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Thee Cup


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Thee Cup

  1. 1. THEE CUPJack D, Claire B, Tori B, and Alex H
  2. 2. With this remodeled handle you can easily fold the handle out or keep it near the cup. The grip around the handle is very smooth and sturdy. Also when folded into the cup, the handle does not stick out. It makes it easy to use the touch screen. Easy grip fold away handle
  3. 3. Touch screen and Wi-Fi access The touch screen surrounds the cup and since the cup does condensate, the touch screen will not get ruined. With the Wi- Fi access, you can have the internet wherever you are. The touch screen is like an ipod, so you can play apps and also your ipod with the built in speakers.
  4. 4. Compactable When you are not using thee cup, it can be easily carried because when you finish your drink it is easily folded into a triangle by pushing down on the cup.
  5. 5. Light on bottom of thee cup. It is easy to see at night. It can be very fun to bring to parties. It comes in a variety of colors!
  6. 6. Thee cup can adjust to fit any drink size Based on your level of thirst, you can adjust the size to how much you need. It can go from 8 oz. to 40 oz.