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‘Stellar’ is comprehensive ERP software offering developed by Bolas intelli solutions pvt ltd. Inspired by the celestial system that encompasses the entire galaxy, Stellar is designed to cover the vast spectrum of processes within an organization.

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Stellar ebrochure

  2. 2. The IT landscape of Indian SMBs is witness to an apparent disconnect between what clients expect from IT solution providers, and what they get. While most businesses look for a trusted pro-active partner who will guide their IT roadmap to meet business growth, many service providers seldom live up to this demand. Who we are We are Bolas Intelli Solutions, an organization with truly different principles. We are an enterprising venture of the Bolas Group, a leading business house backed with outstanding credibility & reliability gained over 5 decades of business. Like our parent company, we are deeply committed to nurturing corporate values, which we believe is the underlying principle for success. Strategically located in a fast growing Tier-2 IT destination of South India, our predominant focus is on mid-size Indian companies who value IT as the driver of growth. With the 'Right People, Right Commitment, Right Delivery', our IT solutions are truly designed to deliver! Mission Welcome to a company that is driven by the need to deliver your demands. We shall strive to enable our customers with timely, accurate and holistic business information through innovatively simple IT solution offerings. Welcome to Bolas Intelli Solutions. We shall regard each opportunity as a great task entrusted on us and strive to make the projects a thorough success We shall present a memorable journey for our customers in every engagement, while maintaining high levels of ethics and integrity Vision To establish ourselves as the most credible partner to our customers and to become an emerging force to reckon with in the Indian IT arena.
  3. 3. Bolas Business Principles High level of Employee Orientation Commitment towards society, believes in enriching society Increasing Customer profitability Grow along with customers' business growth Strictly follow high level corporate ethics to protect our customer data Customer is God! Performance Drivers At Bolas, we are propelled by key performance drivers that ensure we deliver nothing less than the best solutions for our customers, on time, every time! We have the highest degree of Employee Orientation that is backed by 100% top management commitment. We believe that Innovation is the key and therefore we constantly encourage our people to get that inspired ‘Spark’. It is the reason we allow our employees the space for freedom. For us, Customer Delight takes precedence over everything and we consistently strive to make sure that every customer is a happy customer. Maintaining the Right Communication with customers throughout the life cycle and Right Documentation, we make customer delight a definite reality and not a distant dream. Above all, we believe that it is our winner attitude that always brings success one step closer to us! Group Bola Surendra Kamath & Sons dates back to the 1940s when its cashew business was first incepted. Today, BOLAS as we are popularly known, is recognized as the frontrunner in the cashew and coffee beans industry in Karnataka and among the leading exporters across India, testified by the Export Excellence award year after year. From cashew to coffee to software, the Group's enterprising endeavours find their inspiration in the founder promoters whose foresighted vision has been instrumental in taking the company to where it is today. Offerings Product development, Custom Application development, ERP solutions deployment Ready products & frame works designed to quickly accommodate customer specific changes Deep devotion to Java and Open source technologies More focussed towards usability, still has business analytics embedded as a whole Product development is done keeping in mind all IT infrastructure constraints Product Portfolio includes Stellar ERP (RitePay, , Acura) Payroll, (Touch) HR solutions, Export management solutions, Banking & Loan management solutions, Basic business analytics & Vehicle maintenance Management solutions Solutions that work! ‘Right People, Right Commitment, Right Delivery'
