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All round development


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Published in: Education, Technology
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All round development

  1. 1. swww for the all-rounder in every student EXALT & for the all-round development of school students Discover, Improve and Showcase
  2. 2. Current scenario in education
  3. 3. 6 Rote learning does not inspire them
  4. 4. Is prone to unproductive distractions 5
  5. 5. Needs an audience 4
  6. 6. Has limited attention span 3
  7. 7. Existing academic systems limit creative thought 2
  8. 8. Needs to keep up with Intense Competition 1
  10. 10. We have changed…
  11. 11. Then why learn the ‘Old Way’ Break the myth, Information = Knowledge Knowledge = Wisdom
  12. 12. Introducing
  13. 13. About us We are India’s first education company that focuses on the holistic development in students •Based on extensive research •Theory of Multiple Intelligences Bringing out the best in every student through articles, educational games & activities, tests/ quizzes and global competitions Users from India, USA and other countries IIT & IIM Alumni initiative backed by extensive research on child learning methodologies A practical implementation of all the research in developmental psychology Some of India’s top schools are already our clients Working with very prestigious organizations •McDonalds, Olympic Gold Quest
  14. 14. Products & Services • India’s first educational website for all-round development in school students EXALT Magazine • Activity based magazine for school students • Available in three age segments • Kids (Till class 3) • Junior (Class 4 to Class 6) • Senior (Class 7 and above) Workshops • Workshops with experts from different domains • Helps children in widening their horizon • Chance to interact with experts
  15. 15. Knowledge Hub • Opportunity to learn about various things • Interviews of eminent personalities Educational Games • To improve students’ skills in Number crunching, Vocabulary, Geography, Logical thinking, art etc. Quizzes/ Tests • Tests in different topics and areas to test the knowledge and understanding of students • Analysis for every student to see where they stand with respect to thousands of students from across the world Global Competitions • Students can participate in global competitions on the site • Showcasing of students’ work to experts, teachers, parents, students and enthusiasts • Global recognition for students which gives them a lot of motivation to do well Experts • Ability to post questions to experts and get answers • Including Career Guidance
  16. 16. MSBLearning Competition Recognition Educational Games Skill Analysis Experts Students get a detailed analysis of skills in different areas like – verbal ability, GK, writing, projects etc Games to improve students’ skills in number crunching, verbal ability, logical thinking, creativity, geography etc Students get recognized, bag points, medals & win prizes Essay writing, Painting, Poetry, Critical thinking, Quizzes Knowledge Hub: Articles on science, leadership, current affairs, health, number skills etc Experts from different domains like scientists, Doctors, IITians, bureaucrats, sportsmentetc
  17. 17. EXALT Activity based monthly magazine • Activities that improve students’ Multiple Intelligences • Mathematics | English | Science Projects | Logical Thinking | Motivational Stories | Interviews of eminent personalities Improving the reading habits in students • Making students think and get interested in improving their skills • Puzzles and other logical thinking exercises Extensively researched content Quizzes/ Tests • Tests in different topics and areas to test the knowledge and understanding of students • Analysis for every student to see where they stand with respect to thousands of students from across the world Competitions • Essay writing | Painting | Group tasks | Projects | Quizzes | Logical Thinking Delivered at the school every month
  18. 18. Dropbox Dropbox to be put in every school • Encouraging students to participate in activities • Giving them a chance to test their skills against a global student base • Students get an opportunity to compete with students from across the world • Understanding their skills and strengths as compared to lakhs of students. Monthly pickup of student submissions Accessibility motivates them to participate more often School winners selected every month Students get global recognition, medals and certificates
  19. 19. Workshops Workshops with experts from various domains • IITians, IIM grads, Scientists, artists, sportsmen, NGO volunteers, executives, bureaucrats, people from other countries etc • Main idea is to improve the world view of students • Workshops on improving mathematics skills by IIT Graduates • Soft skills training • Leadership workshops to mould the students to achieve excellence Bringing out the leader in every student Continuous feedback to students Best performing students to be taken to national and international competitions Conducted at the convenience of the school
  20. 20. School Olympics Competitions and quizzes that can be attempted by students at their own convenience Students win medals and points for participating in competitions and quizzes • Top students are featured on the website • Top schools are also featured Encourages students to do well and also increases their sense of belongingness with the school The best performing schools can be searched for on various parameters Participation from schools across the world • Gives students great opportunity to perform on a never before global scale
  21. 21. School Page Participating schools get a school page on •Principal speaks •Achievements of the students ( Within the school and outside) •Events in the school •All the achievements of the students on the website Bringing out the leader in every student School can track the progress of students Compare the performance of students with students from across the world Schools can conduct their own tests and competitions online Best performing students to be taken to national and international competitions Schools can reach potential students and parents Extensive advertising for the school
  22. 22. Benefits to Schools Data and analysis of the amazing performances of the students •Helps in nurturing special talents in the student •Helps school win medals •Helps understand how the students are doing on a national and international scale Access to experts Great re-energizer for the students • Research suggests that students exploring their skills do far better in academics Extremely high quality content in multiple areas Achievements of students make the school popular even in other cities and countries Significant improvement in students’ skills
  23. 23. Benefits to Schools  We help students and schools reach thousands of people
  24. 24. Benefits to Schools  Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation as enshrined in RTE
  25. 25. Benefits to Students Students discover their latent skills Opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience •Appreciation received will significantly boost their confidence and motivational levels •Research suggests that one of the most important motivating factors in children is “recognition” Widens their horizon •Would be able to see how students from different parts of the world perform on different activities •Improves their understanding of the world Improves their performance in academics •Research suggests that students who spend time on their hobbies and interests improve academically as well A more holistic development with enough focus on improving knowledge and also tracking of performance Gives a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the students
  26. 26. Team Bojja Raghavendar Reddy • MBA from IIM • M.S from the USA • Best employee of the team in the USA • Extremely passionate about education domain across the world • CEO of the company Yuvaraju Atmakuri • MBA from IIM & B.E from Osmania University • Student of psychology Sandeep Reddy Sudini • IIT graduate & Winner of many awards VenkatRam Sureddy • Gold Medalist at IIM Kozhikode and Indian Institute of Mass Communication Many more • Psychologist, IIT Graduates, MBAs from USA, Teachers, Parents, Experts and enthusiasts
  27. 27. Testimonials is the best company in the education space. Our teachers are extremely happy that we have selected as our magazine partner -Shirley Abraham, Academic Coordinator -Bishop Cottons Boys School -Ranked # 2 in India I found your site and concept very exciting! Great work! -- Wonder of Words MySuperBrain sounds really interesting. Venkatesh, IIM Bangalore, GM, Tenvic I believe you are onto something great here. -- Kimberly Jobe, Union Public schools, Oklahoma Small step for you. A giant leap for the students.
  28. 28. Contact Thanks for the opportunity. Please contact us for more details at anytime Raghavendar Reddy Bojja Managing Director Bojja IT Solutions Private Limited +91 97013 20902