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Paul bogosian lc(final)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Paul bogosian lc(final)

  1. 1. General InformationName: Paul BogosianInternship Hours: 40 hours per weekInternship Placement: Mastiff Capital, The Liege Artifex GroupInternship Supervisor: Joe FitzpatrickInternship Job Title: Business Development/Research Analyst InternBackgroundOriginally I was planning on interning at a fragrance company called Carrubba. I was introduceto them by a family friend who works there and offered me the internship. Before accepting Iwent out to dinner with him and met Joe Fitzpatrick. We started engaging in small talk, and gotalong real well. After speaking to him about his work I became immediately interested. He wenton to offer me a internship at his companies Mastiff Cap and The Liege Artifex Group. I gladlyaccepted.Professional Objectives with Activities/Resources, and EvidenceObjective 1: To research possible sponsors for our upcoming TV show Ma Whats for Dinner? •Activities/Resources oResearch potential companies looking to sponsor oDetermining if company is a good fit for sponsorship and is worth contacting oEvidence: Excel Spreadsheet of potential sponsorsObjective 2: Create an excel spreadsheet to keep track of potential clients looking to refinancereal estate •Activities/Resources oCreate spreadsheet including clients contact information oEvidence: Completed Excel SpreadsheetObjective 3: Creating “Packages” to be sent to sponsor (owner) looking to refinance real estate •Activities/Resources oGather pictures, and brief property summary on real estate oInclude Underwriting loan with financials, ex) NOI (Net Operating Income), total revenue, etc. •Evidence: Completed template which is sent to our clientsObjective 4: Contacting possible sponsors/investors for Ma Whats For Dinner? oCreating package that includes the Ma Whats for Dinner? Cook Book, Television Pilot, Contract with Connecticut Public Television, Company Overview, Tax Benefits, etc oMail out package or email a scripted “pitch” oEvidence: Scripted pitch or sponsorship overview •Objective 5: Cold Calling  Calling commercial property sites to try to find out who is the owner Calling owners of commercial properties to find out if they need refinancing Calling potential sponsors for Ma Whats for Dinner? Show Following up with previous calls
  2. 2. Evidence:Testimonial from supervisor/scripted "pitch"/ contact info for potential sponsorsInternship DetailsDuties Include: •Researching and contacting possible sponsors for our TV show Ma Whats for Dinner? oCreating “Packages” for refinancing of commercial real estate oCold Calling for potential business oUnderwriting for loans oHelping around the office oCreating Excel Spreadsheets •Client meetings Creating Packages to send to possible sponsors for Ma Whats for Dinner? •Internship Evaluation Methods: •Daily meeting with Supervisor •Performance evaluationsHours: •Monday-Friday: 9-5The problem I had with creating this Learning Contract was that my duties are assigned to me ona daily basis. I have many different responsibilities depending on which project we are workingon.