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10 Facts Star Team has in common with Star Trek


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What would a stellar team have in common with Star Trek: The Next Generation? We compiled in this presentation 10 reasons why any team or great business would want to associate with the concepts of Star Trek team! ( /

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10 Facts Star Team has in common with Star Trek

  1. 1. “To boldly go when no one has gone before” WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON? STAR TEAM & STAR TREK
  2. 2. A stellar team is the best culture to develop and to extract the best results from the best people. The best starship having the best potential team of the human race, sent to represent the humanity in the unknown. 1. Only the best accepted The best vessel and the best team delivering the best results.
  3. 3. Went beyond the limitation of one company. Went beyond the limitation of one world. 2. In the avant-gard Always exploring, meeting news worlds, new people, new concepts.
  4. 4. The reason to exist is supporting other people and civilizations without imposing our own solutions. First directive is helping without interfering. 3. Always being of help for other people and civilizations.
  5. 5. Never say we can't, we always look for solutions To boldly go when no one has gone before 4. Accepting openly new challenges at every step.
  6. 6. People of different ages, experience, qualities and beliefs working together on a common vision. Different races combine their qualities. 5. Recognizing that people are different and encouraging team diversity.
  7. 7. We challenge the particular situation, not judging the person There are differences on opinion. 6. No internal conflicts But helping each other to be better
  8. 8. Values above allHonor is everything 7. Immaculate moral character traits
  9. 9. People with a shared ambitious vision through a clear mission and unshakeable values first; if you want to come for a little more money and leave for a little more as well, we are not for you. A world above material needs. 8. Above pure material focus
  10. 10. The market is big enough for all competitors. The universe is big enough for all races. 9. Pacifists with other pacifists races There is a place for everybody
  11. 11. A lot of 'firsts' and own IT innovative tools A lot of innovative concepts are now reality. 10. Innovative at every step Inventing the future.
  12. 12. Captain Jean-Luc Pcard: Captain's log, stardate 41153.7 - Our destination is planet Deneb IV, beyond which lies the great, unexplored mass of the galaxy. …. I am still somewhat in awe of its size and complexity. The sky is not the limit Get acquainted to our world, our values and our way on doing things And if you are new on-board: Welcome to StarTechTeam