Jesuit relations


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Jesuit relations

  1. 1. By Martin La Pierre Jesuit relations
  2. 2. Jesuits were scholars from Christian schools sent to convert natives Glorified and hated for their success and the fact that their work was publizied and known for its impartial view of natives and what was going on in the colonies. Sent all around the world from America to Asia. Worked with natives occasional who were “captive”, but if they couldn’t get them that way the Jesuits would integrate into native society to turn people into Catholics. To do that it required them to learn culture and language of the people for years. One by product of doing that is forming an alliance between their country and that tribe, but in doing so they also made enemies. One example of this when France and its Jesuits formed an alliance with the Algonquin Indians they made enemies of the Iroquois. Introduction
  3. 3. The Jesuits where in response to all the reforms going on as well as a counter to the growing protestants population. Unfortunately because these reforms where going Jesuits had many enemies who loathed them and criticized them for being to prideful and other such vices. While this was bad enough at home because of their antisocial behavior towards the natives at times when ever disease would strike the natives they would blame the Jesuits for being sorcerers. Another problem with the natives as mentioned before some saw them as enemies and some of the Jesuit would die for it. Intro pt.2
  4. 4. The first published Jesuit Relation is by a priest by the name of Father Paulle Jeane(1592-1664) What drove him to write many of his readings was his fascination with Indian culture and the way they lived on nature. He would observe how the went about their daily lives, such as hunting down animals to skin for fur to sell to Europeans for their goods. Beaver was especially valuable for them to trade, some Indian tribes like the Huron's hunted all the beavers in their areas to extinction. Chapter one
  5. 5. Father Paulle Jeane found the Indian superstitions fascinating. One of the superstitions that natives had was about the bones of beavers, where they believed that if they didn’t spirits would cause a bad hunt. Indians believed in two main god one who created the world and another who restored. Even though Father Jeane didn’t believe in their religion but he was impressed with their physical prowess's and compared them to the statues of roman emperors Chapter one con’t
  6. 6. Jean de Beufon observed the Huron tribe unfortunately he was eventually killed because of his association with the Huron's by torture, because of his brave actions to further the churches influence on the tribes he became a church saint. The Hurons are one of the most well documented tribes of the Jesuits relations. Even though the tribe language didn’t translate quit well mostly because there was a letter that didn’t translate with the French language, another problem with the language is the fact that there was words that were femine third person that had no counter part in French. Chapter Two
  7. 7. Jean de brebeuf learned multiple stories about the god the Huron’s believed in and the demigod name was Aataentsic. They believed that animal sacrifices to this god and others would bring them good fortune. Signs of the Hurons and other tribes around them having the possibility to become very civilized became very apparent when Jean discovered that these tribes had a council specifically designed to keep peace and order among the tribes. Chapter two Con’t
  8. 8. Medicine and Dieases Jesuits kept a good record of how the Indians treated their wounded and sick. They observed that they would use herbs a leaves to try and cure diseases, they would even use sugar to try and cure people even though sugar would only make them temporally feel better. Indians believed that diseases were a spiritual thing and people who were ill were haunted by a demon and the cure was to play a game very similar to lacrosse. Chapter three
  9. 9. Another cure for cancerous legions that appear on the body would be cured by having a grand feast. Occasionally when someone got better they would acclaim that a Christian ritual cured them. From time to time even Jesuits would fall ill to native diseases but even though Jesuits would die of these diseases they still brought something far worse to the new world Small Pox! Chapter three con’t
  10. 10. Chapter 4 The French colonization of the new world was not to spread Christianity like the Spanish but instead create new trade alliances with the natives. ● Since the french sided with one tribe the Hurons the instantaneously made enemies with the Iroquois which lead to multiple wars. ● With Many wars came multiple peace treaties with the French and the Iroquois. ● These peace where usually accepted through a ceremony with a feast and other activities.
  11. 11. Chapter 4 con't ● Along came a problem for the french when the Huron were finally wiped out. ● They were officially done in 1649, their extinction was caused by many factors that the Huron could not prevent. ● First off is diseases, such as small pox dwindled their numbers to a very low point. ● Also because of these wars with the other tribes near new France hurt their numbers were already low. ● The finishing blow was the conversion to Christianity and sending some members to Europe