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Topex Catalog


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Topex Company Presentation

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Topex Catalog

  1. 1. 2009 c atalog ue There…where the product life cycles are becoming shorter, There… where the faster developments of new products gain on slower developments obtaining a competitive advantage, …. in telecom industry We conspire with you to deliver solutions that really work On-time and On-budget for you
  2. 2. 01.history content TOPEX OVERVIEW 02. product development stages Founded in 1990 TOPEX is a Romanian company producing, integrating telecom solutions and distributing 03.fixed mobile convergence telecom equipments to Romanian and foreign markets, 04. analog products offering answers that meet telecom network 05. BRI products requirements of companies across the globe. 06. VoIP products 08. mobile gateways Created and staffed with R&D engineers with 09.IP telephony backgrounds in telecommunications, the company 10.Softswitches started with PBX products & associated services being 11.Media & Signaling recognized at present as a VoIP and NGN solution gateways provider. 12.IP PBX EXPORT MARKETS Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Colombia, EU, Indonesia, 15.wireless broadband Japan, Norway, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, New 16. GPRS router Zeeland, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South 16. HSDPA/HSUPA router Africa, Turkey, UK OUR MISSION 17.public safety To be among principal suppliers for next generation 18.IP radio gateways networks and voice communications systems by 19.multicast radar delivering superior performance solutions for convergent voice communication networks. 21.air traffic control THE MARKETS 22.IP - VCS - Fixed Mobile Convergence 23.TDM - VCS - IP Telephony - Wireless Broadband - Public Safety 25. railway traffic control - Air and Railway Traffic Control 26.CTFD and ITASFV
  3. 3. History of Technology TOPEX Product Development Stages 1994 ….. Becoming the largest manufacturer of institution PABX in Romania 2000…… The sole manufacturer of fixed-mobile GSM terminals in Romania 2000….. The first TOPEX VCS communications system for the ATC industry 2002…… The first TOPEX GSM gateway "multiACCESS" carrying voice from E1 to GSM 2003…… The first TOPEX TDM/VoIP media gateways 2005…… TOPEX introduces QUTEX gateway, VoIP to GSM gateway • Idea generation (Identify customer, market needs, competitors similar products) 2005…… 3GSM World Congress Cannes, announcing the Wi-Fi EV-DO BYTTON router 2006…… At CeBIT, the company announced TOPEX Softswitch CLASS 4 solution • Assessment of TOPEX's ability to carry out (Relate 2007…… CLASS 5 services for TOPEX multiSwitch customer wants to product “hows”) 2007…… ATC Amsterdam, announcing firstly in the world IP VCS solution • Customer Requirements (Identify how the product 2008…… GSMA Barcelona, new IP PBX family: Voistel, VoiBridge and VoxiPlus will satisfy customer wants) 2009….. CommunicAsia Singapore launching Mobilink IP History of Innovation • Functional Specification (detailed list of product attributes desired by customer, 2001 ...... First manufacturer of fixed - cellular CDMA 450 terminals worldwide market) 2005...... The world premiere, at CeBIT for the first FCT UMTS, VOXELL 2005…… The first in the world UMTS gateway technology, at SMAU - Italy • Product Specifications (Defines product in terms of how the product would meet 2006…… CeBIT Hannover, the first Wi-Fi HSDPA router in the world. • Evaluation (Sales and desired attributes; Identifies product's 2007…… ATC Amsterdam, announcing the first TOPEX IP VCSS solution in the world continuous customer's engineering characteristics, product's feedback monitoring) physical specifications) History of Differentiation • Design Review (Prioritizes engineering characteristics, rate product compared to BYTTON Project competitors, Engineering drawing, bill of material, product structure) 2000..... CDMA 450 2005..... EVDO 2006...... HSDPA 2008...... HSUPA multiACCESS Project 2002...... 2E1 to GSM 2006...... VoIP to UMTS • Test Market (Trial production period to work 2009 ...... The call capacity is doubled to 64 channels the bugs out) multiSwitch Project • Introduction to Market (Target market, go-to- market strategy, announcement press release, ) 2007...... Softswitch CLASS 4 solution: TOPEX multiSwitch 2007 ...... CLASS 5 services for TOPEX multiSwitch 2008 ...... IP Centrex solutions for TOPEX multiSwitch 1 2
