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Consolidating X86 Lotus Domino To Power


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Consolidating X86 Lotus Domino To Power

  1. 1. 4464685-461645<br />Consolidating x86 Lotus Domino Workloads to IBM Power Systems<br />Contact:<br />Joan Bond<br /> HYPERLINK ""<br />214-448-3745<br />5124456776085<br />Table of Contents<br /> TOC o " 1-3" u 1Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc252197627 h 1<br />1.1Our Understanding of Your Goals PAGEREF _Toc252197628 h 1<br />1.2Our Approach to Meeting Your Goals PAGEREF _Toc252197629 h 1<br />Value proposition CIO / LOB PAGEREF _Toc252197630 h 4<br />Value proposition CFO PAGEREF _Toc252197631 h 4<br />1.3Solution Overview PAGEREF _Toc252197632 h 5<br />1.4How We Will Deliver PAGEREF _Toc252197633 h 6<br />1.5Why IBM? PAGEREF _Toc252197634 h 7<br />1.5.1Analyst Reports PAGEREF _Toc252197635 h 8<br />1.5.2Competitive differentiation PAGEREF _Toc252197636 h 9<br />2Solution Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc252197637 h 11<br />2.1Solution Capabilities PAGEREF _Toc252197638 h 11<br />2.1.1IBM Power 750 Express server PAGEREF _Toc252197639 h 11<br />2.2Highlights of the Solution Architecture PAGEREF _Toc252197640 h 11<br />2.3Features and Benefits PAGEREF _Toc252197641 h 12<br />3IBM Project Financing PAGEREF _Toc252197642 h 12<br />4How Our Experience Can Help You PAGEREF _Toc252197643 h 14<br />.<br />Executive Summary<br />Our Understanding of Your Goals<br />Many data centers today are running their IBM Lotus Domino workloads across a large number of small, single-purpose x86 servers. Along with high energy costs and management headaches, these servers are frequently underutilized yet underperform at peak loads. In addition, many of these Domino workloads are running on HP/Dell x86 Windows servers which don’t provide the resiliency companies demand for their mission-critical email systems. This creates availability, efficiency and user satisfaction issues. In the end, these issues cost money. <br />Companies incur higher costs in the following ways:<br />Proliferation of servers and networking devices <br />Excessive energy usage and heating problems<br />Inadequate power and cooling infrastructure<br />Data silos and data synchronization<br />Expectations that “everything” is connected<br />Linear staffing costs<br />Skyrocketing software costs<br />Unexplained outages<br />Companies can maximize the return on their investments (including floor space and operational costs) by moving up to Lotus Domino 8.5 and consolidating from a larger number of x86 servers to a smaller number of Power servers.<br />While the CIO is looking for lower costs, higher performance, and a simplified infrastructure, CFO imperatives are focused on intelligent cost reduction, cash flow management, and regulation or risk management.<br />Our Approach to Meeting Your Goals<br />Whether running your Lotus Domino workloads on AIX or IBM i, Power Systems allow companies to gain competitive advantage and to realize more value from their IT Investments. Power provides significant cost savings, reduces availability risks, and improves service through its advanced virtualization capabilities. Companies maximize their return on their IT investment by moving their Lotus Domino workloads from a larger number of x86 servers to a smaller number of Power servers, which saves not only administrative costs but energy and software costs as well. They reduce risks by running applications on a continuously available platform. And they rely on Power to better service customers and allow for increased responsiveness to their dynamic business needs.<br />Consolidating x86 workloads to Power provides the floorspace, energy, and software license cost savings, to justify moving up to Power Systems for your mission-critical Lotus Domino workloads. Power provides not only lower total cost of ownership (TCO), but also lower total acquisition costs compared to the alternative Nehalem x86 systems. <br />17145000For example, Power can provide significant three year TCO savings when you run Domino mail a on Power 750 that was consolidated from 41 HP ProLiant DL380 G5 systems with a total of 164 cores utilized at 17% onto one IBM Power 750 Express 12-core systems utilized at 57%. <br />In this example, consolidating 41 HP DL380 G5 systems, to one Power 750 can save:<br />$995K in TCO costs<br />$79K in TCA for system hardware and maintenance costs based on 41 to 1 reduction on number of systems. <br />$362K (85%) in Domino software license and maintenance costs, based on transferring license and maintenance for 12 cores instead of 164 cores<br />$554K in facility costs, based 95% of the floor space, and 96% of the energy costs. <br />Also in this example, consolidating 20 HP DL380 G6 systems (Nehalem-EP based) to one Power 750 can save:<br />$522K TCO costs<br />$46K TCA in system hardware and software maintenance costs<br />$179K in Domino software license and maintenance costs<br />$297K in facility costs<br />Consolidating with Power Systems enables clients to achieve the following benefits:<br />Reduce cost - Server consolidation with shared resources enables high system utilization, which lowers the cost of ownership by reducing networking, energy, floor space, and software costs.