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Beatriz armendariz2


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Beatriz armendariz2

  1. 1. Beatriz Armendariz
  2. 2. Educational qualificationsBeatriz Armendariz joined ITAM, South america to engagein her Bachelors of Artistry level in Business economics(1984) and thereafter registered at the School of Arlington,UK (1986) to finish her M. Phil in Business economics. Shealso maintains Ph.D in Business economics from EHESS,London, Portugal, with Thesis on International DebtNegotiations: An Traditional and Theoretical Research.
  3. 3. Beatriz Armendariz Beginning Participant Of Grameen Creditscore Agricole Microfinance BaseBeatriz Armendariz is a highly qualified individual, withnumber of experience working as a Speaker in several leadinginstitutions. She is the Beginning Participant of GrameenCredit score Agricole Microfinance Base, London andprovides on its Board of Administrators. She is also aAnalysis Other and Participant of the Scientific Panel for theCenter for European Analysis in Microfinance (CERMi). Hercurrent educational roles are Mature Speaker in Businesseconomics at the School College London, UK (2010 to 2011),and Speaker in Business economics at Stanford School, USA(2010 to 2011).
  4. 4. Co-Authored The Company business economics ofMicrofinance, First Edition (2005)Beatriz Armendariz has significantly offered in a lot ofbooks. She co-authored The Company businesseconomics of Microfinance, First Edition (2005), andSecond Edition (2010), with Jonathan Morduch. Apart fromthis, along with Ariane Szafarz, she has created asignificant contribution in the papers, MicrofinancePurpose Drift? This papers functions the poorly identifiedpattern in microfinance which is often known as as aobjective circulation, i.e. a tendency examined by severalmicrofinance companies to increase larger frequent homeloan designs in the process of going up the up.
  5. 5. Beginning Participant - Grameen Credit score Agricole Microfinance Base, ParisBeatriz Armendariz is the Beginning Participant of GrameenCredit score Agricole Microfinance Base, London, and alsoprovides on its Board of Administrators. Apart from this, sheis a Analysis Other and Participant of the Scientific Panel forthe Center for European Analysis in Microfinance (CERMi).From 2010 to 2011, she provided as a Mature Speaker inBusiness economics, School College London, UnitedKingdom. Besides, she was also a Speaker in Businesseconomics at Stanford School, USA.
  6. 6. The Receiver of various allows and prizesIn 2009, Beatriz Armendariz obtained Minds Back in Belgiums capital analysis allow from the Govt of Belgiums capital, The country. Moreover to this, she also won Raul Bailleres Educational Prize given by ITAM South america, D.F., South america (2006-2007).
  7. 7. THANK YOU!!