Susan Dybbs - Picking Your Neurosurgeon's Brain


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When designing complex systems for highly specialized users, traditional research methods may not do the best job uncovering details of the user's mental model and related information. In this talk, I'll discuss how I used participatory design methods with surgeons to design an inter-operative telemedicine system. I'll highlight best practices and offer a healthy dose of blood, guts and gore (rated PG 13).

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Susan Dybbs - Picking Your Neurosurgeon's Brain

  1. 1. picking yourneurosurgeon’s braSusan DybbsUser Research FridayNovember 2010
  2. 2. perfusionists, counterpulsationdevices, sonar, resection,ventricular assist devices,endoscopes, double lumen tubes,cardiologists, stent, cath lab,minimally invasive, charge nurse,endoscopic endonasal approach,ulcerative colitis,neurophysiologist, femoral artery,
  3. 3. needs, goals, opportunities,artifacts, framing, aspirations,work arounds, vocabulary,motivations, brand affinity,terminology, struggles,information needs, levers,preferences, pain points,environments, capabilities,contexts behaviors, workflows,mental models, domain
  4. 4. gaps in traditional methods
  5. 5. The blindness of observations
  6. 6. The failure of interviews
  7. 7. participatory design
  8. 8. Enabling participation
  9. 9. The importance of absence
  10. 10. Artifact as catalyst
  11. 11. What made this effective?‣ Starting with pre-created created materials‣ Reduce cognitive load‣ Rough impermanent formate‣ Think aloud