  4. 4. stellar Stellar ‘Stellar’ is our comprehensive ERP Frame work Inspired by the celestial system that encompasses the entire galaxy, Stellar is designed to cover the vast spectrum of processes within the organization. With no major investment or capital expenditure required, Stellar streamlines your resources and business processes with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Advantages Ÿ& Feel Look Ÿ Graphical representation of real time data Ÿ Modern, rich GUI Ÿ Configurable front end( Drag & Drop etc.,) Manageability Ÿ Relevant security & Access controls Ÿ to use Simple Ÿ levels of flexibility High Ÿ Performance Ÿ reporting and Analysis Faster Ÿ data storage, retrieval & processing Faster Ÿ system operation for any no. of users Faster Cost Ÿ to deploy with innovative pricing options Easy Ÿ Assured cost savings through lower TCO Ÿ maintenance and recurring expenses Low Ÿ Agility Ÿ Selection of deployment options( On premise or On-Demand) Ÿ Choice of Data bases Ÿ Platform independence MIS Ÿ Current operational performance of any department Ÿ Performance metrics in tabular or graphical forms Ÿ analysis- sources & uses Cash Ÿ analysis .vs. Cost to produce & Deliver Pricing
  5. 5. stellar Services Business Group Solution Focus Technology Platform Products Engineering Ready to deploy Solutions for small and medium businesses Cutting edge technologies like J2EE platform with all freeware tools ERP services Focus on the Mid Markets Stellar ERP Solutions, Oracle E-Business suite Custom development Application development for green field projects and named accounts, out sourcing and ODC models Cutting edge technologies like J2EE platform with all Open source tools Stellar ERP - Features & Functions Module - User Ÿ handle multiple user levels Can Ÿ user level can be assigned with add edit or view Each option for any modules in the system Ÿ can be created with proper control and User checking privilege rights Each Ÿ user can be assigned to one or more Company Each Ÿ user can be assigned with one or more HR / Inventory / Processing / Address groups Only Ÿ admin can re-set the user password Address Book Business entity oriented address book Ÿ Can Ÿ create multi level address groups Can Ÿ assign one address to multiple address groups Can Ÿ enter any number of Phone no , Fax no , e-mail Can Ÿ enter any number of branches , Contact persons, Bank details per address Search options based on user defined parameters Ÿ Can Ÿ enter VAT,CST,PAN, Service tax numbers of the address Mail Full Ÿ fledged mail server Can Ÿ set multiple POP accounts Can Ÿ send , receive e-mails Drag Ÿ and drop the mail from one folder to another System integrated mail delivery option Ÿ HR & Payroll Can Ÿ create multiple departments Can Ÿ set different wage structure for each department Can Ÿ set efficiency parameters for each department Extensive and user friendly employee module Ÿ Can Ÿ track employee / department efficiency for the user defined period Can Ÿ rank the employee based on their performance based on user defined formula Graphical presentation of the values Ÿ Can Ÿ handle Advance payment, Bonus and Leave with wages Mailing option for wage slip Ÿ Ÿ generate Attendance register , Register of adults Can Ÿ handle multiple payment type/ leave Can type / wage structure Ÿ history of the wage structure Keeps Ÿ Comprehensive PF management. All the forms R1,3A,6A,12A,5,10,13,19 can be created dynamically Ÿ handle ESI , Gratuity , Professional tax , Can Maternity Benefit , Welfare , Factory act returns Ÿ handle National Festival holidays by setting Can different holidays for different department
  6. 6. Inventory Creation of any number of Ware house groups Ÿ Creation of any number of Ware houses Ÿ Creation of any number of Packing options Ÿ Creation of multiple hierarchy of Inventory group Ÿ Creation of multiple hierarchy of Inventory items Ÿ Define Ÿ the quality parameters for each Inventory Item User Ÿ defined format for inventory valuation Purchase To make Ÿ following type of inventory entries: Purchase Ÿ Purchase order generation Ÿ Purchase returns Ÿ Goods Ÿ Transfer out Goods Ÿ Transfer in Third Ÿ party goods Vendor Management Verifying the goods received with PO Ÿ Verifying the quality of the goods received Ÿ To verify the rate charged with PO Ÿ To make payment on due date Ÿ Price Ÿ comparison stellar Reports View Ÿ stock day book report View Ÿ report of Flow of stock View Ÿ & compare yearly reports with average stocking pattern View Ÿ & compare yearly reports with graphical presentation Manage in-transit goods. Ÿ Process Defining any number of processes Ÿ Creation of any number of processing units Ÿ Easy Ÿ process entry Capable of handling mixing of lots and sub-lots Ÿ Lot Ÿwise reports Reports on completed lots Ÿ Reports on pending lots Ÿ Relating the inventory Items with process Ÿ expectation Reports on time taken for each lot in any Ÿ processing unit Reports on realization from each lot Ÿ Reports on comparison of different processing Ÿ units based on quantity and value Reports on comparison of different supplies based Ÿ on quantity and value Graphical presentation of different values Ÿ
