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Jono Xia - Rolling your own tool: test pilot


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Test Pilot is a research program launched in 2009 by Mozilla Labs to learn about how people use Firefox. It's strictly anonymous, opt-in, and unlike most data-collection programs, it gives users the chance to see exactly what data has been collected before they choose whether to upload it. Aggregated and sanitized data samples are released to the public under a Creative Commons license to encourage community participation in analysis. Over half a million users have submitted log data about how they use tabs, menus, toolbars, bookmarks, searches, and other browser features. Jono will talk about how Test Pilot works, share interesting and surprising things we've learned so far, and answer questions about our methodology.

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Jono Xia - Rolling your own tool: test pilot

  1. 1. Test Pilot
  2. 2. Why/How We Built It
  3. 3. Data is available and understandable tousers, BEFORE they submit it. Data in charts All raw data
  4. 4. Data is published as public resources- Anonymous and aggregated user data samples- Explanation on how to use the data
  5. 5. Surprises
  6. 6. 80%-20% rule?More like 80%-7%
  7. 7. 20% used only one:
  8. 8. 92% kept tabs on top70% kept new menuNew tab: 12% -> 88%
  9. 9. Resulting Changes in Firefox UI
  10. 10. Dealing with Self- Selection Bias
  11. 11. @MozTestPilot