<br />Consolidating with Power Systems helps to reduce costs in the following ways:<br />Resource sharing<br />Sharing system resources through virtualized consolidation reduces unused system overhead <br />Virtualized consolidated systems are evidenced by high utilization rates <br />High utilization means less hardware<br />Environmentally friendly<br />Less power and cooling is required<br />Less floor space is required<br />Fiscally responsible<br />Fewer processor cores drives less software costs<br />Newer systems are more reliable and less costly to maintain than older systems<br />Fewer systems translates to reduced people costs<br />Improve service - Server consolidation improves service to clients by delivering flexible performance, dynamic provisioning and enabling clients to avoid disruption <br />Manage risk - Server consolidation manages IT risk by improving security, increasing business resiliency and simplifying operations.<br />In a commissioned study, Forrester Consulting determined that Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 software can provide a three-year, risk-adjusted ROI of up to 147 percent, with a payback period within 12 months of deployment. Data was obtained from interviews with seven customers.<br />With Lotus Domino 8.5, companies can enjoy a significant reductions in total cost of ownership. Lotus Domino 8.5 introduces the Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) to save significant space by sharing identical email attachments sent in mail threads. Having just one copy of your files now means that attachments aren't duplicated unnecessarily, generating significant savings in disk, memory, I/O and backup and recover requirements In addition, Lotus Domino 8.5 provides for enhanced compression features that compress both application data and design aspects, again reducing disk requirements. These storage savings can be immediately used to launch new workloads, or be used to support growth as your number of Notes mailboxes increases. <br />Figure 1. Storage savings with Lotus Domino 8.5<br />Value proposition CIO / LOB<br />Reduce costs in the following ways:<br />Simplify the environment with fewer number of easier to manage Power Systems servers<br />Deploy new images 80% faster than time to deploy new scale out servers<br />Dynamically share processors, memory and I/O across operating environments<br />Drive over 90% utilization, and dynamically respond to changing business needs<br />Reduce energy costs 70 - 90%, and control skyrocketing software costs<br />Simplify management with automation<br />Leverage the performance and security advantages of running your end-to-end solution on a single server or platform<br />Value proposition CFO<br />Intelligent cost reduction: Realize immediate financial savings and reduce total cost of ownership by reducing mail storage requirements by as much as 50% when upgrading to IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.<br />Cash flow management: Forester Consulting calculated a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 147% for the composite with a payback period within 12 months of deployment.<br />Regulation/Risk management: Run applications and application servers with the resiliency of Power to better protect your IT asset<br />Value proposition Domino Administrators<br />Domino administrators realize:<br />Maintenance time reduction: Scale up to larger number of Domino instances per PowerVM virtual partition (compared to VMWare partitions on Intel)<br />reduce number of Domino servers to install, upgrade, and maintain with fixes<br />reduce number of hardware systems requiring maintenance<br />reduce physical network components for increase communications reliability <br />Flexible deployment options: Install and run multiple versions of Domino:<br />Stage production deployments of Domino 8.5 and leverage immediate storage savings<br />Stage Domino application deployments to address compatibility requirements<br />Leverage multiple testing and development configurations without acquiring additional systems<br />Available resources for growth: More efficient administration and use of systems provides resources (time / capacity) to plan and implement IT requirements<br />Solution Overview<br />IBM can offer the right solution from a complete IBM Power Systems family of enterprise, midrange, entry, and blade servers with the IBM POWER® technology known for high performance and reliability. For a scalable, complete integrated business system, the Power 750 Express allows the mid-sized company seeking simplicity to avoid increased spending and staffing requirements while becoming more responsive to their customers, improving their productivity and keeping their data secure.<br />Solution Highlights<br />IBM Power Systems™ customers can gain the benefits of a more optimized infrastructure, increased flexibility and reduced costs - IBM Power Systems enables customers to reduce the number of small, single-purpose servers by consolidating their entire end-to-end solution onto a single Power® server while increasing utilization and dynamically sharing processors, memory and I/O across operating environments.