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Moscow final 27.4.2012


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Moscow final 27.4.2012

  1. 1. e-Invoicing Observations from EC Expert Group and Nordic implementation Moscow 27.4.2012 Bo Harald© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  2. 2. Story-line and questions• EU and national states globally drive e-Invoicing > When will the Russian public sector make e-invoicing mandatory?• Nordic countries already moving to next layers – the Real Time Economy > Russia is well placed to do the same• VAT automation is important step > Russia ahead of the game• Cross-border invoicing needs support next – tax invoice to customs?• SKB Kontur is a very impressive company to partner with for Tieto © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  3. 3. EU and national states drive e- invoicing© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  4. 4. Agenda in many countries:1.Create a clear perspective on what is really necessary to get E-invoicing numbers up fast and2.assure sync with the international developments.• © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  5. 5. Major steps for productivity andthe Single Market • Two key recommendations implemented • New VAT directive – equal treatment (no mandatory digital signatures) • ISO20022 global message standard • Next natural step • Harmonized and automated VAT-reporting and -collection with split-payment model © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  6. 6. 54bn reasons in Germany “The bulk of the companies [SMEs in Germany] squander the sizeable efficiency gains that come with the introduction of digital invoices The German economy offers total cost-savings potential of around EUR 54 bn, mainly in more efficient processes (immediate further processing of invoice data in company bookkeeping and controlling systems) Why don’t more companies make use of digitalDeutsche Bank Research report (Emphasis mine) invoicing?” © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  7. 7. EC Expert Group on e-Invoicing Crystal clear mindset: Paper invoices have NO future in EU© 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  8. 8. Lessons learned in Nordics© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  9. 9. What we would do differently now:solutions• Scanning invoices delayed migration to e-invoicing for no good reason• Buyer-specific portals deployed despite most enterprises signed up by generic portal service providers © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  10. 10. What we would do differently now:communication• Cost-cutting aspect dwarfed other - even more important aspects• Earlier deadlines for paper and PDF• Late and patchy visible pricing for paper invoices. © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  11. 11. What we would do differently now:involvement• SME-sector’s organizations were not involved strongly enough in the beginning• Accounting profession should have been strongly involved from the beginning• Municipal sector should do more for tax payers and driving local enterprises © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  12. 12. What we would do differently now:standards• The Finvoice standard was not implemented strictly enough in the beginning• Separate bank network initially supporting only Finvoice• Too radical attempt to eliminate use of attachments in Finvoice standard.• International work should have started earlier © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  13. 13. What we would do differently now:internationally• Wrong order in SEPA payments first - e-invoicing later – despite our protests…• Direct debit should be part of e-Invoicing• Global aspects should be taken into account from the start © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  14. 14. Nordics are example for EU © 2010 Tieto Corporation
  15. 15. The best way to … approach an e-invoicing program© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  16. 16. Numbers up fast..• Only one way – invoice receivers make it mandatory in the public sector – and in large organizationsWhy?• SME senders do not have big immediate benefits and do not see the big ones coming in next phases• Immediate benefits for society at large, EU, the public sector and large enterprises are enormous.. – cannot wait – deadlines needed © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  17. 17. Example of clear deadlinesUnited Paper Mills (UPM) letter to suppliers: Model case: NO scanning © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  18. 18. UPM not alone – deadlines (examples) for incomingpaper & PDF:2005 – 2008 2009 cont. 2010Denmark (by law) Rautaruukki Kone Aalto UniversityNordea Bank Helsinki Fed of Financial Services BoråsTampere Kesko BlekingeSingapore Wärtsilä Jönköping ElisaItaly (by law) Hansel Basware TurkuLindström Spain Sweden Deloitte2009 Götene EspooIBM Bank of FinlandHPOpusCapita Corporation Finland Nokia © 2010 Tieto 11/01/12
  19. 19. UPM not alone – deadlines (examples) for incomingpaper & PDF:2010 cont 2011cont 2012Vattenfall OP Bank Nordic Investment BankOulu Sanomat KazakstanBrazil (by law) RAY YLE NorwayGreece (by law)PwC Uusikaupunki Technology Industry Fed Lahti USATampere Chamber Vantaa CanadaStora Enso Kirkkonummi MTV3 Russia?Ahlström The Netherlands? Turku UniversityHämeenlinna Mexico (by law)2011Finnair © 2010 Tieto Corporation Lappeenranta 11/01/12
  20. 20. 3 approaches to adopting technology “Any hype will do” Early start: “Explorer” Late (re)start: “Panicky follower” “Ice Age” “Huge Ice Age” © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/122006-03-23 Page 20
  21. 21. We believe in:Collaborative offerings, making the markets andcreating networks and standards: If you want to go fast – go alone. If far – go together © 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  22. 22. Wisdom from ice hockey:“Do not go where the puck is > go where it is going!” Wayne Gretzky© 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12
  23. 23. The future is not planned nor prognosed It is created ! Thank you,© 2010 Tieto Corporation 11/01/12