Inside Piracy - What we can learn from pirates


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Piracy is reality for book publishers now. What should you do about it? Fight it? No, fighting piracy is the dumbest thing you can do. It will cost you your money, time and image to the consumer. But what then? I say: learn from it. What makes illegal sources so interesting for people to go to? Implement that in your legal business models, deliver a better job then the pirates do and focus for the full 100% on your customers.

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Inside Piracy - What we can learn from pirates

  1. 1. inside piracyWhat we can learn from pirates
  2. 2. Introduction Timo Boezeman Digital Publisher for Arbeiderspers|A.W. Bruna Publishers The largest Dutch commercial publisher Twitter @boezeman Blogs (Dutch) (English)insidepiracy
  3. 3. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  4. 4. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  5. 5. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  6. 6. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  7. 7. Who is the pirate? Technology adoption lifecycleinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  8. 8. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  9. 9. Who is the pirate?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  10. 10. What is piracy? Piracy ≠ theft Theft removes the original Piracy makes a copyinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  11. 11. “The losses due to piracy are far outweighed by the benefits of the free flow of information.” Tim O’Reillyinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  12. 12. But piracy is bad, right?! Of course it is!insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  13. 13. So we should fight it! “We should hunt them down, shut them off and put them on trial!”insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  14. 14. So we should fight it! “We should hunt them down, shut them off and put them on trial!” No.insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  15. 15. Why do people pirate? Not because: - They see publishers as greedy grabbers - They hate copyright - They just don’t want to payinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  16. 16. Why do people pirate? But because of three reasons: - Large number of titles available - Low price - Ease of useinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  17. 17. What you shouldn’t do Don’t think in terms of: - Threats - Fears - Lawsuitsinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  18. 18. What you shouldn’t do So don’t go fighting piracy: - You can’t stop it - It will cost you time and money - It will hurt your imageinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  19. 19. What you shouldn’t do And also don’t think that: - Every download is a missed sale - Stop publishing e-books will stop piracy - People want everything for free - The world is still divided in territoriesinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  20. 20. How you should see it Piracy is a sign that the world has changed (digitized). That world is reality. It’s now! Fighting against that world is the dumbest thing you can do.insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  21. 21. “My problem isnt piracy, its obscurity.” Cory Doctorow (blogger, journalist)insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  22. 22. What you should do Think in terms of: - Opportunities - Advantages - Learning - Adaptationinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  23. 23. What you should doSee piracy as something you can learn from: - Complete title catalogue - In all desired file formats - Works on every device - Without DRM or other hassle - In logical bundlesinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  24. 24. What you should do So, rather: - Focus for 100% on your potential buyers - See it as sampling, people being interested - Take over control and spread it yourself - Launch your titles worldwide at the same time - See it as something you can learn frominsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  25. 25. What you should do The best way to deal with piracy is three-fold: - Offer your titles in different editions/file formats (tastes) - Offer price variations from free to very expensive - Get rid of all the hassleinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  26. 26. “Pirating can act as an introduction to an artist’s work.” Paulo Coelho (Brazilian author)insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  27. 27. Look at other industries What have they done wrong?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  28. 28. Look at other industries What have they done wrong? Don’t make those mistakes yourselfinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  29. 29. Look at other industries What have they done right?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  30. 30. Look at other industries What have they done right? Try to translate that to the book worldinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  31. 31. What did they do wrong? - Very slow reaction to a changing and digitizing world (where Napster and Kazaa where quick) - Limited title catalogue - Device-dependent files - DRM - High prices (to close to their physical equivalent) - Delayed launching in other territories - Lawsuits (i.e. Metallica vs. Napster)insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  32. 32. What did they do right? - Come with a strong new business model (Spotify) - Complete title catalogue - Device-independent files - No more DRM or complete ecosystems (iTunes) - Better pricing (thanks to iTunes and Spotify)insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  33. 33. How can we copy that?Almost everything can be copied to our world: - Enlarge the title catalogue for as far as you can - Make your files compatible with all devices - Leave out the DRM, or use social DRM/watermarking (which doesn’t annoy the consumer)- Look for a better pricing, which reflects the feeling you have with digital (and this doesn’t mean free) - Dare to experiment with new business models (freemium, streaming services like 24Symbols) - Dare to launch worldwide simultaneouslyinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  34. 34. Summed upDo Don’tThink in: opportunities, advantages Think in: threats, fears, lawsuitsand lessons learned Think that: piracy = missed salesFocus for 100% on potential buyers Think people want everything for freeSee piracy as sampling Fight piracyTake over control Be slowOffer a complete title catalogue Offer little titlesWhich works on every device Use DRMWithout any hassle Price highLearn from piracy Think in territoriesLaunch worldwide the same time Frustrate your customersExperiment with new business modelsinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  35. 35. “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobsinsidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12
  36. 36. Thank you! Any questions?insidepiracy @boezeman for #ibt12