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Alexander\'s Award Winning Services


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Alexander\'s offers a wide variety of services in relocation services and logistics management. We\'re a leader in our industry. Take a look as to why!

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Alexander\'s Award Winning Services

  1. 1. Corporate Relocation Introduction Alexander’s understands that recruitment is one of a company’s most powerful tools in an ever-changing, competitive business climate. A successful relocation helps to ensure your employees remain productive and focused on their jobs. Alexander’s can help you and your transferees find a good balance between their needs and company policies. Service Program Overview We begin the relocation process by gaining a solid understanding of your company, its policies and culture. We build your service delivery programs on your wants and needs, not ours. Our personal customer service representatives plan the details of each relocation with the transferring families. This planning process includes a comprehensive pre-move orientation call, communication of your policies, and personal attention and assistance throughout the relocation. Our exclusive move management program allows us to better serve your transferees with useful information, which strengthens the relationship so important to them during a stressful time. ƒƒ Policy consulting ƒƒ Self-pack self-haul capabilities ƒƒ Cost of living analysis ƒƒ Shipment tracking ƒƒ Group move management ƒƒ Temporary living assistance ƒƒ Lump sum move programs ƒƒ Executive assistance program ƒƒ Pre-move counseling ƒƒ Real estate closing services ƒƒ Transportation and storage ƒƒ Reporting/performance statistics services Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Unlimited self-pack self-haul capabilities mean less opportunity for error ƒƒ Our locations strategically positioned throughout the United States and We follow a flexible approach to tailor a solution supported by the Atlas network of more than 800 global agents that satisfies your relocation objectives at every ƒƒ We provide a customer service oriented approach to each move turn. We start by analyzing your situation in light ƒƒ Expedited claims services are handled through Alexander’s in-house of your policy and budget. Then, from a variety of claims department service options, we create a solution that offers solid value with no compromise in quality. ƒƒ Online information access and shipment tracking make our customers’ relocation programs work better and faster ƒƒ Customized reporting means you get the information you want, when you want it, in a format you can easily use Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  2. 2. Household Goods Moving Introduction Service Program Overview Whether you’re moving to a home in another city and The Alexander’s team of moving specialists works together with state, to one across town, or in another country, you need you to plan, manage, and execute your move without the needless a moving company with decades of experience moving worry and anxiety that are associated with other moves. families like yours. We bring the knowledge and expertise of sixty years of moving You need Alexander’s Mobility Services, a local, long families and a reputation built on proven quality performance. distance and international mover. From the initial move consultation and pre-move survey to the day A move involves much more than just transporting we deliver and place the last box and piece of furniture, your move your home’s furnishings and personal effects. You need coordinator is available to answer your questions and monitor the consistency and high level of service offered by every phase of your move -- from packing and loading to delivery Alexander’s Mobility Services’ pack and haul program. and unpacking. Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Alexander’s comprehensive household goods transportation services allow you to focus on your family and your job ƒƒ Single point of contact ensures that you know who to call when It’s not unusual to feel anxious when you move. things aren’t going right With Alexander’s Mobility Services, you get experienced people to help you. ƒƒ Our team works with you to design a cost-effective move plan that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations We bring the technology, equipment, and know- ƒƒ Our experienced customer service representatives, professional van how to make moving easier for you, which is why operators, and fully-vetted crews guide you through the moving thousands of families have entrusted our packers process from start to finish and movers to take them home. ƒƒ We counsel you about what to expect during your move, and about what we do to ensure your furnishings and personal effects are properly protected throughout the move Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  3. 