with your customers 3)Get paid faster with automatic payments 4)Sync both invoice and payment activity with your accounting software
  12. 12. Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features 12 By automating bill payment and invoicing end-to-end, can significantly boost efficiencies for you and our firm. 1.Mobile payments and invoicing 2.Unlimited document storage 3.Cash flow management to-do list 4.Know your daily balances and projected cash flows 5.More secure vendor payments 6.Get a complete view of transactions 7.Full visibility with an audit trail online 8.Vendor management streamlines daily inquiries
  13. 13. • View/Approve bills • View approver notes • Make secure payments • Multiple bank accounts • Adjustable payment timing Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features Mobile Payments: Pay On The Go
  14. 14. • See all outstanding and overdue invoices in a dashboard • Email Invoices • Add notes for customers and see their comments Mobile Invoicing: Invoice On The Go Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  15. 15. Store and access all bills, invoices, contracts and other financial documents. Get unlimited storage . No more hunting through dusty filing cabinets. Unlimited document storage Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  16. 16. •Access all your tasks from your personalized to-do list •Receive email alerts for to do list Get a Personalized To-Do List Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  17. 17. • Calendar shows actual or accrued cash coming in and going out • Updated book balance pulled from accounting software • See future cash flow to manage payment dates and operation needs. Know Your Cash Position and Projected Cash Flows Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  18. 18. • Payments to vendors are made with checks drawn on Bill.coms bank account – Applies advanced check fraud controls – Eliminates check printing and mailing – Ties payment to the transaction • The check shows the invoice to be paid and the account number • The bottom 2/3rd of the check voucher shows a copy of the invoice to ensure payment is applied correctly More secure vendor payments Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  19. 19. • Access information anytime, anywhere, making life so much easier: • Bills • Contracts / Company Documents • Payment confirmations & cleared check images Get a complete view of transactions Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  20. 20. • The audit trail feature provides you and our firm with detailed information on “who” did “what” and “when” • Permission-based user roles allow you to determine what level of access you want others to have in your company Get full visibility with complete audit trail Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  21. 21. Bills are organized by vendor so you can: •Easily view outstanding bills, paid bills, all related invoices and documents and a complete payment history -- all in one screen •Efficiently research vendor inquiries Vendor management streamlines daily inquiries Value-Added FeaturesValue-Added Features
  22. 22. Key Benefits ofKey Benefits of 22 By automating how we work with you to manage your payables and receivables, makes it easy for you to pay smarter and get paid faster.
  23. 23. For A Free Trial of…For A Free Trial of… See for yourself how can really simplify your A/P and A/R No credit card required…
  24. 24. For More Information, Please Contact…For More Information, Please Contact… • Scott Gregory, Expert • Bottom Line Accounting Solutions • • (440) 527-5696