Gathering has never been easier - TalkToGather for iPhone


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TalkToGather is a free messaging app with place information that allows you to set up gatherings with your quality friends in real life.

What are quality friends?
They are friends who matter most, whom you often connect and meet.

How does TalkToGather keep you close with them?

like whatsapp - send instant messages by text, image & location
like facebook - share your real-time status update
like foursquare - share your favorite places
like no one else - send "gather here" invites to get friends together with one simple tap


*a really useful app and does what it promises in an easy way with the added features which let you do much more beyond the basic theme of the app - iPhoneFootPrint

*a quick way to get a group together - the iPhone Mom

*if you are looking for a simple easy way to communicate with your friends, check in to places and review plaes as well. This is the app for you - DailyAppShow


Great Personalization
- Paint your messages, show your mood
- Create your unique profile
- Share your real-time Say-to-Friends update
- Showcase your favorite places
- No advertisement

Quick Gathering
- Bring text conversation into face-to-face meeting with one easy tap
- Invites come with info & map
- Support group sending

Dynamic Place Search
- Bring Point of Interest to your finger tips
- With images, map & review
- Upload own images and highlights to share with the world


√ auto-add friends based on phone book
√ Invite your friends via free SMS
√ Fake/Correct your location
√ Forwarding key
√ Single message deletion
√ Work on iPod too

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Gathering has never been easier - TalkToGather for iPhone

  1. 1. A Real Social Messaging AppTalkToGather (T2) Developed by: Smart2on Ltd / Price: Free Download Link: / Version: 0.9.8 beta Messaging app is a texting tool? yes but kinda old-school. We reinvent MSG app to be a platform where you can personalize your sharing and socialize in great style. Messaging is now fun with T2~
  2. 2. What is TalkToGatherTalkToGather is a messaging app that lets you do much more beyond the basic theme of standard text apps. It distinguishesitself from the rest by the clever use of LBS (Location-based service) and the concept of “social networking”.Mind-Blowing Features: 1. Great Personalization 2. Quick Gathering 3. Dynamic Place Search 2
  3. 3. 1. Great PersonalizationSharing starts with the personal• Make your unique profile Decorate yourself with nice Profile Picture + cool Display Name + spontaneous Say-to-Friends• Star your friends Give your favorite friends a star, and check out their Say-To-Friends & place gallery easily• Show your feeling Decorate your messages with color. Paint your chatting bubbles and show your moods. There are 8 Talk-Colors now [just enough to beat the rainbow!] 3
  4. 4. 2. Quick GatheringSharing extends to social gatherings• Gather Here! Turn text conversation into face-to-face gatherings with one easy tap• One to Many Invites support group sending. No limit on number• Date Smart Invites come with place information, map, user tips and pictures 4
  5. 5. 3. Dynamic Place SearchSharing goes beyond your phone book contacts• Search for hot spots nearby• Surrounding eateries, shops, bus stops, facilities etc show up within seconds• Place info comes with photos, map & review• Favorite places you like for future visit• Upload your own photos and reviews to share with the world 5
  6. 6. Other interesting functions: 1. Adjust your location • Be precise. Move the cursor to correct position when GPS falls short. (tip: use it for a prank sometimes. It’s fun!) • It supports map, satellite and hybrid views 6
  7. 7. Other interesting functions: 2. Forwarding • Rest your finger. Should you need to send the same msg [we always do!], simply touch the forwarding button. 3. Single Message Deletion • Take out any embarrassing or wrong message. Just swipe and delete the ones you don’t like. You can still keep your conversation history. 7
  8. 8. Thank you for your time considering this.I’d be most grateful if you could review this app. Should youneed more information, please feel free to contactme via cole@smart2on.comReviewsiPhoneFootPrint, USA - iPhone Mom, USA -, Taiwan -, Hong Kong - - LIKE T2: - FOLLOW T2: - FIND T2: - : 8