3. Global Relocation Introduction As a global organization, success requires that your company effectively master the complexities of the international market. Alexander’s Mobility Services can help you get your arms around the challenges of international relocation; both large and small. Our team of international relocation experts understands the intricacies of an international relocation—from import requirements and shipping deadlines to procedures for safety and security. Service Program Overview Our personal mobility coordinators work with your transferees to plan the details of their relocation, clearly communicating your policies and requirements. You and your transferee get a single, friendly point of contact, a constant helper who makes the entire experience as smooth and anxiety-free as possible. Alexander’s will work with you to create an international relocation solution tailored precisely to your company’s needs. ƒƒ Personal move management ƒƒ Policy development ƒƒ Group moves ƒƒ Property management ƒƒ Departure and destination ƒƒ Cost of living analysis services ƒƒ Mortgage assistance ƒƒ Automobile transportation ƒƒ Cross cultural training ƒƒ Short term and long term storage ƒƒ Repatriation assistance Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Single point of contact throughout the When you choose Alexander’s, you get a single, moving process high-quality provider for every aspect of your ƒƒ Expert staff averaging over 10 years’ firm’s international transfers. Partnerships with a experience in international relocations global network of providers guarantee you get the superior service you expect—and we demand. With ƒƒ Personalized programs and pricing to meet your company’s needs Alexander’s you can be confident in the success of your international transfers. ƒƒ Relocation program development assistance Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  4. 4. Office Relocations and Facilities Management Introduction Alexander’s Mobility Services’ commercial moving program is the answer to your office and industrial relocation needs. Nationwide locations, a full roster of services, and experienced project managers and crews give our clients unmatched resources to take on any commercial, office complex and plant relocation. Whether you need to relocate a few rooms within one building or populate a complex of buildings, you’ll experience minimal interruption to your operations. Service Program Overview We begin with a careful study of your situation—learning your business and its equipment, inside and out. We look at the project and budget from your perspective and work with you to fully understand your objectives and expectations. We develop a comprehensive, customized plan to ensure a successful transition including precise scheduling and a color- coded facility layout. Every step of the move is outlined and explained to your entire team. ƒƒ On-site move management, ƒƒ Facility relocations, building clear- project management and move outs and upgrade programs coordination ƒƒ Storage and asset management ƒƒ Preparation and moving of for furniture, fixtures and other libraries, filing systems and inventories shelving contents ƒƒ Systems furniture, fixtures, equipment ƒƒ Global, national and local; large or and case goods reconfiguration; small scale; single or multi-phased; receiving, delivery and installation of building-to-building and internal new and used product office and industrial moving ƒƒ Relocation of laboratory, industrial ƒƒ Relocation of electronics, and other heavy equipment and computers and server rooms fixtures Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Experienced professional drivers and crews averaging approximately ten years industry experience ƒƒ Comprehensive project management and move planning When you work with Alexander’s you’re working with a team that handles over 3,500 commercial ƒƒ Single point of contact throughout the entire project moves annually. ƒƒ Customized billing, invoicing, and reporting capabilities ƒƒ Secure shipments for sensitive information and equipment Regardless of your project’s size or unique requirements, you’ll get competitive pricing ƒƒ Consistent crews, drivers and project managers means without sacrificing quality. enhanced security ƒƒ Specialized equipment for sensitive electronics moves Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  5. 5. Asset Management and Warehousing Introduction The modern workplace is a complex combination of systems and free-standing furniture, computers and equipment—assets which must be properly managed to maintain their value. We help companies like yours meet this challenge with a team of uniquely qualified professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and turn-key implementation and integration services. We turn asset management into a strength rather than an expense of doing business. Service Program Overview Alexander’s provides short-and long-term storage solutions built to your specifications. We perform all pick-up and delivery services and comprehensive packing and crating for global transportation. From sensitive antiques and art collections to extensive record and file cataloguing, we use advanced technologies to help you manage your assets so you can focus on your core business utilizing the Windfall™ system bar-coding software program. Windfall’s web-based system automates our warehouse process, enhances customer access, expedites