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Dekra Serbia services

  1. 1. Fast, flexible, competent Solutions for your business
  2. 2. It’s all about the people ... 1. Temporary employment ........... 02 2. Payrolling ........... 04 3. Try and hire ........... 05 4. Mediation in hiring ........... 06 5. Advertising for the clients ........... 08 6. Advertising and selection of applications ........... 09 7. Psychological testing and interviewing ........... 10 8. Consulting in the area of HR management ........... 11 9. DEKRA Training Center ........... 13 10. Mystery shopping ........... 14 11. GERMAN MANAGEMENT POOL ........... 15 12. Business ethics and privacy ........... 17 13. About us / contact ........... 18 14. Global solutions ........... 19 15. Across Germany ........... 20 16. References ........... 21 01
  3. 3. Temporary employment Temporary employment is a new employment concept on the labor market in Serbia. Namely, in this tipe of employment, DEKRA Employment employs selected candidates as their staff, and then contracts them to the client pursuant to the Contract for Services or Contract on Business Technical Cooperation. DEKRA and worker sign the Employment Contract, while DEKRA and client conclude Contract for Services, after which the worker is directed to work for the client. CLIENT Contracting Contract WORKER DEKRA Employment Need for temporary employment can arise from various reasons, while the most frequent are: seasonal jobs – need for additional staff furing the periods when the scope of business is increasing, need for additional labor as assistance to regular work activities, absence of client’s existing workers (for example, due to sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, military service, etc.). The companies keeping strict records about their employees (“headcount”) might find this service especially interesting contracted workers are not registered as the employees of the client’s company. 02
  4. 4. Temporary employment Client benefits: - Provisions of the Rule Book on Labour or Collective Contract do not apply to the contracted workers - DEKRA performs all activities connected to the selection of workers - Dekra performs all administrative activities which would otherwise be the responsibility of the client (preparation and signing of contracts, applications and payments for health and pension insurance and insurance in case of unemployent, management and payment of salaries, keeping records). - DEKRA can fill in vacant work positions quickly and efficiently due to quality selection and extensive database. - DEKRA is responsible for observing all provisions set forth by Labour and Employment Law. - Reduced risk of worker’s absence due to sick leave, annual leave or other reasons, taking into account that all expenses are borne by Dekra and absent worker replaced by another - DEKRA charges to the client effective working hours of employees, i.e. hours that the employee actually spent on work, which brings considerable savings to the employer (apart from payment by the hour we can also apply Administration model) - If the client is not satisfied with the contracted worker, there is an opportunity to replace him by another - Client is able to use workforce according to the dynamics of his business activities In that way, employer transfers all risks and responsibilities to Dekra which takes over care of employees. This procedure significantly saves time and money. 03
  5. 5. Payrolling DEKRA offers payroll services, i.e. calculation of salaries and all other administrative activities that include this (keeping records on sick leaves, annual holidays, working and nonworking days, payment of hot meal allowances, payment of compensation for traveling expenses, and similar). Client benefits: - DEKRA takes over all the responsibilities related to administrative calculation of salaries. - DEKRA strictly respects confidentiality of all data. 04
  6. 6. Try and hire This service includes two steps: 1. DEKRA performs complete process of candidate selection for the client 2. Selected candidates initiate working with the client, while being administratively recorded as employed with DEKRA hiring From a practical point of view, the client does not finish the selection process by choosing staff; it is testing the staff during probation work with the possibility to terminate cooperation in easier way. Upon expiry of the employment contract (which is being signed for the definite period of time of 3 or 6 months), the client could ask: - To take over the employee from DEKRA and register him/her on its payroll sheet - To continue keeping the employee registered with DEKRA hiring - Not to prolong the Employment contract of the employee Client benefits: - All the benefits that come from complete selection process - The client maximally decreases the risk of misjudgment of the new employee - This is specially recommended when it is not certain whether there will exist a need for the open position after the expiry of the employment contract. 05