  7. 7. Customer Management Create Ÿ Sales Orders Sales Ÿ and Sales returns Manage dispatches of the Sales Orders Ÿ To generate following types of invoices: Ÿ ŸInvoice Tax Ÿof Sale Bill Ÿ Seas Sales High Ÿ Commercial Invoice Create Ÿ Bank documents for the Invoices generated Track Ÿ the export cargo Create Ÿ Bank realization certificate Manage payment based on the due date to rank the customers Ÿ Reports on Outstanding Purchase Order Ÿ Reports on Outstanding Sales Order Ÿ Interactive report on the sales performance with graphical presentation Ÿ Daily Ÿ report on the given goods Finance & Accounting Creation of any number of accounting group with hierarchy Ÿ Creation of accounting ledgers Ÿ Creation of cost centres Ÿ Managing TDS Ÿ Managing VAT returns Ÿ Accounting entry Ÿ Day Ÿ Book, Ledger, Trial balance, Manufacturing, Trading and P&L accounts, Balance Sheet Cost Ÿ centre wise P&L Aging Ÿ analysis for payments Cash Ÿ flow / Fund flow statements Watch your ROI Solution Strategy Pilot Ÿ installations to enable exact gap analysis & Enhance transition speeds Focussed Project pre-planning and prototype development Ÿ Industry specific functionality Ÿ Hassle Ÿ free Implementations Minimal or Non-existent Hardware investment Ÿ Ready Ÿ Statutory reports repository Benefits ROI Ÿ starts from Day 1! Predictable time frames results in savings on project duration Ÿ Development efforts and the attached cost reduced Ÿ Enhance user confidence leading to quick change over Ÿ Savings in Capital Ÿ Helps Ÿ adapt to the solution from Day1 and satisfies compliances
  8. 8. Why Bolas Ÿorganisation that imbibes new approaches & perspectives An Ÿorganisation with a long business history An Ÿ Thorough understanding of the business complexities Ÿ Rightly bridge the gap between processes & technology Ÿ Investment protection through innovative pricing models Right Ÿ energy young team mentored by process owners High Ÿ employee retention to ensure customer's business continuity High Ÿ made Development methodology Tailor Ÿ Implementations at your desired pace, stable & steady Ÿ Out-of-the box thinking in Solution Design Ÿ Ability to execute
  9. 9. Domain Expertise Key Differentiators Verticals Help Ÿ address both Strategic & Solutions largely envisage a Labour Ÿ intensive manufacturing process Ÿ fit for the following industries: Ideal Ÿ Processing Food Ÿ based products Agro Ÿ Building materials(Tiles) Ÿ Tobacco products Operational challenges Ÿ business value derived from Right flexible budgets Ÿ Solutions that offer desired level of independence Ÿ Implementations are done directly involving the development team Other Industries Ÿ suit the following industries with Could minimal customisation : Ÿ Wood related manufacturing (Ply wood industry) Ÿ Mills Flour Ÿ Edible oils Ÿ Garments & Apparels Ÿ Integrated solution yet loosely bound for flexibility so as to adapt to customers processes Ÿ walk the talk, our solutions run We successfully in several sites of Bolas internally
  10. 10. Methodology Set Off Understand requirements Evaluate the feasibility Analysis Phase Conceptualise the solution Build Value proposition Get Customer Commitment Perform an in-depth scoping Development Phase Build a solution map Do a Gap Analysis Understand Business drivers & solution flow Complete the solution with delta development Unit testing Implementation Phase Installation Master data Entry End-user training Data migration Delivery Phase User Acceptance Testing Preparation for Go-Live Go-Live Sustenance Phase Open Issue management Stabilization of the solution Support as per SLA's Methodology
  11. 11. System Architecture End User TCP / IP Protocol Business / Application Layer TCP / IP Protocol End User Data Base Server Web Server End User Delivery model Feasibility Study Requirements Analysis & Specification Design & Specification Coding & Module Testing Integration & Systems Testing Delivery Delivery & Maintenance Model
  12. 12. BLACK & WHITE BOLAS INTELLI SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. 305/306, Suprabath Commercial Complex - III Floor | Bejai-Kapikad | Mangalore - 575004 Tele fax : 0824-4278401 | E-mail : | stellar