<br />Leverage the performance, resource utilization, and security advantages of running your entire end-to-end solution on Power - IBM can offer the right solution from a complete IBM Power Systems family of enterprise, midrange, entry, and blade servers with the IBM POWER® processor-based technology known for high performance and reliability.<br />Power Systems are also optimized with the ability to securely run multiple applications on AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems on a single server—so you can manage fewer systems with lower cost and higher utilization. No longer do you need to manage complex and energy inefficient server farms with each server dedicated to a single application or operating environment. Now you can consolidate workloads and significantly reduce costs throughout your infrastructure, while dramatically improving your ability to meet changing processing demands.<br />Deploy new applications faster and at a lower cost - Adding a new server each time you need a new application server means that you also require additional floor space, power, cooling, network interfaces, data storage and administrative resources. Such complexity leads to inefficiency. Consolidating workloads to a fewer number of servers helps you control costs while improving overall performance, availability, and energy efficiency. Power virtualization enables customers to deploy new images 80% faster than time to deploy new scale out server. In addition to reducing data center floor space, Power customers are reducing energy costs 70 - 90%, and reducing costs associated with skyrocketing software costs.<br />Figure 2. Power Systems<br />How We Will Deliver<br />Continuous and immediate access to information has become a critical differentiator for companies to meet the demands of their customers. IBM works closely with the leading database vendors to help ensure that IBM POWER® offerings provide the best performance, availability, and flexibility for IT infrastructure database solution requirements.<br />To help identify the right solution for your business needs, IBM will work with you in the following ways:<br />Assess your needs<br />IBM has tens of thousands of experts around the world with decades of experience. Along with our business partners, we offer extensive advice and guidance for helping you implement and maintain your Power base. <br />IBM and our business partners offer proven tools, assessments, and workshops to measure business impact, as well as a collaborative relationship to build the right blueprint for success.<br />Provide a clear roadmap <br />There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ system that can adequately meet the varied needs of today's businesses. IBM offers you a range of hardware and operating system options to enable you to make the right choice for your data center needs. IBM consistently offers leading price performance, flexibility, and choice. Our technology is based on innovation and interoperability, and all our server lines have strategic roadmaps that will help take your business where it needs to go, now and in the future.<br />Help manage the risk<br />IBM can help by providing the IBM Systems Migration Assurance package, which brings together a diverse set of migration planning tools, offers, and assets in one place, to help remove the barriers that keep you from implementing your IT projects.<br />IBM Migration Factory can help minimize the cost of transition/migration services by providing in-depth skills for moving HP, Sun, Dell and whitebox x86 servers running Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems to IBM solutions: <br /> HYPERLINK "" " _parent"<br />In addition, IBM’s Power technology offerings come with attractive financing options that allow you to buy now and pay later, and include free services and low-cost migration.<br />Why IBM?<br />Over four decades of running the largest, most mission-critical applications - IBM Power Systems continue leadership in the primary requirements for large scale computing:<br />Virtualization without Limits<br />Dynamic Energy Optimization<br />Resiliency without Downtime<br />Management with Automation<br />Consolidation with Exponential ROI<br />A 40-year tradition of virtualization leadership continues - IBM Power Systems continue leadership in the primary requirements for consolidation:<br />Simplify the environment with fewer number of easier to manage Power Systems servers<br />Deploy new images 80% faster than time to deploy new scale out servers<br />Dynamically share processors, memory and I/O across operating environments<br />Drive over 90% utilization, and dynamically respond to changing business needs<br />Reduce energy costs 70 - 90%, and control skyrocketing software costs<br />Simplify management with automation<br />Leverage the performance and security advantages of running your end-to-end solution on a single server or platform<br />Every Power Systems benchmark published since July, 2004 has been run in a virtualized environment with the hypervisor active.