  7. 7. Mediation in hiring (Complete selection process) Complete selection process includes two phases: 1. Locating candidates - Process for locating the best candidate starts after developing profiles for the required position based on information received from the employer. We need the following information from the client: formal prerequisites potential candidate should fulfill: education profile, working experience, certain certificates or licenses, degree of IT skills, knowledge of foreign languages, other requirements (military service, driving license, own vehicle, etc.), job description - position in the organizational scheme (superiors and potential subordinates), regular and periodical assignments, projects to be responsible for, external and internal clients, reports to be forwarded, resources to manage , incomes -salary, bonuses and stimulations, benefits etc. Candidate locating process depends on the position level as well as availability of that position on labor market. In order to locate the suitable candidate, we use all available methods- media advertising, method of direct search (‘head hunting”), our existing database and our internal sources 2. of information. Selection of candidates - includes: - overview and selection of received applications - psychological testing – testing of intellectual abilities and personality testing. Personality tests we use give us information about candidate characteristics significant for the successful performance of work tasks (emotional stability, readiness to cooperate with others, level of individuality, openness to change, organization skills). - Interview, during the interview, all information in regard to candidate’s education, work experience, acquired skills, knowledge and motivation are gathered. Just the same, the interview supplements psychological tests in reaching conclusions about personality characteristics of the candidate. In the course of the interview we use so called, behavioral technique. This technique is based on answers to the questions about candidate’s actions in the past, in order to reach conclusions about the level of his competences and predict his future behavior. - Check of skills needed for the required job position (foreign languages, computer literacy) are also being tested. 06 Upon performed selection, client will receive an account with short- listed candidates who meet the requirements of the job position, accompanied with the detailed written report.
  8. 8. Mediation in hiring (Complete selection process) Client benefits: - Due to developed technology, the possibility of making a mistake during employee selection is decreased to a minimum - Significant time saving: all the activities that would usually be carried out by the client (advertising, reception and selection of applications, interviewing large number of candidates) are performed by the agency instead of the client 07
  9. 9. Advertising for the clients Advertising for the client can be done: - By using the client name. - Partially anonymously, where certain information related to the client would be stated (business activity, capital origin, market position), but without the client’s name. - Completely anonymously, without any information on the client. When advertises in the name of the client DEKRA: - Takes over all the responsibilities regarding the advertisement placement (contact with the media, recommendation for the advertisement design, payment of the advertisement) - Gathers all the applications - Is obliged to submit all the received applications within arranged time period Client benefits: This service is especially appropriate for the clients that do not wish to publicly seek for new employees. The most common reasons for that can be: - Concealing information from the competition introduction of a new program/service, regional expanding and similar. - Concealing information from the employees in case of replacement of the old personnelwith the new one. - Concealing information from the employees in case of reorganization of working positions. 08
  10. 10. Advertising and selection of applications Besides taking the full responsibility for placing the client’s advertisement (Contact with media, recommendation for the advertisement design, payment of the advertisement), the Agency shall also perform selection of applications based on the precisely defined job requirements. This selection allows the Agency to forward to the client only the applications of those candidates who, according to the items stipulated in the application, match the job description. Client benefits: - Significant saving of time during the first steps of the selection: advertising and application selection 09
  11. 11. Psychological testing and interviewing Includes: - Psychological testing – testing of intellectual abilities and personality testing. Personality tests we use give us information about candidate characteristics significant for the successful performance of work tasks (emotional stability, readiness to cooperate with others, level of individuality, openness to change, organization skills). - Interview – during the interview, all information in regard to candidate’s education, work experience, acquired skills, knowledge and motivation are gathered. Just the same, the interview supplements psychological tests in reaching conclusions about personality characteristics of the candidate. In the course of the interview we use so called, behavioral technique. This technique is based on answers to the questions about candidate’s actions in the past, in order to reach conclusions about the level of his competences and predict his future behavior. This is a special convenience for the clients that have already finished certain part of the selection (selection of CVs, confirmed recommendations or information on candidates with the previous employers, so called Background check, the first interview). This package allows the client to create a full picture of the candidate- his intellectual abilities, self- confidence, planning and organization of business, setting priorities, risk-taking and flexibility. Client benefits: The possibility of selecting the right candidate is increased in the cases when the client: - Has recommendations for several candidates from other sources, - After the first round of interviews: - Has several candidates that respond in terms of expertise and/or experience, - Has several candidates whose CVs fulfill the criteria. 10
