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Users, UX, and Technology: Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system


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A talk given at the Code4Lib Maryland, DC, Virginia Regional Meeting, Aug. 11-12 2015. #C4LMDC

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Users, UX, and Technology: Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system

  1. 1. Users, UX, & Technology : Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system Bohyun Kim Blog: Twitter: @bohyunkim Associate Director for Library Applications and Knowledge Systems, Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore Code4Lib Maryland, DC, Virginia - Regional Meeting, Aug. 11-12 2015.
  2. 2. Classrooms at HS/HSL
  3. 3. LL05
  4. 4. Equipped with: • Student PCs • 1 Projector Screen • 1 Teacher PC • The Teacher screen is projected to the Projector screen. • Synchroneyes, which broadcasts a teacher station screen image to student PCs and lock them down. cts/SynchronEyes+7+software
  5. 5. Ideas for the New AV Setup • Multiple screens • Project not only the screen of a PC or a laptop but that of other mobile devices. • Broadcasting & recording classes • Supporting hybrid classes with the audience in this room and another site with full participation from both locations • Camera and Mic • Speakers
  6. 6. Renovation • 5 Different screens in the room • 2 Cameras front and back • 1 Wireless mic & 2 Speakers • Touchpad control panel • A variety of dongles to hook up many different mobile devices • Height-adjustable instructor desk • A/V rack in the closet • Flexible system that users can assign any input (outputs from the AV rack with 1 video card with 4 different outputs) to multiple different display screens.
  7. 7. New LL05
  8. 8. Teacher Station
  9. 9. We (= IT) thought this was a very flexible, powerful, and awesome system! until we had instructors test it.
  10. 10. Issue 1. The mouse wire and the keyboard wire were too short. Solution: Replace with the wireless keyboard/mouse.
  11. 11. Issue 2. The monitor on the teacher station would go to sleep mode and wouldn’t wake up. Solution: Mark the power touch button.
  12. 12. Issue 3. The teacher station PC would go to sleep and won’t wake up with the wireless keyboard/mouse. Solution: Disable the sleep /log-off mode.
  13. 13. Issue 4. The arrangement of screens didn’t make sense. Solution: Make it similar to the extended screen setup of users.
  14. 14. Issue 5. Too many screens & Tiny Mouse Pointer in the Sea of Screens Solution: Powershell script for a keyboard shortcut to retrieve the mouse pointer.
  15. 15. shortcut-to-position-mouse-in-center-of-primary-screen
  16. 16. Original Touch Panel
  17. 17. Issue 6. How Do I Turn On and Turn Off the System? Solution: Change ‘Power’ to ‘Shutdown’ on the control panel.
  18. 18. Issue 7. “Too complicated, can I go back to the old school way?” Solution: ‘Computer only’ display forces all screens to mirror the teacher screen.
  19. 19. • Option to make the new classroom function just like the old one. • High technology features unused. • But better than the room avoided! • Also works well with Synchroneyes that has difficult with handling the extended display. WIN + p
  20. 20. Issue 8. Presets did not fit the use cases. Solution: More presets for important use cases & name them accordingly.
  21. 21. Issue 9. Terms on the control panel are not intuitive. Solution: Rename them. Put labels on the physical devices.
  22. 22. Tech Instruction with User Feedback
  23. 23. No Instruction is the worst!
  24. 24. Hard to Remember • Preset 1 o Rear LCD, Projector, Lectern - PC output 4 o Front Left, Front Right - PC output 3 • Preset 2 o Rear LCD - PC output 1 o Projector - PC output 4 o Lectern - PC output 4 o Front Left- PC output 2 o Front Right - PC output 3
  25. 25. Could be better
  26. 26. Not so good
  27. 27. Much better!
  28. 28. Lessons Learned • When you, your IT staff, your IT vendor all think the new setup is pretty good, you may need a reality check with non-IT folks. • People do not want to deal with technology for its own sake. Technology should be in the background to get non- technology things done, teaching in this case. • Confusing terms are confusing. Make them intuitive. • Going back to the old simple setup is better than no one using the new setup. • Revise how-to instructions based upon the user feedback. • Your IT staff and users all need training, more than once!
  29. 29. Customized troubleshooting Instruction for staff++
  30. 30. Thank you! Questions?