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Test long and prosper


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Speaker: Cas Plattel
Genre & level: Frontend, Backend, Medior

Ever found cucumber tests requiring too much boilerplate and JUnit tests a bit too low level? Spock is a testing and specification framework for applications. It has an expressive syntax to write your tests in and can be used to unit test, integration test or even test your frontend using an additional layer called Geb.
We’ve been using both JUnit for unit testing and Cucumber for component and integration testing but both didn’t really satisfy our wishes. Spock seems to be the positioning itself in the middle ground where we can both write simple unit tests and still describe high-level behavioral flows.
This talk will elaborate on the Spock framework, some pro and cons. Spock is not a silver bullet but did turn out to help us due to, for instance, less false positive failing tests and a lot less boilerplate. The presentation will contain a short demo showing test runs.

Published in: Technology
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Test long and prosper

  1. 1. using Spock in production 1 spaces summit 2018 by Cas Plattel ( Test long and prosper
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. RTN Queues Database
  4. 4. JUnit
  5. 5. JUnit
  6. 6. Cucumber
  7. 7. Cucumber
  8. 8. FitNesse
  9. 9. FitNesse
  10. 10. Spock !
  11. 11. Spock !
  12. 12. Spock !
  13. 13. Geb
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. Quirks
  16. 16. Cas Plattel Thanks!