  12. 12. Consulting in the area of HR management Consulting in the area of human resources is based on the results of anonymous researches. 1. DEKRA offers its clients services regarding evaluation of the following factors: Evaluation of organizational climate is used to determine the quality and development of certain operating segments within the company and deliver proposals for their improvement. Organizational climate is evaluated through a questionnaire composed of a large number of claims describing different aspects and situations within the organization (events, procedures, rules, relationships). These questionnaires are filled in by the employees, whose task is evaluate to which level the offered claims describe their organization using given scales (from 1 to 5). Measured categories: Organization, management, professional qualifications of the employees and opportunities for professional improvement, feeling of belonging to the company, relationship towards the quality of work, products and services, existence and familiarity with the vision, mission and goals of the company, benefits, motivation, communication and information flow within the 2. company, career development, interpersonal relationships. Employees satisfaction evaluation enables companies to determine importance of specific motivational factors for employees and level of employees satisfaction with specific motivational factors. Satisfaction of employees is evaluated through questionnaires comprising the list of motivational factors. The questionnaires are filled in by the employees, whose task is to rank the listed motivational factors according to their importance and to the extent they are satisfied by their accomplishment using given scales (from 1 to 5). Measured categories: Salaries, fairness in distribution of salaries, work content, nonexistence of confrontations within the company, possibilities for education and professional improvement, management methods, security of the employment, promotion prospects, frequency of overtime working hours… The list of important motivational factors varies from company to company depending on their specific needs. For example, in some companies, development of information systems holds a big motivational importance, whereas in others this same factor is marginal. Therefore, this questionnaire is finalized following a discussion with the management. 11
  13. 13. Consulting in the area of HR management 3. Evaluation of management methods enables the management of a company to determine if and to what extent, their management method is functional and acceptable by the employees and which are the negative elements of their management methods and what are the ways for their improvement. Improvement of management methods enables better communication of the management with the employees and more efficient delegation of tasks, which greatly contributes to an overall more optimal work process. Management methods are evaluated through a questionnaire comprising a large number of claims describing different events, proceedings and relationships which include management. Measured categories: Motivating co-workers, accepting remarks, delegation of tasks, business knowledge, interpersonal relationships management, provision of support, prediction of problems, care about material resources, encouragement of development, organization of business, use of co-workers` potential, monitoring co¬workers` performance, encouragement and support regarding 4. risk-taking. Determining work potential of employees. The employees fill in standardized psychological tests which measure factors significant for the successful work performance. Measured categories: extroversion, stress tolerance, decisiveness, independence, self-control, functional reasoning, emotional stability, assertiveness, practicality, openness to change, self- esteem DEKRA will present the results of this survey to the client in the form of a report (written report containing numerical indicators, graphs and interpretation of results), with special regard to potential negative elements of organization management, proposing corrective measures at the same time. By applying the suggested corrective measures the working efficiency and overall company successfulness are being increased. Client benefits: - Well-timed elimination of causes of potential employees dissatisfaction 12 - More rational use of employees’ working potential - Prevention of fluctuation, i.e. outflow of working power - Fairer and more functional stimulation of the employees
  14. 14. DEKRA Training Center DEKRA Training Center, with its extensive range of hard and soft skills development related modules, provides the client with tailor made training and conduct the latter in the region of Southeast and East Europe DEKRA’s training is interactive in nature and includes multimedia approaches (Power Point presentations, discussions, team games, success stories, workshops...) with the emphasis on empiric learning. We prepare and adjust the trainings to the needs of the client and condust them in keeping with internationally recognized IAF standards (International Association of Facilitators). In addition to the sources of the DEKRA Corporation, we are also following global trends through expert publications in the area of Business & Personal Development. Consequently, the trainings are based on recognized and proven models, successs stories and current business trends. Benefits of the trainings: For the company: - Better business results; - Internal image „We care for our employees”; - External image “We are investing in our employees” - Better relationship between employees informal socializing, going through the same process; - Getting to know each other better same concepts, models, vocabulary, vision. For the employees: - Personal development; - Team building; - Resolving concrete problems; - Empiric learning; - Learning new concepts; 13 - Boosting the success and results context.
