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Golf simulator


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This presentation is about Golf simulators and the basic features and technology used specially in Bogolf Golf Simulators. <a>sadasd</a>

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Golf simulator

  1. 1. Golf Simulators
  2. 2. What is a Golf SimulatorA golf simulator allows golf to beplayed on a graphically simulated drivingrange or golf course, usually in an indoorsetting. It is a technical system used bysome golfers to continue their sportregardless of weather and time of day ina converted premises. Simulators havebeen available since the early 1970s, andsystems range in cost from compact unitscosting well under $200 dollars that workwith a computer or video game console,to sophisticated ones costing tens ofthousands of dollars. Advanced systemsmay utilize a dedicated room, hittingscreen, projector and other paraphernalia.
  3. 3. More about Golf SimulatorsGolf Simulators have realisticgolf courses to minimize thedifference between playing onan indoor golf simulator andon a real golf course.Most 3D golf simulators usethe latest high speed cameratechnology and hence are muchmore accurate than thetraditional golf simulatorswhich were much more bulkierand far away from beingaccurate.
  4. 4. Various ModelsModel 2000 : Know MoreModel 2000D: Know MoreModel 2000X: Know MoreModel 3000 : Know MoreModel 3000V: Know MoreModel 5000 : Know More
  5. 5. Basic Camera Golf Simulator Accessories Packaged Items Optional Items (Client Scope)1. Super High Speed 1. Projector Camera2. Turf 2. Computer System3. Projected Screen 3. Golf Clubs4. Light box & Balls5. Golf Courses 4. Floor Mat6. Hitting Mat 5. Interiors7. USB Cables
  6. 6. Features of Simulator Software Virtual Golf Game Play  9 Swing Analyzer
  7. 7. More Software Features International & Local Course  Putting & Chipping Practice
  8. 8. Unique Features of BOGolf simulatorSuper High speed camera: Which measured the ball speed, launch angle, Spinsin real time.High definition picture with 3D graphics.Over 120 golf course around the world.You can install indoor as well as outdoor (not in direct sunlight).9 swing path.You can store your game play data for more than 6 months for your futurereference.Up to 8 players can play at the same time.Very less maintenance required.Can be used for Home, Hotels, Resorts, Corporate Offices, Clubs, SportsAcademy, Cruise/Ships, Entertainment Theme Parks etc.
  9. 9. Other Features Single & Multi Player Player customization Score & Leader Board Accurate Ball Physics Accurate Ball Flight User Friendly Graphics Network Play Accurate Slide & Backspin Stereoscopic 3D Supports Unlimited Mulligan Selection Weather & wind control Player shot history
  10. 10. Contact BOGolfEmail : info@bogolf.comWebsite : www.bogolf.comFacebook :
  11. 11. Thank You