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7 Exterior Renovation Tips for Your Home


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Here are some renovation tips to make your homes exterior sparkle. Create a great first impression for your friends, guests or potential home buyers

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7 Exterior Renovation Tips for Your Home

  1. 1. REALESTATE TIPS&ADVICE 7 Awesome Ext erio Reno Tips Quick - Easy - Effective Tips Originally Published at ht t ps://
  2. 2. 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home Millennial buyers put the design and style of a house near the top of their wish-list when looking for a property to invest in. That means you must boost your curb appeal if you want to attract younger buyers and achieve a good resale value. But, what is it that attracts buyers to a property and how can you boost your exterior’s style? Here are some of the best exterior renovation ideas that will make your property stand out and reach a good price. Grab some paint The best way to refresh the look of your exterior is to give your entire home a repaint. Over time, your façade will become a bit tired-looking, so make sure to breathe some new life into it. However, make sure not to go crazy with colours! You want to opt for something that will appeal to the largest number of people and something that will make your property stand out, but in all the right ways. Neutral yet warm and inviting colours are your safest bet. So, think white, tan or taupe. Rethink your entrance Create a warm welcome with these exterior renovation ideas A front door says everything about your property, so make sure to invest in a quality door that will invite people inside. Your rst impressions rest on your front entrance, so make sure to repaint your doors or replace them. And make sure to choose a model that stands out and provides your property with a nice accent piece. For instance, if your home is white with grey shutters, consider painting your doors bold red or canary yellow. Surround your new door with a few bigger planters and you’ll manage to create a space no buyer can resist. Go green Well-designed landscaping can actually net you an amazing return in increased home value. So, make sure to invest in some owers for your yard or ll your patio with planters. You can also add some colour to your house by investing in window boxes for owers (these always look very traditional and picturesque). If you’re not very skilled with plants, ensure your lawn is always nicely trimmed. This is one gardening chore that requires zero talent (you just grab your lawn mower and go to town) yet a freshly-cut lawn leaves a great impression. 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home
  3. 3. 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home Fix your driveway A solid driveway is an important exterior renovation Your driveway is like a preview of your entire property, so make sure to present your buyers with a picture-perfect space. If you see any holes and cracks to your driveway, make sure to seal them (it’s an easy DIY job). However, if there’s just too much to be done, it might be better to replace your concrete altogether. If you decide on a new driveway, you can choose from di erent kinds of concrete from decorative to general and premium products. Hire experts to create your new driveway and the results will completely change the look of your home! Boost privacy A high-quality fence can not only add privacy to your home but also boost security and the look of the property. While you don’t want to close your home completely o , having some sort of privacy is attractive to many people. So, make sure to provide your backyard with a quality fence (between 4 to 9 feet high) and your space will instantly look cozier and more romantic. Plus, families with young children will love this feature since a good fence can allow kids to play freely and stay safe. Clean your property If you’re one of the detail-oriented people, make sure to give your property a good and thorough wash. You might think that your driveway, deck, pavers and façade aren’t dirty at all, but once you start pressure washing the surface, you’ll be amazed. Plus, renting a pressure washer isn’t expensive and you can have your entire property washed in a day. However, make sure to stay away from your windows and doors. The pressure can be very high and it can remove the caulk and other sealing elements from your xtures. 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home
  4. 4. 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home Light it up You don’t want to invest all that money and time into your exterior and then having your buyer not be able to see the results! So, make sure to add plenty of light to your home to make your guests feel welcome and safe. For instance, you can add a stylish hanging pendant over the entrance or install two sconces, one on each side of the doors. If you want to further show o your property, consider installing solar path lights to your driveway. In order to further impress your buyers, consider adding motion sensors to your lighting which will keep away burglars and keep the property safe. These exterior renovation ideas will de nitely make buyers stop and stare. While you don’t have to conduct any bank-breaking building projects, you’ll still boost the look of your house and raise its resale value signi cantly. From new paint to increased safety and privacy, your exterior upgrades will give every type of buyer something to love about your property. Want the latest news , tips and fun updates?  Follow me on Pinterest , Instagram and ‘like’ my facebook page.   Also follow me on Twitter,   and connect on LinkedIn.   I appreciate the show of support.❤ House Exterior Renovation Ideas 7 Exterior Renovation Ideas To Increase Resale Value of Your Home
  5. 5. After serving 24 yrs as a City of Winnipeg Police Officer, Bo Kauffman retired in 2005 and joined the largest REMAX office in Winnipeg. He started his career as a Lic/Asst. to another real estate agent, and spent the first 2 years learning the trade. In 2006, Bo earned the designation of A.B.R. (Accredited Buyer Representation), additional training and certification in the field of home buyer representation. In 2007, he cast off the life-line and became a full real estate agent. That first year he earned the REMAX 100% Club award and has not looked back since. HELPING HOME BUYERS Bo enjoys working with house and condo buyers in nearly all price ranges in Winnipeg and close surrounding communities. Buyers find him to be very helpful and easily reachable, either via phone, text, email or numerous social media channels. HELPING HOME SELLERS When representing house and condo sellers, Bo?s clients enjoy the most extensive marketing plan in the industry. From taking professional photographs of the property, to superb and expansive marketing, Bo Kauffmann leaves no stone unturned in his effort to advertise and market the sellers property. GET SOCIALABOUT BO KAUFFMANN, REMAX PERFORMANCE REALTY Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Website Originally Published at ht t ps://