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Te-ai inscris la Sky Run si doresti sa intri si in "competitia" de fundraising?
Indiferent de obiectivele tale personale ca alergator, te asiguram ca efortul tau va ajuta multi pacienti ingrijiti de HOSPICE Casa Sperantei. Ne bazam pe generozitatea ta si a sustinatorilor tai pentru a termina constructia centrului de ingrijiri paliative HOSPICE Casa Sperantei din Bucuresti.
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Sky Run fundraising pack

  1. 1. 01 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK Thank you for deciding to take part in the SKYRUN competition on behalf of HOSPICE Casa Speranței. You will help to improve the lives of children and adults with terminal illnesses across Romania. This Fundraising Pack is designed to help you get the most out of the events, with everything you need to get started.As you may be aware, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei relies very heavily on the generosity of individuals and localcommunities to raise the 1.9 million euros needed to annually provide over 18,000 home care visits, 11,000 out-patient consultations, 650 admissions to the in-patient unit as well as day care facilities and social work support each year in Bucharest, Brasov, Fagaras and Zarnesti. Please be assured that all the proceeds raised through your sponsorship will be put to good use and will make an invaluable impact on the care and support that our patients and their families receive from us. HOSPICE Casa Speranței is proud to be the official charity of the SKYRUN - 7 DEC 2013 +40 733 553 380 If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the HOSPICE Fundraising Team.
  2. 2. 02 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK FUNDRAISING TIPS 1. BEGIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLECarry your sponsorship form (included in this pack) with you at all times. company matches the funds you raise. Or, your employer may like to round your total up to the nearest hundred or even thousand! 2. ASK EVERYONE & ANYONE TO SPONSOR YOUMake a list of all your family, friends, work colleagues, sporting or social associates and ask them to make a donation. 7. PLAN AN EVENTEvents can be great fun and are a really effective way to raise money. Remember to make sure itʼs something that people will enjoy by doing some your event. 3. START WITH SOMEONE GENEROUSdonation, it will encourage everyone else to be equally generous. 8. HAVE A HIGH PROFILEContacting your local newspaper or company newsletter helps raise awareness of your challenge and the vital work of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei. Have a look at our Press Release Template. 4. ONLINE SPONSORSHIPYou can design your very own online sponsor form in minutes at Your sponsors will be able to donate safely and tax-effectively from anywhere in the world. Your personal site will record someone sponsors you. If you need help in setting up your page, our Fundraising Team would be happy to help! 5. EMAIL SIGNATUREMention the marathon at the bottom of all your emails. Add something like ʻIʼm taking part in The Bucharest Marathon! Would you like to sponsor me?ʼ to raise awareness of your event. You could even add a link to your Justgiving page if you have one. 6. MATCHED FUNDINGYour employer might offer matched funding. This is when your 9. BE PROUD, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei provides specialist care stages of their terminal or life-threatening illness. We rely heavily on fundraising and donations as we do not charge patients or their families for our services. Your donations will help us to continue our invaluable work. 10. AND FINALLY, WE ARE HERE TO HELPWe are always here to answer your questions and provide you with more fundraising ideas and tips. If you need any help, please call or email: / +40 372 706 208. If you need a sponsorship contract for large donations from companies, please contact us and we will be happy to send you one.
  3. 3. 03 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK ORGANIZING A FUNDRAISING EVENT This is a great way to raise money for HOSPICE. There are lots of things to consider when planning your event but the most important thing is to be organised from the start. Here is a guide to help you plan your event: WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE? • Have a look at our A-Z of event ideas or think of something you enjoy doing and organise your event around that. • Ask friends, family and colleagues to help you and try to get as many free things as possible. • Find an appropriate venue for your event and book it in advance. Make sure it has everything you need. • Contact the HOSPICE Fundraising Team if you need any help or advice – we are here to help you! CREATE A PLAN • Make a detailed list of all the different tasks that need to be completed in order to prepare for your event. Ask people to help you with the different tasks and give them deadlines to work to. • Think about other ideas that could help to make or refreshments. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT • contact your local newspaper to advertise your event. ON THE DAY • • Get some good photos of the event AFTER THE EVENT • Keep current and accurate accounts and be sure to thank everyone involved, then you can celebrate!
