What is MOZILLA and what is Open Web about.


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What is MOZILLA and what is Open Web about. English slides from my talk during OpenFest event at Rousse University

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What is MOZILLA and what is Open Web about.

  1. 1. Mozilla & the open web Bogo Shopov Rousse 31.10.2009 A story about the web (you)
  2. 2. Малко за мен Име: Богомил Шопов - Бого http://bogomil.info I know that there are only 10 kinds of people , programming is one of my Stronger parts I am a part of Моzilla Bulgaria , “ Electronic Frontier ” and The Pirates. RMS
  3. 3. I love open source, free software and open standards Hi, I am R.M.S
  4. 4. I defend our digital rights in Bulgaria and in the EU
  5. 5. I ran in the 2009 elections for the Bulgarian National Parliament, as well as for the EU Parliament During the official press Conference at the Elections
  6. 6. Today, I must give these presents
  7. 7. A little about you Browser, Gnu/Linux Programmers, Internet, Localization bg/en
  8. 8. WHO CREATES THE BULGARIAN WEB ? And now, let everyone share an opinion:
  9. 9. What is Mozilla ? Probably you already have an idea , but let us see what we think about us :) Hey you, I am Gonna eat you :)
  10. 10. We are a global community of thousands of people , who sincerely believe, that the power of technologies enriches our lives. Our organization does not aim at making profits , but to improve the ways the people are using the Internet all over the world. I am the symbol of the Mozilla Movement
  11. 11. We are an open source project , which is being used as a platform in some of the most innovative Internet projects. Most of all, we are focused on one single aim: to make the Internet better for everyone Remember this and become a part of Mozilla
  12. 12. And now, let’s go back years ago
  13. 13. Some stories from the early years of the Internet 1991 – the first web browser - WorldWideWeb
  14. 14. 1993 –MOSAIC appears - “the Father” of the most of today’s browsers Some stories from the early years of the Internet
  15. 15. The Netscape Age October 13 th ,1994 – beginning November 9 th , 1998 – end of the project Good idea, but underdeveloped. Commercially supported and developed browser. In 1998 Netscape create the Моzilla Application suite , based on the NETSCAPE source code Some stories from the early years of the Internet
  16. 16. 1998 –Мozilla is created ( Mo saic killer +God zilla ) after the release of the Netscape source code; a community begins to form around the idea 2002 – after many years of development and testing Mozilla 1.0 and Phoenix appear 98% of the people back then were using IE and nobody noticed the new browser 2002-2009 the project went from Phoenix, Firebird through today’s Firefox. Some stories from the early years of the Internet
  17. 17. Firefox Advances: - Multiplatform – works on almost every OS and mobile devices soon to be seen on Android , Symbian and IPhone - Open source philosophy – high quality product, developed by more than 1000 people. - Supports many languages - Integrated spellchecker (in any language) Auto restoration after error More than 5000 Add-ons - One browser – many places (Weave) - Manage the web (Ubiquity) - Your own appearance - (Personas) - Browser as an OS (Prism) - ChatZilla (chat directly through your browser) - Perfect for Developers (Firebug, Yslow, Web developer ext) - FireFTP - SpiderZilla – downloads a whole website locally - Many, many, many other advantages - HTML 5 – we do not use the Web, we create it as we want it to be
  18. 18. Using the Ubiquity integrated translation command http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lzIp0W44v8
  19. 19. Using an user command for searching the Bulgarian web-portals: Ubiquity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UFDpZvXpqY
  20. 20. What else from Mozilla Thunderbird – E-mail management software, RSS and newsgroups Songbird – music software (similar to Apple iTunes) Bugzilla – if you have to use an bug tracking system, you will understand why this one is the best one Camino – MacOS Browser Fennec – mobile browser – вземи уеб с теб Sunbird – Callendar and task organizer SeaMonkey – browser, mail client, HTML editor, web development tools and chat system, all in one Labs – the latest in the web
  21. 21. We want all the users to use the latest achievements in the Internet, that is why we are leaders in its creation and support: - We use open standards - We create such standards - We develop tools with which everyone can access the Internet, to see and use its power - Why when you have a highway from the future you should buy a Trabant, if you can drive a Ferrari for free? - The Internet is not a book with text (everyone must create and share) - Who owns your picture in the Internet? - The users’ rights in the Internet are extremely important - Internet neutrality - FOSS - Accessibility for disabled people - Training – Everyone must know the alternatives (IE/Mozilla/Opera/Chrome windows/linux) Why open web by Mozilla WHO CREATES THE BULGARIAN WEB?
  22. 22. Join Mozilla Currently the Mozilla teams are working on more than 30 active projects, you can join every one of them: - Develop Firefox (and the others) - Program Firefox (and the others) – addons You are not so good in programming? - Then you can test – find bugs and fix them - Join the Marketing Team New career in Моzilla? Why not? If you show good spirit and if you like our principles we are continuously looking for new people, even for teleworking Mozilla Bulgaria http:// bgzilla.org http://wiki.bgzilla.org Join us today!
  23. 23. A few words about ... 5 Years Firefox Contacts Join the Birthday Party in Ruse on November 9 th , to celebrate the Firefox 5 th anniversary http:// bogomil.info [email_address] +359 897 615128 Choose FF campaign – from 2010