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My last english assignment. This assignment is my fully ideas that gave me A- .

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  2. 2. To : Mr. Mohd. Aiman Irfan bin Md. Bakri, Branch Manager From : Mr. Roslan bin Hafiz, Store Manager. Date : 2nd November 2011 Subject : Report of Customers Complaint. 1.0 Introduction Speed Hypermarket is one of the largest hypermarket have been known for 15 years of operation. A wide range of daily necessities are provided. The goods have been prepared from raw goods, dry goods, food, clothing, office equipment, technology and so on are known as high quality at affordable prices. The goods also received approval from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Health and JAKIM. The management is constantly monitoring and make the programme so that the consumers are satisfied with the services and goods provided. Speed Hypermarket is one of the best hypermarket that can give great satisfaction to customers. Our services and products were prepare for our multiracials customers. But lately we have received several complaints according to our products by customers. The complaints need to solve in order to remain our reputation. Several complaints were received from customers according to our frozen lamb. The complaints which due to the peculiar taste, abnormal texture and the smell odour of the frozen lamb. As a store manager, I checked the complaints and found the problems according to the customers dissatisfaction.2
  3. 3. 2.0 Findings These are the summary complaints we received according to our frozen lamb dissatisfaction during September and October. 2.1 Case 1:Changes in taste. Name of customer: Mrs Rashidah Ismail Date: 20th September 2011 Mrs. Rashidah Ismail, a customer who always buy the lamb at Speed Hypermarket. He had purchased 12 kilogram of frozen lamb to hold a feast in his house. The lamb was taken home to clean. While she open the package of the lamb, she found that the lamb was very sticky and produced amounts of water. Even though, she continues to wash the lamb as ussual. She intends to make BBQ for dinner treated for guest who came. The lamb has been marinated with various herbs and spices. Unfortunately, when they cooked the lamb it smell bad. The taste became bitter and awfull. So, she threw the lamb. The next day, she came to meet our staff to ask some explanation according to the situation. The staff said that maybe the packaging thorned allready and Mrs Rashidah didnt realised the condition.But Mrs Rashidah said that the packaging of the lamb is good condition but the surface of the lamb looked weird. Mrs Rashidah wrote a letter to submit official complaint to our company. I called Mrs Rashidah immediately after received her letter. I listened instantly to the customer. I havent interrupt, because I knew she need to tell the story and feel that she has been heard. I promised to solve do an action as soon as possible.3
  4. 4. 2.2 Case 2:New and old lamb confused. Name of Customer: Mr Ahmad Shah Abdul Halim Date: 28th September 2011 Mr Ahmad Shah also our regular customer. On 9.00 am September 28, he had come to our premise to take the lamb he ordered. He is the owner of Saujana Restaurant. He requires 30 kilograms of lamb every day to be served to the customers in the rastaurant. On that day, some of the customers have complained the difference taste of the dish. Many customers cancelled the order after find out the situation. He has suffered losses because many customers have expressed dissatisfaction about the taste. He has reviewed the record received on the packaging of the lamb. Apparently, some of the lamb which was expired was mixed with the new lamb. He was unhappy and asked our staff to do investigation. He said if this situation still going on, he wants to make the deal with other supplier. He gave us a few week to settle down the dissatisfaction. He wanted our company to give the money that he pay for the lamb. After received the complaint letter, I tried to contact Mr Ahmad Shah by telephoned. I can’t hear the real situation because Mr Ahmad Shah went to Mecca for a month. However, I still find a good resolution according to his complaint. 2.3 Case 3:Lamb mixed beef meat. Name: Mrs Nirmala Shanmugam Date: 24th October 20114
  5. 5. Mrs. Nirmala Shanmugam and her daughter bought about 4 kilograms of frozen lamb. She intends to provide special meal family and guest to celebrate Deepavali. While she opened the packaging, she surprised the lamb faucet has a very strange odours like the smell of beef. As a Hindus, this situation should be sensitive. Families who helped in the kitchen also think like her. She immediately returned the purchase to our premise and asked for clarification on the matter. Our staff take the purchase and checked the raw lamb. As a result, the meat is really not but a beef that mixed in the lamb rack by our new worker. Our customer service promised to take further action to the complaint. Mrs Nirmala was advised to take other lamb to change the purchase. She accepted the new purchase of lamb. I called Mrs Nirmala and apologised for the incident. I wish the sincerely that I convey to her could be accepted. I also thank Mrs Nirmala for bringing the problem for our attention. By this complaint, we cant resolve something we weren’t completely aware of, or may be making faulty assumption about. 