  15. 15. DEKRA Mystery Shopping Mystery shopping is accessing to which extent the actions of employees rendering particular service, (sales, maintenance, collection), in their interaction with the clients, are in conformity with the prescribed standards. This process is implemented by the so-called „Secret Buyers”, trained to act like the typical buyer and adhering to specially defined instructions and criteria. DEKRA mystery shopping projects are recognizable in the car industry (maintenance of vehicles, technical inspection centers) and in sales companies (merchants in retail, commercial agents, wholesale business partners). • 250 consultants • 20 years of experience • 12.000 projets • global presence • Mystery shopping is a globally known service of the DEKRA Group; in the preparation of projects, the analysis of business processes of various industries in which mistery shopping is conducted, drawing up scenarios for secret buyers and reporting tools, more than 250 consultants are engaged on the Pan European level, who have more than 20 years of experience. DEKRA is conducting 12.000 mystery shopping processes regarding sales and services in more than 20 countries worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Africa). DEKRA Serbia disposes with all the relevant tools, know-how and infrastructure for the realization of mystery shopping projects. Client benefits: - The control of business operations on sales points whether employees are acting in keeping with standards. - Identifying strong and weak points in the relationship towards buyers/clients. - Identification of employees needing additional professional improvement, as well as those who deserve to be rewarded (or punished). - Establishing the way in which the buyers perceive the company. 14 - Finding the best way to increase employee motivation.
  16. 16. GERMAN MANAGEMENT POOL What is the GMP? German Management Pool (GMP) is a project that offers investors a quick and effective way to identify and hire the most qualified employees for the start-up phase of their project in Serbia. GMP provides experienced experts with relevant managerial skill and knowladge of the local and industry-specific business environment. GMP also provides experienced professionals that can later make up phe management of the newly established company in Serbia . Who are the founders of GMP? GMP was founded in December 2006 by the following organisations with the purpose to foster high-quality investments from Germany in Serbia: ■ Serbian Ministry of Economy, with support from the German Ministry of Economic Co¬operation and Development (BMZ) through the CIM-Programe ■ Delegate Office of German Industry and Commerce for Serbia and Montenegro (AHK), Belgrade ■ Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Representative Office in Germany, Frankfurt a.M. ■ DEKRA employment, the Serbian subsidiary of DEKRA AG, Germany 15
  17. 17. GERMAN MANAGEMENT POOL Advantages for investors: GMP allows investors to benefit directly from the professionalism, networks of contracts, and political support of its founding institutions. The advantages of these synergies for investors include: ■ A cost-effective and quick way to conduct initial activities Serbia, such as labour market research, search for locations and/or partners, on-site visits, meetings with relevant authorities, land acquisition and privatisations. ■ Significant institutional and political support during the crucial start-up phase. ■ GMP project managers are specialists in their field with a sound track record and highly flexible in terms of location and nature of assignment. ■ GMP project managers are supported, supervised, and, if required, monitores by GMP founders, reducing the co-ordination costs for investors. ■ Ability to hire ”your” representative in Serbia on a temporary basis and performance related pay according to pre-defined criteria. ■ In short: GMP speeds up investment projects, reduces their cost and risks, and allows investors to make choices on the basis of professional advice and objective criteria. CIM AHK PKS, representative in Frankfurt Mr. Michael Schmidt Mr. Sascha Marković Mrs. Milanka Vučić Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 15 Cara Uroša 9 Börsenplatz 4,D-60313 11000 Belgrad, Serbien 11000 Belgrad, Serbia Frankfurt am Main Tel: +381 11 3346-212 Tel: +381 11 3285-436, -438 Tel: +49 69 29 7 29 313 Mob: +381 11 62 372275 Fax: +381 11 3034780 Fax: +49 69 29 7 29 310 16 E-Mail: E-Mail: E-Mail: Web: Web: http:/ Web:
