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My vision about SUMO project


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My vision about SUMO project

Published in: Technology
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My vision about SUMO project

  1. 1. SUMO in the age of participation a.k.a. SUMO is not 相撲
  2. 2. Hello, My name is Bogo. I am 35. Witaj, Nazywam się Bogo. Jestem 35 lat stary. Bonjour, Je m'appelle Bogo. J'ai 35 ans. Hej, Jag heter Bogo. Jag är 35 år gammal. nuqneH
  3. 3. Who Am I If I can be a mashup – the parts will be: Community Management - because I am dealing with communities since 2004 when I started organizing a Web technology conference. 1996
  4. 4. Advocacy: I am participating in the Mozilla project since 2004. I started developing some search plugins and toolbars for Firefox, then I started to evangelize along with my open source and open standards activities in Bulgaria. I have participated in a number of meetings for Open source adoption in our government
  5. 5. Advocacy: I am a member of an international group of organizations working directly with the EP to stop software patents (again), the data retention directive and other violations of our digital and human rights. I ran for European Parliament in 2009.
  6. 6. If I can be a mashup – the parts will be... Programming: programming in different areas is another of my strong sides. I am doing that since 1998. Beer: .... Free beer is awful :)
  7. 7. WHY SUMO is so important 3 steps for World Domination :) 1. GP 2. L10N 3. SUMO
  8. 8. Why I can be a Community Ninja? 1. I know how to work with Communities – online and offline; 2. I can communicate in English, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian and Turkish; 3. I can resolve conflicts well; 4. I am not a part of SUMO community; (why?) 5. I am good in analyzing Community processes and Workflows; 6. I am Mozilla addicted; I live for Open Source and Openness; 7. I have a strong vision on SUMO Community – ideas, working plan and Mission. So, let's move forward ...
  9. 9. SUMO Objective So we have to: - Describe the community mission (Objective, Goals) – What to do? - Plan the community – How to do it? - Governance – Who can do it? I know this is not a CM mission, but I have to know them.
  10. 10. <ul><ul><li>Objective: </li></ul></ul>- User and product insights; - Great Firefox experience to all; - Be a part of Mozilla community; - Change the web every day; - Make people grow through the community; - Co-relation: We are saving rare languages, like Tamil;
  11. 11. <ul><ul><li>Goal: </li></ul></ul>- Provide online and offline support to satisfy the need of all levels of users – from the first touch of Firefox via small business to the governments; - Not just help people but educate them; - Multilingual support. I would like to see support in Swahili, Maori Tamil but this will be common job between Mozilla and other organizations, because we have to work for better Internet adoption around the world. Hm, what about Klingon; - Get more people on the boat and let's make people grow through the community.
  12. 12. <ul><ul><li>Success criteria: </li></ul></ul>- Creating a SUMO team for every Firefox language and for every support level; - Make people make the difference between a browser and a website and to be able to resolve their own problems and to help other users; - Create a community that manages itself;
  13. 13. Implementation plan: Internal – strengthen the existing community and external - to get more people to the community. I think SUMO community is one of the most dynamic ones in the World and there is a lot of passion inside.
  14. 14. Project plan: 35 point project plan for implementation with 5 main topics: - Internal - External - Events - Workflows - Offline Support DOWNLOAD the project plan in planner and HTML from here: Published under CC license.
  15. 15. [email_address] +359 897 615128