  4. 4. 04 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK A-Z IDEAS FOR A FUNDRAISING EVENT Here are a few ideas to get you started A Auction of items or promises; Art exhibition J Jam making; Job swap for a day B BBQ; Book sale; Bike ride K Karaoke night C Coffee morning; Car cleaning; Cake sale L Limbo competition; Ladies lunch; Ladies night D Dress down day at work; Disco; Dinner Dance M Murder mystery evening; Masked Ball; Music gig E Easter egg hunt / party; Eighties night N No smoking; No drinking F Fancy dress party; Face painting; Fashion show O Outdoor pursuits; Off-road driving G Games evening; Golf match; Garden party P Pub quiz; Pampering party H Halloween party, Head shaving Q Quiz night I Indian night R S Swimming gala; Salsa night; Sports tournament T Triathlon; Talent Show; Tombola U Ultimate challenge (Sky dive, Bungee jump) V Variety show W Wine Tasting; Walking X Xmas drinks, X Factor evening Y Yoga Z Zorbing
  5. 5. 05 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK TEAM HOSPICE TOP FUNDRAISER 2012 Every year we award our best TEAM HOSPICE fundraiser with a gift from one of our sponsors. This added incentive has driven a number of fundraisers to raise fantastic amounts for the charity. Last year, our top fundraiser was Andrew Le Poidevin. He managed to raise an incredible 2500 £ by involving his friends, family, colleagues and promoting the cause HOSPICE."It is a remarkable experience, finishing a marathon. Elation, exhaustion, pride and satisfaction. The supporters, friends and complete strangers applauding you along, shouting encouragement. That would be enough, but add in the aspect of fundraising for HOSPICE Casa Speranței and a whole new dimension opens up. When I was running I was acutely aware that every step not only took me closer to the finish line but also closer to someone, somewhere getting assistance. 10 kms sign – thatʼs medication for someone; 20 kms – practical home help; 30 kms – bricks for the new hospice being built; 40 kms – an inflatable mattress; finally 42.1 kms. As I came down the long finish in front of the worldʼs second largest building I saw everyone encouraging me. But I also saw all the people who had sponsored me so generously. And I saw the people who were being helped by their money. Most of all I knew that my partnerʼs mother, in her hospital bed, was thinking of me, knowing of the money I was raising and the help it would provide to so many other people. I cried as I approached the finish line. There is no doubt that it was worth it, all the training, sensible eating, blisters and aching muscles. I loved the sense of achievement for me, the charity and those sponsoring me. You will too." Andrewʼs story is just one of hundreds of inspirational stories we have received from Team HOSPICE runners. We encourage you to discover the joy of running yourself by becoming part of the “Team HOSPICE” family which grows every year.
  6. 6. 06 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK HOW WILL YOUR FUNDRAISING HELP? €24 (103 Lei) pays for one homecare visit €80 (346 Lei) could provide inpatient care for one day at the HOSPICE €120 (515 Lei) would enable our homecare team to make 5 visits to one patient over a month
  7. 7. 07 HOSPICEFUNDRAISINGPACK TRAINING TIPS Whether this is your first attempt at running a vertical run or you are already expert, it is important that you train well so you can make the most of your experience. • Set realistic goals for yourself. • Plan the training to match your own goals but remember that things may come up at the last minute – so donʼt be too hard on yourself! • Warm up and cool down routines are essential elements of every training session. • Each week consider three sessions at target race pace, two long slow sessions and two days recovery. • Remember to breath deeply, not shallow breathing. • Learn to run relaxed and smooth with your pace controlled by your breathing rhythm. • Monitor your weight and fluid intake - weight loss may be due to fluid loss. • Make sure you are using appropriate footwear. A good running shop can advise you. See our training tips on the right to get you through the next few weeks... • Keep a daily log - record details of training (mileage, time, how you felt, weather conditions etc), sleep, diet, weight, morning resting pulse rate etc. • Have a good balanced diet. • For your training sessions consider running for a set time rather than a set distance. It reduces boredom of the same route/scenery and the problems of measuring distances.
  8. 8. Contact: 0733.55.33.80