2.4 Case 4:Meat damaged caused food poisoning. Name of customer: Mr Sufian Idrus Date: 27th October 2011 The other complaint according to Mr Sufian Idrus who bought 2 kilograms frozen lamb for a family meal. Although his wife complained that the lamb is quite different from the normal, his wife still cook the lamb. While having the lunch with the lamb there was the smell of the sorts. His children are just taking the gravy because the taste of the lamb is weird not as usual. Mr Sufian tried to eat a morsel of flesh, he also found a little strange. On that day, they have vomiting and abdominal pain. The doctor said that they have food poisoning. He5
  6. 6. believed that these happened as a result of the change of the damaged lamb. He called our customer service to get some explanation. Our customer service advised Sufian to write a letter as an official complaint, so that we will take suitable solution based of his complaint. The letter I accepted and contact Mr Sufian. I apologised and seek the best solution. I promised to bring the complaint to th branch manager in order to find the best way that can give the great satisfaction to our customer. 2.5 Case 5:Peculiar taste for the second time. Name: Mr Harjit Singh Sidhu Date: 31th October 2011 This situation was complained by Mr Harjit Singh. He brought lamb from the store for a couple times. The First time, after his wife cook the lamb turned black and did not taste well. They consumed without any complaints. The second time they bought frozen lamb from the store. The staff assured that the lamb is good quality. When they cooked it, they could not eat it because the smelled awful. Mr. Harjit Singh contacted the hypermarket for explanation. The staff said that they are not responsible for the lamb once it leaved the store. He asked our staff to make sure that the lamb is still good quality before display and sell to customers. However, Mr Harjit Singh still expressed his dissatisfaction. He met the staff leader to ask some advise. He send an official complaint to our staff. As a store manager, I acted the solution with a sense of urgency. I wished Mr. Harjit could often respond more positively to our focus on helping the customer immediately versus than on the solution itself.6
  7. 7. 3.0 Solution Every business has to deal with situation in which things go wrong from a customer point of view. However, we must response if this happens. We could not dismissive of our customers problems even if we convinced it is not our fault. Although, it seems contradictory, a customer with a complaint represents a genuine opportunity for our business. Therefore, the complaints receive to some extent will affect the company’s reputation. Hence, improvements must be considered together. The management, the quality’s control and the staff should be doing their best to take action of all complaints received. The staff, especially those involved directly in the hypermarket needs to be more committed. The company needs to change the old equipment is that not suitable for use and increasing innovation of products sold. Complaints should be handled courteously, sympathetic and swiftly. We must make sure that our company business has an established procedure for dealing with customer complaints. Unhappy customers were bad news for any company and only takes one of them to shatter a perfectly good day at work for everyone. Unhappy customers have their reasons. Some of them didn’t feel well, unrealistic expectations or lousy dispositions. Whatever the cause, customers are our guest and our hope future business. They must be happy again. Although the customer may not always right, we need to control the customer complaint and turn them to our advantage. All complaints have been identified. We tried to resolving customer complaints which have proven to work well. We should not let time lapse and make things worse. The company has to pay compensations to consumers who suffered losses and by letter to apologize for them. The company also promised to ensure that any negligence and mistakes will not happen again .The excuse will be published in local7
  8. 8. newspapers. This will ensure the information to the public that the company would not abandon customers that has helped develop the company. 4.0 Recommendations When the customer pay for the purchase , it is assumed that the product will work correctly. Ideally, the customer will be satisfied, and there will no complaint .If there is a problem and the customer complaint about it, our company should quickly solve the problem. We need to follow up and improve the company business processes to rectify the complaints. As a person that responsible for any products in our store, I have prepared a few recommendations in order to solve the situation. These recommendations need to discuss in our staff weekly meeting next week. I hope my suggestion will help us to rebuilt the customers attention to buy our products. 4.1 Product Recall The unsafe lamb and other raw meat that has distributed to customers should be withdrawn from sale to protect our customer . We will prepare the form to complete by any customers before the declaration of the product recall. Products may need to be recalled if it is contaminated with harmful micro organism, chemicals, physical such as damage texture or change in colour. The products should be delivered to the lab before recall. 4.2 Receive the Lamb When the delivery vehicles arrived, the lamb should be inspected by the butcher. The butcher should inspect the vehicles to ensure that no8
