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Google shopping campaigns presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Google shopping campaigns presentation

  1. 1. Grow revenue Increase traffic - both online and offline Maintain margins Build loyalty Grow revenue Increase traffic - both online and offline Maintain margins Build loyalty Google Shopping campaigns Connects customers to the right products
  2. 2. There are millions of people shopping on Google Google has targeting and the data to find the right customer We can help you connect customers to your store We set retailers up for success through Google Shopping
  3. 3. 100Bsearches a month on Google 15%of searches every day are new Google Shopping has the traffic across devices to build your customer base
  4. 4. Multi-screen capabilities to reach customers anywhere they are shopping Targeting technology to deliver retail content to the right customer segment Tools to optimize your performance and manage your online presence more efficiently Google Shopping has the technology to help you find the right customer for your business
  5. 5. Product Listing Ads: The engine of Google Shopping
  6. 6. Shopper Searches for a Product on Attractive, engaging ad format Solid lead quality Precise targeting Increased exposure In sync with your prices and inventory
  7. 7. Product Listing Ads on Google 1 2 image product title w/ link to webpage price retailer
  8. 8. Product Listing Ads on
  9. 9. Google Shopping results compared to regular text ads 165% more clicks 14% increase in conversion rate 10-15% increase in ROAS