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Beyond the potential of the internet


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Presentation from 2000, quote on slide 4 from p. 55 of The Technology of Teaching by B. F. Skinner, 1968

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Beyond the potential of the internet

  1. 1. Beyond the Potential A Czech Teacher’s Internet Notebook Dominik LukešSchool of Slavonic and East European Languages March 2000
  2. 2. Leap of faith  • Internet is good=  • Computers are not here to replace teachers   • Technology doesn’t change the   nature of the tasks involved • Technology is powerful enough  already to help teachers with most of what they do
  3. 3. Taking it to the InternetLanguage materials Other resources• Dictionaries • Newspapers• Grammars • Company information• Information about the • Computer fonts language • Computer programs• Corpora• Linguistic information
  4. 4. The Technology of Teaching Teaching MachinesWill machines replace teachers? On the contrary,they are capital equipment to be used by teachersto save time and labor. In assigning certainmechanizable functions to machines, the teacheremerges in his proper role as an indispensablehuman being. He may teach more students thanheretofore—this is probably inevitable if theworldwide demand for education is to be satisfied—but he will do so in fewer hours and with fewerburdensome chores. In return for hisgreater productivity he can ask society to improvehis economic condition.
  5. 5. Links to Internet Resources ceelanguagesLinks to resources for students and teachers of Slavonic languageCompiled by language assistants at SSEES
  6. 6. How to use the internet to better interact with your students /teaching99 My teaching at SSEES this year
  7. 7. What will languagematerials of the future look like? czechlanguagematerials
  8. 8. Looking at the whole picture A digital camera is a great thing • Fast • Versatile • Fun • Relatively cheapYes, you can have your • All language departmentscake and eat it! should have one