  9. 9. unwrapped lamb is in contacted with the floor of the vehicles. After the lamb is unloaded, the butcher will record a sample temperature of the lamb. If the lamb temperature at the point of received is at below the critical limit it can be accepted and transferred to the cool room. All lamb received shall be inspected to ensure that they are free from contamination and marked with inspection stamps to indicate the lamb been prepared at licensed premises by JAKIM. 4.3 Lamb Storage and Display Packaged lamb was stored of the cool room floor. Raw lamb must be separated by other raw meat to limit the risk of cross-contamination. Freezer units to be checked, daily to ensure lamb is in remain frozen. Thawed lamb should not refrozen. Any frozen lamb temperature incident will be recorded in the corrective action section of the chillers and display temperature recorded. Raw frozen lamb should place in separate display. 4.4 Labelling Requirements All package of frozen lamb shall be labelled with the standard for construction and hygienic operation of retail lamb premises and the food standard code. The labels should be included the animal species from which the meat is derived, date of packaging, use by date, best before and the weight. 4.5 Staff Training All staff should be trained in the skills and knowledge of safe products handling and food hygiene to enable them to perform their job safely and competently. Each staff member must aware of their responsibility according to this food safety programme as a condition of employment.9
  10. 10. The staff will be involve to train their ability in good personal hygiene, raw meat handling procedures, cleaning, sanitation and customers consultant. The staff should be trained to be a committed and do their task according to the right procedure. They also could entertained the customers to gain their loyalty to our hypermarket. 4.6 Alternative Supplier All lamb supplies are purchased only from supplier that approval by JAKIM and government. We need to get the other company for the alternative supplier. We have deal with the New Zealand lamb supplier for almost 10 years. In this case, I suggest to find the other supplier such as from Australia to give more choice to the customers. 4.7 Change the facilities We need to change the old facilities like the freezer that we used for 10 years. The new facilities should buy to storage more lamb in the good condition. The other facilities are the butcher equipment, the packaging container and the staff uniform. I the new facilities could give the new image of our store. 5.0 Conclusion Based on the situation, we cannot rely on policies and strategies for this we are doing. Changes must be made immediately. Therefore, I hope that the complaints received will be taken positively for the development of the company to greater heights. I also really hope that all the steps that I suggest will be considered. My hope is that all of us can work together to improve services levels and commitment to gain the customers maximum satisfaction. Carefully devised policies for addressing customer complaints and staff commitment to handling those complaints effectively are crucial.10
  11. 11. As with all breakthrough, strategies, perseverance, monitored adherence and due the diligence to detail are the guidelines for success. Our hypermarket is much more likely to gain public, confidence by listens to the customers complaints and we moves ahead to resolve the situation. After handling any complaints and our company have to take note to prevent this problem . The changes that we made in our operation could ensure that this situation does not happen to someone else. It will not always be possible to satisfy customers complaints or agree to all the terms of settlement that customers want. Commons sense would dictate what is reasonable regard to the company’s policy and resources.The company should provide an appropriate explanation and apology to the customers. Further action may not always be necessary so long as our company has properly listened and understood the complaints. When a hypermarket sells products, part of the pricing should include the cost of servicing a certain percentage of defective products or complaints. The company should seek to rectify the problems upon receiving a complaint. Although a hypermarket not to get complaints, they often can be blessing in disguise. Sometimes problem can be caught and fixed before they cause serious negative feedback or even legal problems. The customer complaints should be use by the company to initiate a corrective action.11
  12. 12. Attachment ( Customers Letter) Case 1 Mrs Rashidah Ismail Letter 2A, Jalan Permai 1, Taman Permai, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 20th September 2011 The Store Manager, Speed Hypermarket, Jalan Jasmin 2, 43000 Kajang. Dear Sir, Re: Frozen Lamb Complaint On September 28, I went to your hypermarket. I bought 12 kilograms of lamb to hold a feast in my house. Unfortunately, when opened the lamb package at home it produced amount of water. I continue washed the lamb although the lamb too soft. I marinated the lamb with various and spices, but the lamb smell bad. I threw the lamb because the taste was bitter when I tried to eat the lamb.12
  13. 13. To resolve the problem, I would your company to explain this situation. I enclosed the purchased receipt copy for your reference. I look forward to your reply and a resolution. Please inform as soon as possible by phone (0133303339) Sincerely, Rashidah Ismail Case 2 Mr Ahmad Shah Abdul Halim Letter 22, Jalan KP 3B, Taman Kajang Prima, 43000 Kajang, Selangor 29th September 2011 The Store Manager, Speed Hypermarket, Jalan Jasmin 2, 43000 Kajang. Dear Sir, Re: Frozen Lamb Complaint13
  14. 14. I went to your hypermarket on September 28 to buy lamb. I bought 30 kilograms lamb to serve my restaurants client. Unfortunately, the taste of the lamb so weird. I am disappointed because the taste is not same as ussual.My regular customers cancelled their order when they heard the situation. I would appreciate if your hypermarket exchange my losses. I enclosed the copy of my receipt for your reference. Kindly to hear the resolution from your company before seeking help from a consumer protection agency. Sincerely, Ahmad Shah Abdul Halim Case 3 Mrs Nirmala Shanmugam letter 10-2-B, Taman Bukit Kenangan, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 24th October 2011. Dear Sir, The Store Manager, Speed Hypermarket,14
  15. 15. Jalan Jasmin 2, 43000 Kajang Re: Frozen Lamb Complaint On October 24 2011, I bought 4 kilograms lamb for Deepavali festival at your hypermarket. I intends to cook special dishes for my family. What a shock, when I opened the packaging of the lamb, I smell awful. My family said that the odour of the smell like beef. I checked the meat. The colour is different , not like lamb. I was disappointed because as you know, I could not eat beef. So, I returned the lamb to your store. Your staff changed the purchase and gave me the new package of the lamb. I hope you could give a clarification about this incident, because this issue was sensitive. I would like to hear any response based my complaint. Sincerely, Mrs. Nirmala Shanmugam Case 4. Mr Sufian Idrus Letter 14, Jalan Desa Mewah 3, Taman Desa Mewah, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor15
  16. 16. 28th October 2011. The Store Manager, Speed Hypermarket, Jalan Jasmin 2, 43000 Kajang Dear Sir, Re: Frozen Lamb Complaint I bought 2 kilograms lamb at your store. I was happy to bring the lamb home. I asked my wife to cook the lamb to serve the family. While my wife washed the lamb, she complained the difficulties of the washing process. This occurred because the surface too soft and the texture was very smooth. When we have our lunch, the lamb smell bad. My children only eat the gravy. We were vomited and have abdominal pain after eat the lamb. The doctor asked me to make a complaint to your store.I enclosed a copy of my purchase receipt for your reference I hope you could take immediate action to my complaint. Sincerely, Sufian Idrus.16
  17. 17. Case 5 Mr Harjit Singh Sidhu Letter 33, Jalan Angsana 5, Taman Angsana, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 31th October 2011 The Store Manager, Speed Hypermarket, Jalan Jasmin 2, 43000 Kajang Dear Sir, Re: Frozen Lamb Complaint I bought the lamb at your store for a couple times. The first time I bought the lamb at 29th September . For the first time I bought, the lamb turned black after cooked. On October 31 I bought it for the second time. The staff said that the lamb is in good quality. Unfortunately, when I cooked the lamb smell so awful. I contact the store, but the staff said that they are not responsible for the lamb once it leaved the store.17
  18. 18. To resolve the problem, I enclosed the copy of the receipt i paid for the lamb. I looked forward to your reply and the resolution to my problems and will wait until next week before seeking help from a consumer protection agency. Please contact me above the address or by phone at 0387240406. Sincerely, Mr. Harjit Singh Sidhu.18
  19. 19. References Badger, I. (2003). English for work: Everyday business English. UK: Pearson Education Limited. Emmerson, P. & Hamilton, N. (2005). Five-minute activities for business English. UK: Cambridge University Press. Jaya Pushani Ponnudurai, Ranjit Singh Gill, Caroline Martin. (2010). OUM2203 : English for workplace communication. Kuala Lumpur: Open University Malaysia. Kailasapathy.M.C. (1980). Bahasa Inggeris Kini. Petaling Jaya: Federal Publications Sdn. Bhd. for