  4. 4. fixed mobile convergence FIXED MOBILE TERMINALS Analogue Products: 1 SIM & 1 FXS; GSM/3G fixed mobile convergence MobiLink GSM VOXELL HSDPA Description: - connects your PBX to mobile networks Attributes: - Covers all GSM or UMTS networks - Small form factor - Offers support for calls from mobile users to the enterprise analogue PBX - Advanced SMS capabilities - Local configuration via Windows GUI - FXS port for analogue connection - Automatic call without dialling(“Hotline”) Cost Benefit : Reduce cost for fixed-to-mobile calls by transforming them into mobile-to-mobile calls Addressable Markets: Enterprise and SMB; Telecom Operators; System Integrators 3 4
  5. 5. fixed mobile convergence fixed mobile convergence FIXED MOBILE TERMINALS FIXED MOBILE TERMINALS BRI Products: 1/2 SIM & 1 BRI; GSM/3G VoIP Products: 1/2 SIM & VoIP; GSM/3G n pro ew du cts VOXELL IP HSDPA MobiLink ISDN GSM MobiLink IP GSM VOXELL ISDN HSDPA Description: Description: - connects your ISDN PBX to mobile networks - connects your IP based PBX to mobile networks. Attributes: Attributes: - Covers all GSM or UMTS networks - Covers all GSM or UMTS networks - Advanced Least Cost Routing - NAT Traversal - Small form factor - Advanced Least Cost Routing - Advanced SMS capabilities - Web-based interface for configuration - Offers support for calls from mobile users - Dynamic CLIP Routing to the enterprise ISDN PBX - Advanced SMS capabilities - Local configuration via Windows GUI - Small form factor - Syncronization port (SY port) - Offers support for calls from mobile users to - CLIP Routing the enterprise IP PBX Magnetic Antenna - Local configuration via Windows GUI Cost Benefit: Enabling your ISDN PBX to reduce telecom Cost Benefit : Important savings on telecom bill by costs by routing fixed-to-mobile calls towards 2 mobile networks reducing cost of calls from fixed to mobile networks Addressable Markets: Enterprise and SMB; Addressable Markets: Enterprise and SMB; Telecom Operators; System Integrators Telecom Operators; Small companies with no fixed line 5 6
  6. 6. fixed mobile convergence NGN PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS Mobile Gateways: FXO/BRI/PRI/VoIP; GSM/3G; SIP, H323; SS7, R2 multiACCESS QUTEX VoxiPlus adv. VoxiPlus VoiBridge 2 - 32 2 - 10 2 - 12 2-4 2-4 channels channels channels channels channels Description: - connects large enterprises or call center telephony infrastructure to mobile networks 1. We constantly transform ourselves… Attributes: 2. Find with us solutions at work… - Covers all GSM or UMTS networks - Fixed or modular configurations 3. We make technology work for you… - Advanced Least Cost Routing Yagi Antenna - Local configuration via Windows GUI 4. Our product strategy - a combination of new, growing and mature - Multiple interfaces for connection with other systems products … - CLIP Routing - Offers support for calls from mobile users to the enterprise IP PBX 5. Our sales strategy - concerned with developing the most appropriate - 4 SIM cards per voice channel products for our target markets… 6. Our experience in mobile technologies… Cost Benefit : Important savings on telecom bill for large Cost-Benefit example: companies by routing the mobile calls on different networks 7. Our know-how in SS7 signalling and SIP session control… directly with “on-net” calls 8. Our expertise in high-performance mission-critical applications… Addressable Markets: Enterprise and SMB; Companies with a large number of mobile calls 7 8
  7. 7. IP telephony NGN PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS SoftSwitches CLASS 4 and CLASS 5 IP Softswitch telephony multiSWITCH web interface Description: CLASS 4: Acts as SIP & H323 signaling routing platform CLASS 5: Provides a broad range of applications including Residential VoIP, Business Trunking, IP Centrex services. Attributes CLASS 4: Attributes CLASS 5: - Central voice over IP signaling - RTP & SIP NAT Traversal endpoint - Prepaid Subscribers - Standalone solution for up to - Hosted Services 5000 SIP concurrent calls - RADIUS interconnection - Cluster solution & redundant - Cluster solution & redundant system system - PSTN call signaling - IP Based ACL - SIGTRAN, ISUP - Operating System: Linux - Operating System: Linux Cost Benefit : CLASS 4: Servers may be situated at different geographical locations CLASS 5: distributed telephony switching system Addressable Markets: Carrier SS7, Wholesale VoIPTermination Telephony Solution for Corporate & Residential market 9 10
