Personal Branding for New Librarians: Standing out and Stepping up


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Presentation for the ACRL 2011 Virtual Conference on March 31, 2011.

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  • Introduction - Alison's slide
    Communicating with one's peers, colleagues, and others outside of ones own workplace for professional growth.
  • POLL - Bohyun
  • Benefits, questions & concerns - Bohyun's slide
    You will be googled by your peers and future employers
    What would Google tell them about you?
  • Benefits, questions & concerns - Bohyun's slide
    Conferences are no longer need the only place you can go to network. You can do so online no matter where you are
    Connect professionally with a large number of librarians who have similar interests, thoughts, and work as yours
  • Benefits, questions & concerns - Bohyun's slide
    Isn't social media a frivolous pursuit?
    Would my privacy be affected?
    I don't know. Personal branding sounds so off-putting
    Doesn't personal branding take a lot of time? I am already busy with work and other professional commitments (e.g. publications, committee work, etc)
    I don't spend a lot of time online. Can I still have my personal brand online?
  • Benefits, questions & concerns - Bohyun's slide
    Where do I start? 
    How do I find time? 
    I am interested, but I am not sure what should blog or tweet about
    How do I continue to retain and grow my online presence?
  • POLL
  • Many people feel that they have to choose between using social media and maintaining a website.
  • Social networks are not created equally which platform you use will depend on what your purpose is, and your personality.
  • Different platform, different purpose - Kiyomi's slide
    Facebook – Extremely Social - Good for keeping track of people over time.
    LinkedIn – Professional – As social or hands-off as you want it to be, a good way to have a positive web presence with a minimum of effort.
    Twitter – Fast paced – Participate or Lurk at your leisure. Learn from your peers, catch the latest news, make new friends.
  • ACRL committees always need more people willing to work.
    Working on a website for your professional association is a great way to meet a variety of people and get involved.
  • Issues:
    How much info do you want to share?
    Creating content, thinking of topics.
    Post frequency, how often will you be able to update?
    Time, creating and maintaining a website can be a huge time
  • Different platform, different purpose – Kiyomi's slide
    Introverts may find solitude more refreshing, while extroverts may prefer big group outings.
    Introverts like visiting with interesting people, just like extroverts enjoy solitude, it’s not that either group hates what the other likes, it’s that they relax in different ways.
    Not everyone is a pure introvert or extrovert, you may be either depending on the circumstances and situation.
    Communicating with people online allows you to be as introverted or as extroverted as you are comfortable with at any time.
  • So how do you go about putting personal branding into practice?
  • POLL
  • Visit and comment on other blogs, retweet content, and connect with others to avoid shameless self-promotion. 
    Blog, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter accounts are easy to set up. You can be on your way in less than 10 minutes.
    Use consistent voice, image and persona across different platforms so that people can find you and you can grow your brand.
  • Be genuine and professional at all times
    Ask yourself how you want to be perceived by others. Reflect and come up with 3-5 words which represent you.
    Do not focus on the negative. 
    Remember that online comments last forever.
  • Listen & monitor the conversation - what are people saying about you?
    Create Google Alerts for your name/brand:
    Google yourself and update/remove old information.
    Topsy Social Analytics:
    RSS feeds of advanced Twitter search: Visit, create searches for your name and other keywords, click on the RSS icon to create and send a feed for each search to your Google Reader.
    Icerocket Blog Search:
  • Be wary of focusing your entire personal brand around your current job
    How will you maintain your brand once your job changes?
    If you focus your brand on your professional interests and passions instead of your job title or workplace, you will be able to take it with you from institution to institution.
  • Find your personal comfort zone on frequency of updating
    Posting too often may cause your supervisor or future employer to wonder when you find the time to do your work.
    If you are posting links every few minutes, others may wonder if you ever read what you repost. 
    Find a balance that works for you.
  • Personal Branding for New Librarians: Standing out and Stepping up

    1. 1. Personal Branding for New Librarians:   Standing out and Stepping up Association of College & Research Libraries National Conference 2011 Kiyomi Deards Erin Dorney Bohyun Kim
    2. 2. Our Session: Who & What 1.What is personal branding? 2.Benefits, concerns & questions o Bohyun Kim 1.Different platform, different purpose o Kiyomi Deards 1.Putting it into practice o Erin Dorney  
    3. 3. What is Personal Branding??
    4. 4. Which of these apply to you? -Select ALL that apply- a)I am NOT sure if personal branding is for me. b)I am concerned about certain aspects of personal branding. c)I am interested in building my personal brand. d)I am unsure how to develop my personal brand. e)I am uncertain how to manage my personal brand effectively.
    5. 5. Personal Branding : benefits, concerns, and questions
    6. 6. Detective by Thinking Doll at Flickr : Why Should I Care?
    7. 7. Benefits
    8. 8. Concerns...
    9. 9. Questions
    10. 10.   Do you have ? -Select ALL that apply- a)Facebook page b)Linkedin Account c)Twitter Account d)Personal Website e)Personal Blog
    11. 11.   Social Media v. Personal Websites
    12. 12. Different platform, different purpose
    13. 13. Brand Management Tools #ACRL2011  ACRL 2011 Group ACRL Discussion Group
    14. 14. Professional Organization Websites  
    15. 15. Personal Websites  
    16. 16. Do what works for you!   Your Style:                                                                                               Or A Little Bit of Both? Introverts are refreshed and energized by solitude.     Extroverts are energized and stimulated by socializing.     
    17. 17. Putting it into practice
    18. 18.   a)YES b)No c)Maybe d)Show me how! Convinced to Monitor Your Brand?
    19. 19. Don't be an island: Leverage social networks
    20. 20. Be genuine and professional
    21. 21. Listen & monitor the conversation
    22. 22. Focus on your passions... ...not your job
    23. 23. Find your comfort zone
    24. 24. Audience Discussion
    25. 25. Thank you for joining us! Kiyomi D. Deards, University of Nebraska-Lincoln / (Blog) /@kiyomid (Twitter)   Erin Dorney, Millersville University /  (Blog) / @libscenester (Twitter)    Bohyun Kim, Florida International University /  (Blog) / @bohyunkim (Twitter)   Alison Miller, ipl2 Reference Services, Drexel University / @millerlibrarian (Twitter)   Image Attributions: • CC BY 2.0 by Rochelle, et. al.             • CC BY 2.0 by  epredator • CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Leo Reynolds        • CC BY 2.0 by Jorge-11  • CC by 2.0 by misslishess                     • CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by LiminalMike • CC BY 2.0 by 10ch                              • CC BY-NC 2.0 by Pete Reed • CC BY 2.0 by hanspoldoja                   • CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Cle0patra • CC BY 2.0 by Claudio Gennari             • CC BY 2.0 by blueyedrican • CC By 2.0 by koalazymonkey              • Courtesy of ACRL's Residency Interest Group  • CC BY-SA 2.0 by olarte.ollie               • CC BY-NC 2.0 by The Thinking Doll • CC BY 2.0 by Marco Bellucci                • CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by The Rogue  • CC BY-NC 2.0 by Genna G    • CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by ntr23
    26. 26. The CMO’s Guide To: The Social Media Landscape 7 Examples of Kickass Personal Branding Handout on Personal Branding by ACRL New Members Discussion Group at ALA 2011 Midwinter The WHY of Your Brand by Steven Bell 265/the_why_of_your_brand.html.csp   For an extended bibliography, download our session handout from the ACRL Virtual Conference website or email us for a PDF version.  Suggested Readings: