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Organizing a conference in 80 days


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Speaker: Mary Gouseti
Genre & level: Way of working, Junior

Do you also have an insatiable hunger to attend conferences? It’s the best place to meet people, exchange ideas, get inspired! There are conferences for everyone and any topic. Let me take you on an amazing trip, organizing a conference in 80, ok let’s make it 90, days! People travelled around the world in less time, it should be possible. Would you be up for the challenge?

Published in: Technology
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Organizing a conference in 80 days

  1. 1. Organizing a conference in 80+ DAYS
  2. 2. Disclaimer Everything in this talk is my personal experience and shouldn’t consider the absolute truth
  3. 3. Organizing a conference in 80+ DAYS
  4. 4. Conference-mania
  5. 5. Why is that?
  6. 6. > whoami - Mary - Department of informatics in Athens - Msc Software engineering in UvA - 4 years @ - meta-programming
  7. 7. Travelling back in time
  8. 8. Find an ally
  9. 9. How? - 2017 edition Make a team “Tried before, but didn’t work” Stay positive Always be prepared Think out of the box
  10. 10. But really… out of the box
  11. 11. And it didn’t stop there
  12. 12. We made history
  13. 13. Assemble a new team
  14. 14. Awesome new solutions
  15. 15. And how did that go?