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BNI Referral & Thank You slips


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BNI is an international business networking organization with local chapters world-wide. Here is a short slide presentation on the referral slips, thank-you slips and other forms required.

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BNI Referral & Thank You slips

  1. 1. BNI Accelerators of Winnipeg meeting weekly at the Winnipeg Winter Club 200 River Ave Wednesdays, noon ‘til 1:30 pm
  2. 2. Referral & Thank You Slips  Following are some examples  Examples show the minimum information required to account for members input
  3. 3. Written Testimonial: 1 point When a member gives a WRITTEN testimonial to another BNI member: Member ‘John Boyechko’ Gives written testimonial on letterhead To Member ‘Tom Peikoff’ Must be on John’s letterhead Tom can use it in his own marketing
  4. 4. Internal Business: 1 point When a member completes business with another BNI member: Member ‘Doug McCasin’ Completed business with Norma Cook By getting his home insurance Clearly marked as an ‘Internal’ ‘Completed’ is the operative word
  5. 5. External Referral: 2 points What BNI is all about: External Referrals Example: Member ‘Art Ledrew’ Referred someone to Member ‘Joanne’ For a Haircut and Pedicure Client Name or initials ‘Contact was made’ or Phone # included
  6. 6. Bring a Visitor: 2 points Bringing a Visitor Very important in BNI Member ‘Patti McGuffin’ Invited ‘Pete Photographer’ Who is a potential member Who is a Dentist Belonging to Health Power Team
  7. 7. Green Slip (Show me the Money) Unknown Member says Thank You To Member Dustin James Value of Closed Business New, Repeat, Tier 1, 2 or 3 Nothing identifies the person Who ‘MADE’ the money! We only care who ‘BRINGS’ the Business!
  8. 8. Having a B.B.I. 1 point Example of a 1-way BBI “Business Building Interview” In this example, Dave initiated the meeting and spent the entire meeting learning Bo’s business. Only Dave can take credit for the BBI! Two way BBI’s are accepted, but not preferred .
  9. 9. BNI Accelerators Current Members