storage invoicing and streamlines inventory processes. Every Alexander’s facility is palletized, with modern security, fire-detection and sprinkler systems. This package provides: ƒƒ Secure access to your ƒƒ Digital imaging inventory via the internet with 24/7 availability ƒƒ Flexible report writing capabilities ƒƒ Customized data profiles— ƒƒ Online work orders we collect the information you want to see ƒƒ Fast, accurate invoicing Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Commercial furniture and equipment ƒƒ Records storage Alexander’s recognizes that not all asset management and warehousing needs are created equal. We have ƒƒ Hospitals and medical facility assets developed specialized programs for clients with ƒƒ School and college/university property unique storage and distribution requirements. ƒƒ Hotel and restaurant chain assets Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  6. 6. Logistics Services Introduction The Alexander’s logistics team will fully support your project from planning and coordination through completion utilizing proven processes and near-limitless resources. We understand that every shipment this division handles is of the utmost importance and that there is no room for error. That is why our specialized logistics division is comprised of drivers ranked among Alexander’s elite in terms of service, quality, and expertise. Service Program Overview The Alexander’s team works with specialized service partners throughout the country to provide the right additional services to meet the unique needs of each shipment. Alexander’s has nine facilities strategically located throughout the United States. With the added support of Atlas’ specialized transportation group and its fleet of over 7,500 power units, Alexander’s is able to meet the needs of any project. ƒƒ Equipment rigging ƒƒ Truckload and less than truckload (LTL) services ƒƒ Fine art exhibition transport ƒƒ High cube and climate- ƒƒ Secure storage for high value controlled vans assets ƒƒ Internet shipment and satellite ƒƒ Comprehensive art exhibition or tracking tour transport services ƒƒ On site show representation at ƒƒ Shipping containers for overseas most major trade shows shipping or secure storage ƒƒ No off-loading (same driver ƒƒ Crated and blanket wrapped pickup and delivery) service Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Air-ride trailers keep your high-value assets ƒƒ ASTEC express shipping for small shipments No matter what your logistical need, Alexander’s Mobility Services has the ƒƒ Elite crews selected for their history of excellence expertise and resources to transform your ƒƒ Lowest claims occurrence ratio of any other division, with one logistics challenge into success. third of one percent. ƒƒ Last-on first off shipment handling ƒƒ Expert packing services keep your valuables safe and secure Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services
  7. 7. Program Management Introduction In a competitive marketplace there is no room for errors or delays that can prove costly to your organization and may endanger your company’s valuable assets. Alexander’s Mobility Services has successfully planned, managed, and executed numerous large-scale and ongoing projects that range from full military base closures to moving projects for corporate clients. Our detail-oriented program management team is comprised of experienced, successful personnel with proven track records for client satisfaction and overall excellence. Service Program Overview The Alexander’s program management team approaches every project utilizing our proven, four point management process. Our team works with your organization’s key stakeholders to develop solutions based on your individual needs and requirements. We handle every aspect of your program from finance and budgeting to asset management to hands on project management, while utilizing the latest technology. Our reporting system tracks every aspect of your project ensuring accountability at every step. Services typically include: ƒƒ Complete job coordination ƒƒ Transportation and relocation management ƒƒ Program management ƒƒ Advanced program planning ƒƒ Vendor management and communications ƒƒ Storage, asset management, warehousing, distribution ƒƒ Cost management and and liquidation budgeting Key Program Benefits ƒƒ Military and BRAC programs Alexander’s program management services offer clients options that ƒƒ Hospital, medical center and laboratory moves meet every project need. Whether your project involves an entire plant relocation or a complex series of moves resulting from a merger, ƒƒ Hotel projects and hospitality programs reorganization or other business change, our project management ƒƒ Large-scale moving projects and programs services, reporting, customized accounting, cloud-based program management and asset management services can be customized to ƒƒ Data-center and IT moves meet the requirements of your project. ƒƒ Specialized environment moves Contact Bob Ryan National Account Executive 800.328-5673 ext. 5046 2811 Beverly Dr., Ste. 100, Eagan, MN 55121 / 800.328.5673 / MN DOT 375523 Atlas Van Lines, Inc. / U.S. DOT No. 125550 / TM & © 2012 AWGI LLCw Alexander’s Mobility Services