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The best jump rope workout


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The Best Jump Rope Workout

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The best jump rope workout

  1. 1. The Best Jump Rope Workout The jump rope is an incredibly efficient, attractive workout tool. Let’s see how to use jump ropes as the best way. First, you should get a good that case plastic speed ropes are more durable than cotton ropes. It whips around faster & making for a more intense workout. before using a rope, you should measure it to your means, the rope handles should extend to your armpits when you stand on the middle of the rope. As well as you can adjust the size as necessary. you can systematically prepare your lower body for the way of jumping. It’s better to begin on a wooden or rubber floor. You should keep your arms close to your side. Your chest should be out and shoulders back & down. You should make your jumps small and should land on the balls of feet. Directions for the workout. There are three training blocks. By below instructions, you can practice different jumps. Before the move to next block, you should rest two minutes. Block 01.  forward jump - by using your both feet you should jump over the rope on every revolution.  side to side - jump a few inches to your right you swing the rope. Then to your left.  backward jump - you should swing the rope backward for each jump.  single leg jump left - you should jump on one feet & land smoothly.  single leg jump right - you should jump on the other feet. Block 02.  forward jump  alternating jump-you should jump on one foot &then the other back & forth.  foot cross jump -you should cross your feet over each other. Alternative the foot that lands in front.  single leg jump left.  single leg jump right. Block 03.  forward jump  double jump-you should jump high enough that you can pass the rope under your feet twice.  backward jump. Jumping rope is a great calorie burner. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. This exercise is quick, inexpensive, fun, and it's a full body workout. More and more people are jumping ropes these days to get a quick full body workout without going to gym or buying expensive exercise equipment’s. More Details : Jump Ropes Reviews