  18. 18. Business ethics and privacy Business activities of a consultant in the area of human resources management include management of confidential information. DEKRA has specially developed mechanisms for protecting its clients 1. and candidates. Client protection DEKRA is obliged (in written form) to treat all the information received by the client as business secret and to use them exclusively internally for the purposes of more quality service rendering. This information includes: amounts of salaries of the employees, business politics, procedures, client know-how, plans related to business improvement, job descriptions, organizational structure, planning of staff change, results gained based on surveys, as well as all other vague or unpublished details related to a client. Apart from that, DEKRA is obliged towards the active clients not to use head-hunting (executive search) in order to win over some of the clients’ employees for the needs of other clients. The active clients are considered to be all the companies that DEKRA worked with within the last year, regardless of the type of services. 2. Candidate protection DEKRA protects the candidates that applied to the open competition by concluding a confidential agreement with the client. Pursuant to that agreement the client is obliged not to check the candidates data with the previous or current employers via its own sources or in some other way. Reference check is performed exclusively by DEKRA and with the candidate’s approval. DEKRA protects the candidates entered into the base or CV archive regardless of the competition by not sending their data to any of the clients without their previous approval. Only DEKRA employees have access to the data base and CV archive. All the data received from the candidates are used only for selection purposes. Data are protected by software solution provided by our web-host company. 17
  19. 19. About us / contact DEKRA employment has been founded by DEKRA Arbeit GmbH from Stuttgart (Germany), that does business in 90 offices across Germany. DEKRA Arbeit GmbH is a part of DEKRA AG that has 4 divisions in its system: -DEKRA Automotive -DEKRA NORISKO Industrial -DEKRA International -DEKRA Personnel DEKRA AG has been founded in 1925. and is known for its top quality services in Germany and across the world. DEKRA has about 18.000 employees as well as turnover bigger then 1.5 billion euro’s in 2007. DEKRA AG is doing business in 27 European countries as well as North America, Brasil and South Africa. 1. DEKRA employment Belgrade Milentija Popovića 32a, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia Phone: +381 11 21 20 454 Fax: +381 11 21 20 458 Email: 2. DEKRA employment Novi Sad Gajeva 5/4, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Phone: +381 21 66 22 077 18 Fax: +381 21 66 22 088 Email:
  20. 20. Global solutions DEKRA Arbeit is also expanding internationally and spreading its successful concept - we are already the market leader in Croatia Currently, DEKRA Arbeit has offices in eight countries outside Germany, including Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain and Czech Republic. Contact us: Croatia 10000 Zagreb, Zadarska 80 , Phone: 003851 / 60 64 420 E-Mail:, Serbia 11070 Novi Beograd, Milentija Popovica 32a, Phone: 0038111 / 212 04 54 E-Mail:, Macedonia 1000 Skopje, Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov 42, Phone: 00389 / 23 23 09 51 E-Mail:, Hungary H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 42, Phone: 00361 / 461 90 80 E-Mail:, Slovakia 82101 Bratislava, Drieňová 3, Phone: 00421 / 2 48 21 07 12 E-Mail:, Bosnia Herzegovina 71000 Sarajevo, Fra Andela Zvizdovića 1, Phone: 00387 / 33 29 52 52 E-Mail:, Spain Rambla de Catalunya, 20 entlo. 1, 08007 Barcelona, España 19 Phone: 0034 / 666 722 794, E-Mail: offi, Czech Republic Biskupský dvůr 2095/8, Prague 1, 110 00 , Phone: 00420 / 777 699 943 E-Mail:,
  21. 21. Across Germany Wherever you need us, we are there! Today DEKRA Arbeit GmbH is represented in over 90 locations in Germany and the number of branches is increasing continuously. For a non-binding, on-site consultation with your nearest branch office, go to: Contact us: DEKRA Arbeit GmbH, Handwerkstraße 15, 70565 Stuttgart Phone: +49 (0)711 / 78 61 32-03, 20
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