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Research Data Management


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Research Data Management

  1. 1. Research Data Management @ Bond University Antoinette Cass & Jasna Romic Research Data Management Library Services March 2013
  2. 2. Data Management Environment & Stakeholders Office of Research Policies and Statutory Requirements • Governance Bond University Policy • Registries/Repositories • Ethics ‘The Code’ Researchers • Grant compliance • Funder mandates • • Data deposit Data sharing Infrastructure Services Library • Training and support for data management planning • Data description • Metadata advice • Referral
  3. 3. Research Data Management @ Bond • Introduction to Research Data Management • What’s happening at Bond?
  4. 4. Best Practice Framework • Recognising research data as a valuable product • Improving efficiency of research • Supporting the global research environment • Making data available for sharing, validation and re-use • Respecting relevant legislation, funding guidelines and codes By Michael Kreil
  5. 5. Foundations of best practice • Bond University Policy - TLR 5.06 • • • • Storage Retention Access and Re-use RDM Toolkit • The Code • Data Sharing, Ethics & Consent • Open Access and funding policies
  6. 6. The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
  7. 7. Ethics, consent and data sharing Sharing data that relates to people can be achieved using a combination of: • Obtaining consent • Anonymising data • Regulating data access Open access and funding policies As of 1st January 2013, two of Australia’s major research funding bodies – • The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and • The Australian Research Council (ARC) Have both implemented open access policies which are now in effect.
  8. 8. • Management  • Sustainability  • Collaboration 
  9. 9.  Management Manage RDM Toolkit Ownership & Rights Policy & Ethics Storage & Backup Share
  10. 10.  Data Management Checklist • This template is a good starting point for your data planning. It covers all the aspects of research data you will need to consider prior to starting your research project.
  11. 11.  What is Research Data? Research data is anything in any form that supports a research argument, theory, findings or conclusions. • • • • • • • Data files (SPSS, text, csv., xls, xml) Images Surveys Videos Transcripts Observations Measurements
  12. 12.  Management activities All activities necessary for creating well-managed data such as data organisation, security, curation, storage, backups and preservation, data sharing or publishing. Why you should care about it? • • • • Data is a valuable product of the research process Data can be difficult or impossible to reproduce Data can be lost Some funding bodies are requesting that data be made publically available • More journals are providing access to data associated with publications
  13. 13.  Research Data Storage Consideration Length of time storage required Technical obsolescence Impact of loss/failure Technical support Security issues
  14. 14.  Data Management Toolkit Guidelines
  15. 15.  Research Data Management Continuum
  16. 16.  Sustainability Keep up to date Set up alerts, RSS feeds… Seek help from the Library Build your research profile
  17. 17.  Collaboration • • • • • • • • Bond Personal Researcher Pages Conferences Organisations Online communities Social networking Workshops Share references Online communication tools
  18. 18. Summary of benefits Visibility • • • • • Get credit for your data collections Expand collaboration Allow for data re-use Increase citations Minimise risk of data loss
  19. 19. Discovery • • • • Improved discovery and exposure of your data Improved discovery and potential re-use of your data The ability to more easily replicate and build on your data Discover the data of other researchers more easily
  20. 20. Research Data Australia - RDA • Is an online portal for research data • Aims to increase the visibility of research data • Ensures that access to data continues to be managed by researchers • Join other Bond researchers and have your data showcased in RDA
  21. 21. e-publications@bond
  22. 22. Working With You • Talking with research staff and students to find out about and assist with research data management practices • Attending to all RDM queries through our dedicated mailbox • Improving the information toolkit to help assist staff with management of research data • Continuing showcase Bond University datasets by describing them in Research Data Australia and e-publications@bond
  23. 23. Thank you!