<br />Figure 3. Over 70 leadership benchmarks published in last 5 years<br />Analyst Reports<br />Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Upgrade - Multicompany Study<br />Forester Consulting calculated a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 147% for the composite with a payback period within 12 months of deployment<br />Forrester Consulting found that:<br />The upgrade to 8.5 server was driven by the need to reduce capital and operational costs around storage <br />Client upgrades were focused on improving the user experience while reducing the cost to support and diagnose messaging queries <br /><br />Competitive differentiation<br />Lower TCO and TCA savings<br />Enterprise, midrange, entry and blade servers<br />POWER® processor-based performance<br />EnergyScale™ to reduce energy consumption<br />PowerVM™ to consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems<br />Run AIX®, IBM i and Linux® workloads on a single server <br />Eliminate porting with PowerVM Lx86<br />A Comparison of PowerVM and VMware Virtualization Performance<br />This technical white paper demonstrates the extent of the performance lead that PowerVM enjoys over x86-based add-on virtualization products, by running identical virtualized workload benchmarks on comparable POWER7- and Intel-based systems. The benchmark results show the dramatic improvements that can be expected when deploying virtualized workloads on Power Systems servers, compared to the performance of those same workloads on x86-based platforms running using a third-party virtualization product such as VMware vSphere 4. Key findings include the following:<br />PowerVM on Power 750 performs up to 65% better than VMware<br />PowerVM on Power 750 scales to four times more virtual CPUs than VMware in a virtual machine<br />PowerVM on Power 750 scales linearly to use all CPUs, while VMware does not<br />In summary, the benchmark results published in this white paper prove that PowerVM on POWER7 platforms offers a far superior virtualization solution than VMware vSphere on Intel x86 platforms, with higher performance, broader scalability and increased flexibility.<br /><br />Figure 4. PowerVM vs VMware<br />Figure 5. Minutes of Downtime per Year<br />Solution Recommendation<br />Solution Capabilities<br />Capabilities of IBM Power 750 Express server are as following.<br />IBM Power 750 Express server<br />The IBM Power® 750 Express™ server delivers the outstanding performance of the POWER7™ processor. The performance, capacity, energy efficiency and virtualization capabilities of the Power 750 Express make it an ideal consolidation, database, or multi-application server.<br />Highlights of the Solution Architecture <br />3009900125730Leadership POWER performance<br />The leadership performance of the POWER7 processor makes it possible for applications to run faster with fewer processors, resulting in lower per core software licensing costs. In addition, a single system can now run more applications and reduce the number of required servers lowering infrastructure costs.<br />Outstanding scalability and capacity<br />The IBM Power 750 Express offers tremendous configuration flexibility to meet the most demanding capacity and growth requirements by supporting up to 32 POWER7 processor cores and 512 GB of memory. Take advantage of this scalability and capacity by leveraging our industrial strength PowerVM technology to fully utilize the capability of the Power. PowerVM allows any individual LPAR to access the maximum amount of memory and CPU cores that are available on the server. <br />Innovative Technologies<br />The introduction of POWER7 servers includes several new innovative technologies that provide the flexibility to maximize performance based on client workloads and computing needs potentially delivering business advantages and higher client satisfaction. <br />POWER7 Intelligent Threads technology enables workload optimization by selecting the most suitable threading mode: Single Thread (per core) or Simultaneous Multi Thread-2 or 4 modes. Consequently, Intelligent Threads technology can provide improved application performance. In addition, POWER7 processors can maximize cache access to cores, improving performance, using Intelligent Cache technology.<br />Delivering on RAS and Diagnostics<br />The Power 750 Express is designed with capabilities to deliver leading edge application availability and allow more work to be processed with less operational disruption. RAS capabilities include recovery from intermittent errors or failover to redundant components, detection and reporting of failures and impending failures, and self-healing hardware that automatically initiates actions to effect error correction, repair or component replacement. <br />Enhanced Energy efficiency with ENERGY STAR <br />POWER7 delivers the first RISC-based ENERGY STAR-qualified servers designed with features to help clients become more energy efficient. ENERGY STAR-qualified products use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy-efficiency guidelines. Supported by the AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems, PowerVM Editions provide an innovative set of comprehensive systems technologies and services designed to enable you to easily aggregate and manage virtualized resources.