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Admin On Demand

  1. 1. 73% of CFO’s plan on outsourcing processes and functions to leverageprovider’s expertise and free up personnel to refocus on matters core tothe business.Itrus Technologies’ Remote Managed ServicesCost Effective Solutions for Managing the EnvironmentAOD (Admin on Demand) Remote Tapping into our expertise will giveManaged Services is a hybrid you access to intellectual knowledgemanaged services solution that developed over years of experiencecombines the advantages of two while enabling you to focus yourmanagement strategies, Managed existing personnel and their skills toServices and Outsourcing. This support and manage functions thathybrid solution delivers cost are core to the business. This strategyeffective remote management and improves efficiencies, reduces overalladministration while systems remain costs and impacts the bottom your control and facilities.Leveraging Our Team Of ExpertsFor companies to continue to growand in some cases to survive, demandfor business innovation is driving theintroduction of new technologies intothe enterprise. At the same time, costsassociated with managing complexenvironments continue to escalatecreating the need for cost-effectivemethods to manage the technologyinfrastructure.For many, this dilemma is resolvedthrough outsourcing functionsthat require specialized skill.Outsourcing these functions leadsto greater resource managementof existing personnel and helps todrive improved efficiencies, speed ofinnovation and risk mitigation.
  2. 2. AOD SERVICE LEVELS ❚ AOD Silver Level Remote Support ❚ Support for OS maintenance, software and application upgrades ❚ Problem determination/resolution ❚ AOD Gold LevelRemote Managed Services Remote Systems Administration ❚ Support for OS maintenance, software and application upgradesAOD Remote Managed Services is the family of services that provides ❚ Planning / Change Management functionsremote systems management and administration for IT, including: ❚ Daily administration and monitoring ❚ Administer existing processes . Operating Systems ❚ Problem determination/resolution . Enterprise Backup and Recovery . High Availability . Storage Management ❚ AOD Platinum Level Remote Managed Services ❚ Manage and maintain ability of systems to achieve customer defined SLA’s ❚ Support for OS maintenance, software and application upgrades ❚ Planning / Change Management functions ❚ Daily administration and monitoring ❚ Develop administrative processes ❚ Problem determination/resolution ❚ “We provide our partners and customers with this invaluable asset: Disaster Recovery Test Support ❚ High Availability Support Extensive technology infrastructure expertise developed over the past ❚ Review/Revise Backup strategy two decades working with 100’s of customers across the US.” ❚ Trend reporting ❚ Technical Consulting for infrastructure Architecture
  3. 3. About ITRUSItrus Technologies, Inc is a Premier IBM Business Partner basedin Dallas, Texas. For over 10 years, Itrus has been providingtechnology consulting, implementation and support services tocompanies across the US. The Itrus team consists of Subject MatterExperts (SME) and certified technical engineers in the areas ofinfrastructure, data protection, high availability, disaster recoveryand business continuity. For more information, go to Itrus Technologies:(972)© 2006 Copyright Itrus Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.The Itrus logo is a registered trademark of Itrus Technologies, Inc. All other company, product trade or service names referenced are trademarks of theirrespective owners.