  8. 8. IP telephony IP telephony NGN PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS NGN PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS Media & Signalling Gateways: PRI/VoIP; SIP, IP PBX: FXO/BRI/PRI/VoIP; GSM/3G; SIP, H323 H323, RTP, RTCP; SS7, R2 VoisTel EoneS VoisTel web interface QUTEX miniGateway 2E1/VoIP, w/o SS7 2E1/VoIP 2-10E1/VoIP Description: - Terminates VoIP traffic directly onto PSTN networks; VoIP extension for exclusive PSTN switches; Description: Protocol Switching solution: ISDN – SS7, - medium capacity IP PBX with integrated GSM/3G trunks VoIP – SS7 Attributes: Attributes: - Full PBX functionality and services - VoIP trunking solution - Simple deployment of IP Telephony - Point-to-point SIP trunking - Built-in PRI/BRI/GSM/3G interfaces - SS7 – VoIP Gateway: Uses Protocols SS7 over IP, - SIP based IP PBX M3UA and M2UA - Compatible with major IP Phones and softphones - ISDN – SS7 protocol-switching solution to - Up to 50 SIP users interconnect directly to the backbone - Fax support – over IP or pass-through - Multi-VoIP - carrier routing method - Advanced Least Cost Routing - Redundant power supply - Voice migration from TDM - Proven interconnection with all major TDM equipments Cost Benefit : Using one signaling protocol to the networkpoint Cost Benefit: Reduce your telecom bill by using the integrated with low investment; Transition from costly PRI lines to VoIP Least Cost Routing between fixed and mobile networks, by using the free or promo minutes for “on-net” calls. Addressable Markets: Carrier SS7, Branch Office Addressable Markets: Connectivity, Wholesale VoIP Termination SOHO, SMB, Enterprise 11 12
  9. 9. worldwide markets awards certificates 13 14
  10. 10. wireless broadband ROUTERS Routers: 1/2 SIM & 1 FXO/FXS; GSM/3G BYTTON Bytton GPRS wireless Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA broadband Description: - broadband router that provides internet access by using mobile networks Attributes: - 5 Ethernet ports - WiFi connection - Integrated Firewall - Secure VPN tunnels - Voice ports - GPS support - Serial connections - Web based or text mode configuration - Backup for fixed line voice and internet connection Cost Benefit : Integrated access device that can be used as a replacement for fixed line voice and internet connection, firewall and wireless access point. Addressable Markets: Small Office/Home Office;Banking; Lottery; Telemetry; Retail; Wireless Video Surveillance 15 16
  11. 11. public safety VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS IP Radio Gateways: VoIP; Tetra; Tetrapol;PTT; Analog Radio; SIP; H323; RTP; RTCP public IP RADIO Gateway safety Description: - complete functionality between radio and IP networks with interconnection capabilities with GSM, Analogue or ISDN. Attributes: - Connect radio systems at multiple sites across the IP network - Analogue and digital TETRA and TETRAPOL radio - Individual, group calls and emergency incoming group call - Half duplex and full duplex calls - Ethernet, E&M, RS232 and V.24 interfaces for radio stations connection Cost Benefit : - Safety enhancement for the communication infrastructure in mission critical applications - Future - proof set of features achieving the riskless integration of radio technology with VoIP Addressable Markets: Emergency Systems (911),Police /Firefighting department,Civil and Military airports 17 18
  12. 12. public safety VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Radar Multicast – Public Safety: mIP/L2TP, mIP/UDP, radar plot multicast TOPEX RMTCDE Description: - format independent platform which makes the conversion of the surveillance data to a standard format accepted by LAN connected consumers as the ATM Surveillance Tracker and ARTAS server. Rapid response and flexibility in product ? development practices: Attributes: Our control points that serves to secure our - Low conversion time for radar messages products against the pressure of - High processing capacity – more than 50 streams of surveillance data competitive tides - Remote monitoring through SSL secured web console - Internal memory logs and external SYSLOG server for various events Product innovation: ? like stream discontinuity Our only way to accomplish our objective - Avoiding algorithm for multiplicated messages for continuous growth Product differentiation: ? Our regular basis to enhance the current product lines with new technologies Cost Benefit : Middleware component in the process of multicast surveillance stream dissemination Product differentiation: ? Our regular basis to adapts products to new or evolving market segments Addressable Markets: Civil and military airport; Defense authorities 19 20
