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Top 4 ways to really win with augmented reality in your school, community or library


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Some useful information for educators interested in using Augmented Reality for teaching and learning.
Example. Create engaging homework in neat little digital bundles. Another way to Flip the Classroom.

Top 4 ways to really win with augmented reality in your school, community or library

  1. 1. Top 4 ways to really winwith augmented reality inyour school, communityor library by Brendan OKeefe
  2. 2. Augmented Reality (AR)which is accessible andbeautiful to use hasarrived.Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a livedirect or indirect view of a physical real-worldenvironment whose elements areaugmented by virtual computer-generatedimagery....- Wikipedia
  3. 3. AR is a like three year oldand growing fastMark my words, you will be impressed in thenext decade where AR takes us.In the meantime.... Go ahead and downloadLayar for your mobile device. App Store orGoogle Play.
  4. 4. There are many ways touse augmented reality inyour teachingI’m keen to share how this can work for youeven outside of the classroom for those ofyou who don’t have a BYOD policy.
  5. 5. Types of AR to use nowMaker and Markerless AR. Let me explain● Marker uses a reference image of some kind to trigger mixed reality actions● Markerless uses geolocation or compass to trigger mixed reality actions
  6. 6. My top 4 ways to reallywin with augmentedreality in your school,community or library
  7. 7. 1. Books2. Posters3. Homework4. Tours and Public Spaces
  8. 8. Explore the possibilitiesCreating and Prototyping to incorporate ARinto the Australian curriculum.Please download Layar onto your mobiledevice to view some of my demos. or the App Store/Google Play
  9. 9. BooksAdd rich media and social media to any bookor object. For example augmented realitycan connect your books to:
  10. 10. Video, 3D, Images, Audio, Pinterest,goodreads, Shelfari, Great Book Stories,YouTube, Vimeo, facebook, Twitter, Amazonand more.See examples of Augmented Reality usedfor education via books here.
  11. 11. HomeworkCreate engaging homework in neat littledigital bundles. Another way to Flip theClassroom.Make them accessible via some of thesemediums; posters, book covers, printedphotos, places youth congregate, hijackedpublic posters.
  12. 12. PostersBring hot topics, special days, discussionpoints and recent news to life with AR.How about Earth Day, Mother’s Day,Christmas, Elections, Natural Disasters,Thanksgiving, Australia Day. See examplesof Augmented Reality for education viaposters here on Teachers pay Teachers.
  13. 13. Tours and Public SpacesGet your students out and about, active andstimulated. The fact is movement aideslearning.Embed homework assignments into spaceswhere young people congregate before andafter school. The bus stops, train stationsnear school or shopping malls.
  14. 14. Tools to build ARLayar Creator, Aurasma, Hoppala, String,BuildAR, AugmenteDev
  15. 15. Get in touch to collaborateView this presentation online: OKeefe - @curiositylab