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Rob Davis Portfolio


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Rob Davis Portfolio

  1. 1. Book Cover 8.5” x 11” Softcover ROB
  2. 2. IrresistiblyGlutenFree Simple Family Favorite Recipes by Christina Davis tos P ho ve ry for E ip e R ec Book Cover 10” x 10” Softcover ROB
  4. 4. Book Cover 8.5” x 11” Softcover ROB
  5. 5. Book Cover 8.5” x 11” Hardcover ROB
  6. 6. Book Cover 8.5” x 5.5” Softcover Book Cover 8.5” x 5.5” Softcover ROB
  7. 7. Bathroom Reader Uncle John’s  Bathroom Puzzler       Uncle John’s         If you like  sudoku, you’re going      to love this book! For  better or worse, you’re in for a battle with your brain. Inside you’ll nd , ,   and sudoku puzzles (no easy grids)     to give you the Sudoku Challenge of your life. Never fear.     With an introduction and can’t-miss tips by puzzle    expert Merl Reagle, you’ll be armed with all you   need to complete Uncle John’s Bathroom    Reader Sudoku Challenge.         OSSWORDS   ® ® Bathroom Readers’ Institute San Diego, CA and Ashland, OR CR CROSSWORDS CROSSWORDS CROSSWORDS CROSSWORDS BY THE BATHROOM READERS’ INSTITUTE 125 Unc l e J o h n g, uildin b rain-b pening ar wit-sh sword c ros es! puzzl w G o Wi t h T h e F l o Bathroom Puzzler Uncle John’s B C P R I A L F A A M U S H N I W E V N G Q O B T D A B U X K Y S Z E Packed into these pages are T A Z A R C more than 125 pop culture-themed puzzles— E A M R D K everything from crosswords and cryptograms to logic V T W O F H A K Y M P A puzzles and word searches. Puzzle out… Z A H I A J A G S N U O G N S e encrypted wisdom of Katharine Hepburn, Homer A L E A F A S A P I Q R D Q A E Simpson, and Andy Rooney F A C L R P L B Y X O A S W Z A K A Crosswords about Oscar winners and Grammy losers H I T Y J N M A E A P A R C F A E Puzzles about the origins of Band-Aids, can openers, T U W G E V S F O I R K A A A A A matches, and other everyday items U M E S M Z N U T Q H D L T P B A E Z B And much more! S A A Q N A I D A V A N T R O X G J A From music and movies to celebrities and television, A V E A W D T X W T Uncle John’s L D C R H M P A H A M O L R O P By Henry Hook M will train and entertain J A A Q S S J R A G A T A W I Q A O E your brain! C R R I E T R D K C S G K V N A O N S I A A W A L P A A Q S A F H U U F ISBN-13: 978-1-59223-885-9 I O A M T D V I A ISBN-10: 1-59223-885-8 A A Z G Y R C 50995 A T Z U P X N A A Bathroom Readers’ Institute M L A A J San Diego, CA, and Ashland, OR E 9 781592 238859 BY THE BATHROOM READERS’ INSTITUTE Book Covers for Uncle John’s Bathroom Puzzler Series 5” x 7” Softcover ROB
  8. 8. CAKESHOP 801.884.9132 Logan, Utah Marketing Materials for Cake Decorator • Business Cards • Tradeshow Handouts • Posters • Cake tags The most perfect cake for your perfect day. The way you want it. ROB
  9. 9. Ancestry magazine March/April 2009 ROB
  10. 10. Ancestry magazine November/ December 2007 Ancestry magazine May/June 2008 ROB
  11. 11. Ancestry magazine September/ October 2009 2009 Eddie Award, Gold Winner Ancestry magazine November/ December 2008 ROB
  12. 12. Ancestry magazine March/April 2008 Ancestry magazine January/ February 2009 ROB