  13. 13. air traffic control VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS IP VCS – Air Traffic Control: VoIP; SIP, H323, R2S, MFCR2 over IP, RTP, RTCP, SRTP, TLS TOPEX air IP VCS traffic control Description: - Integrated component of ATM systems achieving radio, telephone and intercom communications between air traffic controllers and pilots Attributes: - Fully redundant, reliable and scalable solution based on QoS-enabled IP network - Easy integration with legacy systems, analogue and digital interfaces - All types of radio interfaces supported (analogue, TETRA, TETRAPOL) - Easy upgrade in local or remote sites without influences on core capacity - Complete set of services available in dispatcher centers applications Cost Benefit : TCO reduction through an efficient use of network resources improving safety and network design Addressable Markets: Civil and military airports, dispatcher centers, ATC training simulators 21 22
  14. 14. air traffic control TOPEX VALUES VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS TDM VCS – Air Traffic Control: BRI/PRI/E&M/ Quality Services: FXS/FXO/MFCR2 ATS/VoIP always excellent and consistent Innovative and quick response: exploring new ideas to increase our effectiveness Customer first: TOPEX listening to their needs TDM VCS Teaming for Success: working together and acting like one player Description: - Legacy voice communication system based on TDM technology used in dispatcher centre applications and air traffic control applications Attributes: - Radio, telephone and intercom supported - Seamless migration to IP based systems - Redundancy and hot swap available for system components - Touch screen operator positions with configurable area and buttons - Local and remote management, configuration and monitoring application Cost Benefit : Network availability improvement through redundacy and advanced routing features Addressable Markets: Civil and military airports , dispatcher centers, ATC training simulators 23 24
  15. 15. railway traffic control VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS CTFD and ITASFV: GSM-R/BRI/PRI/E&M/FXS/ FXO/MFCR2 ATS/VoIP railway traffic TOPEX CTFD TOPEX ITASFV control Description: - Advanced voice communication solution for railway dispatcher centers Attributes: - GSM-R infrastructure compatibility - All types of used interfaces (telephone and radio) in railway field - RC and CC lines supported - Based on central and secundary stations connected to the main switch - Very good selectivity of the call frequencies - Railways traffic coordination on traffic areas - Highly scalable solution in terms of operator positions and telephone interfaces Cost Benefit : Safety critical communication solution for safe transport meeting the demands of modern rail and public transport Addressable Markets: Public transport – railways and municipal transport 25 26
  16. 16. Complete list of services offered today Service, Support, Warranty and Training To date, for its lines of business, TOPEX is covering deployment and TOPEX customer service, support and training are important to build network planning services as follows: and maintain strong customer relationships. FCTs TOPEX Service Department repairs and provides technical – deployment services: support for its products. The support services include: • Installation and Configuration • 12/7 - technical support; ROUTERS • remote access diagnostics and servicing; – deployment services: • extended maintenance and support programs; • Installation and Configuration • technical customer training; • Provide and execute staging and pilots, where necessary • technical customer documentation; • onsite installation, emergency replacement and regular NGN PRODUCTS AND SOLUTION software maintenance releases; and limited upgrades and – deployment and network planning services: enhancements. • Provide NGN detailed design • Provide Implementation, roll-out • Provide Functional and performance testing To TOPEX customers and certain resellers of our products, • Provide Definition of site requirements (including site surveys) the company offers technical training respecting the proper use, • Provide and execute staging and pilots, where necessary support and maintenance of the products. • Develop and document planning rules • Provide the necessary support and execute migration TOPEX usually warrant the products and solutions against defects in • Support installation of equipment materials and workmanship for a period of one year ending for NGN • Prepare, support relevant customer acceptance tests line and two years for the rest lines. After that, TOPEX offers • Hand-over operational units to the customer extended service warranties. VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – deployment and network planning services: • Project Management • VCS Planning and Design • Network Integration and Planning • Site Assessment • Commissioning and Testing 27 28