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PR & awareness in your accelerator


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PR & awareness in your startup accelerator

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PR & awareness in your accelerator

  1. 1. PR and awareness within your accelerator FIWARE Communication Workshop Bogdan Ceobanu 7 July, Ogilvy
  2. 2. Have a /portfolio page where you showcase all the startups selected
  3. 3. Within your /blog cover weekly one of the top companies selected
  4. 4. If you have workshops with experts/advisors - record them, then write a blog post summarising the learnings and sharing the video [Content marketing]
  5. 5. Get the startups to write about you, and the benefits you provide and make sure that content gets shared, the more the better. [They are the main assets and biggest promoters]
  6. 6. Create good relationship with tech journalists for follow-up announcements ie: product launches, funding news, new batch, etc.
  7. 7. In advance to your demo day, prepare a good media kit with the companies that graduated. Share the media kit with the bloggers who will participate at the demo day, detailing who is pitching, what does the company stand for, etc.
  8. 8. Make an page and invite all your companies to update their profiles.
  9. 9. Assign a full/part time person to take over, in order to create quality content and follow the comms plan.