<br />Features and Benefits <br />FeaturesBenefitsLeadership POWER performance Access data faster and improve response timeDo more work with fewer servers and experience infrastructure cost savings from a reduction in the number of servers and software licenses PowerVM VirtualizationEasily add workloads as your business growsUtilize the full capability of the system to reduce infrastructure costs by consolidating workloads running the AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems.Provides ability to handle unexpected workload peaks by sharing resourcesActive Memory ExpansionEnables more work to be done with existing server resourcesRAS FeaturesKeep applications up and running so you can focus on growing your businessLight Path DiagnosticsKeep applications up and running so you can focus on growing your businessENERGY STAR- compliantUse less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissionsIBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager with EnergyScale TechnologyDramatically and dynamically improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs with innovative energy management capabilitiesEnables business to continue operations when energy is limited<br />Table 1. Features and Benefits – IBM Power 750 server<br />IBM Project Financing<br />In difficult economic times, IBM Global Finance (IGF) offers affordable, customized financing solutions for all of your IT needs. With rates as low as 1.50% for a 24-month term, now is the perfect time to upgrade your data center, even with a reduced or frozen budget. And if you’re expecting funds from government economic stimulus programs, you can implement your IT project now while waiting for future funding.<br />Structured lines of credit, flexible payment plans, and lease options can help preserve cash, reduce cost, minimize risk, and keep technology current. Click here for details:<br />The following IBM IGF offerings are available: <br />IBM Blade Center Flexible Choice (North America only): This financing option features great rates on a full-payout lease on IBM BladeCenter chassis with a term of up to 60 months, as well as special rates on a 36-month fair market value (FMV) lease on individual blade servers. This offering includes a pre-stated renewal option at 24 months for all blades acquired as part of the solution, to lock in the savings. <br />See <br />Blue Blade Bundle: Bundle your IBM BladeCenter solution with services and software at attractive competitive rates with IBM Global Financing Blue Blade Bundle. <br />See <br />IBM JumpStart Rates: U.S. clients can choose from enhanced low rates or one-, two-, or three-month payment deferrals on hardware, an ideal solution if you are operating under budget constraints but need to implement your IT solution as soon as possible.<br />See <br />IBM Project Financing: Designed to give companies the financial agility to move quickly to business value, IBM Project Financing offers customized funding solutions that cover all the elements of your project. This includes everything from services, software, and hardware, whether from IBM or a 3rd party.<br />See <br />IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions: Designed for simplicity and accessibility, IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions provide you with convenient, comprehensive IT asset disposal and buyback services from a single source provider, making it easier than ever to properly dispose of your unwanted IBM and non-IBM IT equipment. For unmarketable assets, IBM provides disposal services that minimize regulatory exposures by complying with environmental standards in accordance with applicable local and federal regulations.<br />See <br />Note: IBM project financing availability is subject to country financial regulations.<br />How Our Experience Can Help You<br />Customer: Security Association of China (SAC)<br />Deployment country: China<br />Solution Components:<br />Services<br />IBM Global Technology Services<br />Software<br />Red Hat Enterprise Linux <br />IBM AIX®<br />Lotus Domino and Notes ®<br />IBM PowerVM™ virtualization technologies<br />Hardware<br />running AIX and RHEL operating systems<br />Business Challenge:<br />Technology institute in China experienced increased workloads and needed new servers to sustain increasing demands. In addition, the company was looking for a more robust internal communications platform to improve collaboration and information sharing.<br />Solution:<br />Replace HP systems with two IBM Power 570 servers to support its mission-critical business processes and adopt Lotus Notes as its new internal communications platform to facilitate a more collaborative working environment.<br />Benefits:<br />Faster transactions <br />Reduced downtime<br />Improved internal communications<br />“Thanks to the new Power 570 servers and Lotus Notes software, the SAAC Technology Institute has improved the overall efficiency of its mission-critical business processes. The robust processing power of the Power 570 platform allows the institute to carry out transactions faster with reduced downtime. - SAC<br />PO403052-USEN-00<br />