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JISC RePosit Presentation to RLUK, Nov10


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Presentation given at Nov 10 RLUK Conference. Overview of JISC funded RePosit project - looking at whether the CRIS-Repository model can increase deposits in institutional repositories

Published in: Technology, Education
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JISC RePosit Presentation to RLUK, Nov10

  1. 1. RePosit positing a new kind of depositpositing a new kind of deposit Bo Middleton
  2. 2. Increase engagement with repositories by simplifying the method of depositmethod of deposit
  3. 3. Who Are We?
  4. 4. What is the set up? Exeter/Plymouth ERICPearl Keele Leeds ERICPearl Keele Repository White Rose Online Queen Mary White Rose Online QMRO
  5. 5. 2000 Where is each HEI up to? 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 full text metadata only unique users 0 200 400 600 Leeds QMUL Exeter Plymouth Keele
  6. 6. OutcomesOutcomes ways that we hope we'll change the world through the project ...
  7. 7. Increased deposits
  8. 8. WANTED: your research • MORE engagement • MORE unique users • MORE submissions It's the CRIS to repository model that will get everyone talking ..... AND depositing
  9. 9. Increased engagement with community
  10. 10. Increased knowledge in the community in the CRIS to Repository model
  11. 11. Outputs re-usable artefacts of the project ...
  12. 12. Survey How do users get on with the software? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to deposit? Where else would these kinds of interfaces be useful?
  13. 13. Training materials I am giving a: workshop | talk | session to: academics | senior management for: 15 minutes | an hour | half a day What do I need to tell them?What do I need to tell them? What materials would be useful?
  14. 14. Advocacy • strategies learnt from project workshops • messages: how / who / when • seamless research environment or big splash launch? • top down or bottom up? • policies or communicate benefits? the stick or the carrot...
  15. 15. What can you do?
  16. 16. Shared community space
  17. 17. Follow us on Twitter
  18. 18. Read our blog
  19. 19. Join in the discussion... start a debate